Hi all:

I had another post prepared for today but I’ve decided to leave it for next week.

As some of you might remember, my post last Tuesday was about prostate cancer and trying to impress on everybody (men and their partners, loved ones) the importance of regular check-ups, particularly at a certain age. I mentioned my Dad’s case. Thanks to everybody for the support and comments. Some people who might have visited the post later on during the week will already know that unfortunately my father (Ubaldo) died last Thursday.

My parent's wedding picture

My parent’s wedding picture

I don’t have a scanner here so the picture is not very good (and also, like my father, I’ve never been any good at pictures), but just wanted to share something.

I might tell you more things about him at some point (he liked to tell stories and wherever he went he’d always be the one people would father around listening to his stories). He wanted to be a pilot but ended up driving coaches most of his life. He loved cycling and football, and he was a fan of Celta de Vigo first and Football Club Barcelona, second. He hated hospitals and could never understand how I became a doctor (although he was proud of it). And he was from Paradaseca, Ourense (in Galicia, North of Spain) although he spent most of his adult life in Barcelona.

Here one of the loves of his life (together with my mother):

My father's bicycle

My father’s bicycle

Bye. Here thinking of you.