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Es viernes y toca libro nuevo. Hoy os traigo de vuelta a Mario Escobarque ya nos ha visitado en varias ocasiones con sus populares y exitosas novelas. No me pude resistir cuando ví ésta, porque ya sabéis que me gustan los libros y las películas de miedo, y además se acerca Halloween, así que no necesité más excusa.

Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake de Mario Escobar

Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake de Mario Escobar

Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake de Mario Escobar

Un grupo de amigos decide pasar unos días tranquilos en los frondosos bosque del norte del estado de Maine. Stephen, un exitoso escritor de misterio ha perdido a su familia en un accidente, peo al final decide reunirse con el resto de sus amigos. La primera noche cada uno de ellos le cuenta a Stephen, que está investigando para una nueva novela, cuál sería la muerte que más temerían. A la mañana siguiente, una niña ensangrentada llama a su puerta pidiéndoles ayuda.

Ya puede comprar Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake. Las vacaciones de tu vida pueden ser las de tu muerte.


Descripción del producto

Tras los éxitos de El Círculo, Caribbean Island y Bible Belt, Mario Escobar regresa con un relato turbador.

Mario Escoba ha sido el autor más leído en Amazon en los últimos doce meses, su libro El Círculo fue el más descargado en español en todas las plataformas de Amazon durante el último año.

“Escobar ha dado con una de las claves de este mercado editorial online”.
ABC Cultural, Laura Revuelta.

“Una novela de suspense que no podrás dejar de leer”.

“La vida puede cambiar en un minuto, pero no siempre somos conscientes de ello”.

Cuatro amigos y sus parejas deciden tomarse unas cortas vacaciones al norte del estado de Maine, en las inmediaciones de Clayton Lake. La región es una de las más deshabitadas de los Estados Unidos, pero el grupo necesita relajarse y reencontrarse después de varios años sin mantener el contacto. Todos ellos se conocen desde que estudiaron en el instituto de secundaria en Brooklyn.
La casa que han alquilado se encuentra a unos cuarenta kilómetros de la población más cercana y la región queda casi desierta durante el otoño, sobre todo tras las primeras nevadas.
Steve, un escritor que tras un éxito fulgurante está en sus horas más bajas, termina de perder a toda su familia en un accidente y no quiere asistir al encuentro con sus amigos, pero al final decidirá presentarse a la cita.
Tras la primera cena en la cabaña, Steve pide a sus amigos que le describan, en caso de ser asesinados, cómo piensan que sería su muerte, con el fin de documentarse para un nuevo libro. A la mañana siguiente, una niña ensangrentada llama a su puerta pidiendo ayuda.
Steve y sus amigos descubrirán que sus miedos pueden hacerse muy reales y terminar con sus vidas. Deberán enfrentarse a sus peores pesadillas o morir, en medio del lugar más bello y solitario de América.
¿Lograrán enfrentarse a sus temores más ocultos? ¿Su amistad será capaz de superar todos los obstáculos?

Mario Escobar es escritor e historiador. Uno de los autores más leídos en lengua castellana y que ha conquistado a cientos de miles de lectores en todo el mundo.



Muchas gracias a Mario Escobar por traernos esta escalofriante novela, muchas gracias a vosotros por leer, y si os ha interesado, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y haced CLIC!

Hi all:

You’ll remember author P.S. Bartlett has visited as before to talk about her great pirate series ‘The Razor’s Adventures’. Well, great news! There’s a new novel in the series Jaded Tides. And as I know we all find pirates and adventures irresistible, here she is! And we’re also taking the opportunity to remind you about the other books in the series. But first, a bit about her.

PS Bartlett Book Fair

Me and my fabulous pirate hat at the Baltimore Book Festival 9/25/15

I suppose it would be easy for me to just give the canned speech about myself in third person ( aka inside the backs of my books) but tonight, I’m actually in the mood to ramble on about myself…LUCKY YOU!

First, the canned speech:

P.S. (Peggy) has always had a love of books and writing. She also paints and draws and although writing takes up the majority of her free time by choice, she loves spending time with her friends and family.

Her first novel “Fireflies” was published in March of 2013 with GMTA Publishing and her second, “Hope From the Ocean” was published in March of 2014, also with GMTA.

As of March 2015, Peggy now independently publishes her own novels.

Peggy’s goal is to become a full time writer and spend the remainder of her days creating worlds, characters and stories that will carry on long after she’s written her last word.
Her motto is:
“I’m taking a fantastic voyage. Won’t you join me?”

A- Age: Seriously? Um…no.
B- Biggest Fear: Losing my loved ones.
C- Current Time: 8:29pm EST
D- Drink you last had: Coffee
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: My sister in law, Kim. We ride to work together every morning and ponder the universe.
F- Favorite Song: Right now, Go All the Way by the Raspberries. Something about that tune just makes me swoon.
G- Ghosts, are they real: Absolutely. Ask me sometime and I’ll elaborate.
H- Hometown: Baltimore, MD born and raised in the inner city.
I- In love with: My granddaughters.
K- Killed Someone: Only in my novels.
L- Last time you cried: Watching a video on Facebook. Sometimes those puppies and kittens are so damn cute!
M- Middle Name: Sue.
N- Number of siblings: 10. I’m number 11…yes, I’m serious. Unfortunately, there are only 5 of us left.
O- One Wish: To live long enough to see my grandchildren grow up.
P- Person who you last called: I just checked and it was my husband the other day.
Q- Question you’re always asked: How are you doing with the book thing?
R- Reason to smile: My grandbabies!
S- Song last sang: Fixer Upper from Frozen
T- Time you woke up: 6:50am
U- Underwear Color: Today? Beige
V- Vacation Destination: St Thomas.
W- Worst Habit: Grinding my teeth
X- X-Rays you’ve had: Recently, my right foot.
Y- Your favorite food: Japanese stir fry.
Z- Zodiac Sign: Aquariuuuuuuusssss….
How’s that? :)

Wow! Who would have guessed! Now…what you’ve been waiting for, her new novel! And a treat, the first chapter too!


Jaded Tides Front Cover


When one finds themselves in a predicament where something they’ve longed for is finally in their grasp, it is customary for them to be grateful, thankful, and every other joyful emotion a living creature can feel. However, success itself is a predicament when you are standing with your arms full, without a free hand. That is precisely what I was feeling as I watched the Thunder Cay dipping forward until her bow was completely underwater. Within minutes, her stern rose up and it, too, vanished from view.
As I stood on the deck of the Demon Sea, surrounded by death, I was holding a life of my own in my hands for the first time, and I hadn’t stopped for a second to consider it. I wasn’t foolish enough to believe I was at the summit of anything but the first of a hundred mountains I’d yet to scale. As I bathed and dressed my crewmen’s injuries and drew that burning needle through wound after wound, a numbness from my newly acquired familiarity with the blood of battle grew within me. With every scream and shriek of agony, a cold shudder would shake me and keep me in motion. The inertia of constant stillness within me declared I’d crossed a threshold from which I could never go back.
I wanted to feel. I wanted to care. I wanted to cry or shout or perhaps even vomit, but there was nothing. Once my clothes were splattered and soaked with the blood of men I hardly knew for maybe the third or even the fifth time that morning, I reached a point where I could neither see it nor feel its sticky chill against my skin. My face went flat, and my voice was silenced, and somewhere a compartment in my brain opened up and collected it all until I was through. When the last man was laid in his hammock by late afternoon, I stood on the deck and washed all of them away with a bucket of water and soap, snuck away to the girls’ cabin, and changed my clothes as if nothing had happened.
They were visibly shaken, but silent as well. Yet I knew their silence was far different from mine. Theirs was sadness and regret. Theirs was exhaustion, disgust, and sympathy. I hadn’t seen them this way since the night of the pirate raid in Charles Towne, and as with that night, my next thought was that there had to be something on this ship in a bottle that would soothe me again and help me find my voice, as well as my spirit.
I found one alright, and it found me. I carried it close as I drug myself along the gangway in the shadows to my swaying bed. I stood there, looking at the two empty hammocks, and swallowed a long drink. Almost immediately, my insides felt warm and sweet, and I rushed it to my mouth again. I strained to hold my eyes steady and leaned against the beam that kept my bed suspended above the floor. I stared at the vacant place where hours before I’d smiled to myself while listening to River Watts’s voice. I was glad we took down Thunder Cay for what they did to River, and I’d have murdered every last one of them myself had we not.
My heavy eyes and vacant soul longed for sleep, and my hunger for revenge, sated with the peace of sweet vengeance, afforded me the right to rest my head. Then, all at once, a sadness came over me, and I slid myself into his hammock while clutching my cozy glass rum filled blanket and fell into a deep sleep.

We’d reached Port Royal by nightfall as Captain Rasmus Bergman predicted, and he found us a charming inn a few miles from the McCormack estate. It was all white and sat quietly on a hill, surrounded by a lovely garden. A stone pathway wrapped around from the front to a spacious courtyard. The house was home to a minister and his wife, who rented out the rooms to support their small parish on the estate.
Rasmus insisted that I stay there with the girls at night, but I spent the majority of my days on the Demon Sea with him, helping with the repairs to the ship and plotting our course to take down the filthy business of smuggling girls. When I’d been able to get a peek inside that book of Barclay’s, I was shocked at the number of young women, some as young as fourteen, whom these men were ferrying to islands throughout the Caribbean from as far away as America and even England. What they’d been doing was no different than a slave trade, and I was hell-bent on putting a stop to it, aside the man I loved.
Spending all of my time with Rasmus had turned my life from fear and uncertainty into a reason to breathe. Throughout our unorthodox courtship of swinging mallets and sanding deck boards, we’d grown to know everything about each other that two people who were planning a future together could, or should, know—at least, that’s what we believed. That comforting numbness the bloody battle had left me with had completely settled into its compartment in my mind, and I was able to keep it locked away most of the time, but in those hours I shared with him, I found the most peace.
He’d sworn not to lay a hand on me again until he made me his bride, which was extremely disappointing to me at first, but I trusted that he knew what was best. I put all of those swirling emotions to use through the sweat of hard work. I envied his restraint and thanked God for it, because at the time, I had none at all. Just watching him working on that ship shirtless, glistening in the sunlight or the rain, sent deep feelings of desire to places within me I longed for him to find. I wondered, though, if the idea of him making love to me only excited me until the realization that it would inevitably happen scared me to death.
Day in and day out, I’d rise before the sun, saddle my sweet horse, Peppi, and start off down the road to the wharf to meet Rasmus and the crew. My first job as a real sailor was sewing sails. I hated it. My fingertips were raw and had more holes in them than a sponge. I tried to use the leather gloves Rasmus had given me out of pity, but my hands swam in them, and they made things even worse. I never complained. I never even so much as winced as I drew that needle through and through. When I was finally done, the callouses had hardened until I knew I was pricked only when I saw the droplets of blood.
I was a young man named Razor in the eyes of the crew, and so far no one suspected otherwise. I was questioned once by one of the old crew we called Fin, as to why I didn’t sleep aboard the ship. He was one of Barclay’s old crew, and although he seemed decent enough, I still harbored doubts of any man who’d sailed with a captain like that. I wove a story that I had three sisters I had to watch over at night. He simply nodded and went on about his work. Since he liked to talk most of the time, I just listened.
On one occasion, he told me of how he missed his home back in Ireland, and his light brown eyes sparkled as he spoke. Lying became a way of life for me, and as long as I made the stories simple, they were easily recalled and repeated. Not speaking much at all, however, was much easier.
“Razor, if you’re finished with those sails, we can use some help sandin’ down these new starboard gunnels!” Captain Bergman shouted to me… but I was starving.
“Have we any time to eat, Captain?” I asked, shielding my eyes from the midday sun until he approached me and blocked it with his big silhouette.
He checked his pocket watch and turned his head to the sun and said, “Look at the hour. Your stomach must be set like a watch, Razor. Okay mates, take a break. Hawk’s got some grub for ye all below.”
“Thank ye, Captain,” I muttered and stood as I straightened my ragged clothes and started off to eat.
“Razor, I’d have a word with ye,” Rasmus said as he stepped in front of me.
“Aye, Captain?”
He waited a few moments until the deck was clear and then patted me firmly on the back. “I have to give ye credit, little Razor, you’ve really pulled your weight getting her seaworthy.”
“Oh, she’s more than seaworthy, sir, she’s a real gem. I’ll be proud to sail her with ye, Captain,” I said with a smile and a wink.
“She’s all but finished. Just a few more nails and a bit of paint, and she’ll be ready. I just want ye to know I saw ye and everything you’ve done to help. Now, get ye some grub before those sea dogs finish it off.” He looked down and that curl grew at the corner of his mouth. I could barely see it anymore since he’d grown his beard. His amber mustache draped almost completely over both his lips, but I always saw his smile in his eyes.
“That means the world to me, Captain.” I was beaming at him, and I nodded and started to go when I felt his palm press lightly against my chest through my vest and binding.
“Tonight, our cove?” he whispered aside to me from the corner of his mouth.
“Yes, or I’ll feed ye to the fish,” I said with a laugh. After months of strenuous labor, my body was hard and strong. I knew every inch of this vessel and could climb the ratlines faster than any other lad on the crew. Yes, it’s true, I raced them all. Of course, they cited my youth and wiry stature as an advantage, but to me, they could use any excuse they had and I’d still be the fastest. I was, however, so ready for her to be finished. I couldn’t wait to get to sea and start hunting, but I also wanted to get on with spending as much time as I possibly could with Rasmus before we sailed. The knowing that by dusk I’d be draped in his waiting arms made those long hot days worthwhile.
With every evening we spent watching the sun set and the moon rise, I could see his desire for me deepen. His touch was determined and less fearful of exploring me, and his kisses were wet and seething with hunger. Somehow though, he always managed to find his head and stop before shattering that vow he’d made to bits.
He spoke of how well I’d sewn his wound and encouraged me to learn the ways of doctoring, in hopes that would be my place aboard ship. Yet he always wandered back to his true wish, which was that I’d just set those thoughts aside and be his wife and the mother of his children.
“Razz,” I said as I peeled myself away from him and sat up from the blanket in the sand to breathe. “Sometimes, I wish we never had to leave this beach.”
He laid there for a few moments, finding his own breath, and then leaned upon an elbow. His blank expression worried me until at last he spoke, “What would you say if I told ye you’d never have to leave this cove if ye didn’t want to?”
“Well, what will we do, pitch a tent?” I sniped at him and folded my arms.
He rolled up and sat facing me and chuckled. “Do you honestly think for one moment I’d allow my wife to live in a tent?” He mimicked my actions and sat straight-backed and folded his arms as well. “What sort of man do ye think I am, lass?”
“Well, I…” I stammered and looked into his light blue eyes, and I knew what kind of man he was. I pressed my lips together to hold in a laugh and gave him a smirk.
“I was going to surprise ye, but there’s no surprising ye. Now that the repairs and such are close to being finished on the ship, I’ll be building ye a house of yer very own right here.”
“You’re going to do it, Razz?” I said, sitting up from where moments before I had laid back in his arms, as he spoke of our own little home.
“How can I not? I can’t keep carrying on this way with you forever. It isn’t healthy for a man to get all stirred up night after night and have to jump in the sea to cool off. Besides, I can’t be bringing my bride to a ship, now can I?” He laughed and pulled me back into his arms. “Our own little love nest, aye?” He pumped his bushy red eyebrows and winked with a devilish grin.
“How long will it take?” I asked him as I pushed a long lock of that glowing fire away from his face and behind his ear.
“I figure I’ll round up a bunch of the lads from the Demon, and with a little gold and rum…the rum at the end of the day of course…we could have it put together in a couple of weeks. Which reminds me, by the way,” he said as he sat forward and reached into the pouch on his belt. “Stand up for me now, lass. If I’m going to take this leap, I’m going to need your hand.”
“What is it?” I said as I climbed to my feet.
I watched as he stood up in front of me and took my hand. “I’ve never even come close to doing anything this brave, Ivory Shepard. So, if I promise to give ye my love, my loyalty, and my big body to take care of ye, all I ask is your promise not to steal my heart and run off with it.” He knelt down on one knee in the sand before me and slid onto my finger a simple, but beautiful, gold band with one small, perfect white pearl. The pearl was laid into the band as part of the ring, not set on top as most rings were.
“Wait, does this mean…” I paused.
“It means I must have lost my mind, but there’s not another woman alive I’d rather lose it for. Will ye be my wife today, tomorrow, and for as long as ye can stand me?” he asked as he raised his eyes to meet mine and then reached again into that pouch and slipped the most beautiful jade bracelet on my wrist and tied it closed. Between the smooth stones of my favorite color, which were each about a half an inch in diameter, were small seashells. I knew before he even told me that they were shells he himself had collected and hand-picked.
“I’m frightened. What if I’m a terrible wife and won’t make you happy? There’s no chance I’ll run away with your heart, but I’m afraid I’ll not handle it well. You know how I am, Razz,” I said as my eyes beamed at his beautiful gifts for only a second before I reached out and took his splendid face in my hands and waited for one of us to say something—anything.
“You are my pearl. I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you. My heart is as big as my fist, and that’s a lot of heart to handle. I believe it can take any punishment you might put it through. But the point is, it’s a risk I’m willing to take,” he finally said.
I fell to my knees in front of him and shouted, “Yes!” again and again as he kissed my face from cheek to cheek, then my forehead to my chin, and then he swept me on top of him on the blanket. His hands pulled me so tightly against him that I began to fear what our first time together might be like. I was afraid the passion he’d suppressed for so long would leave me as no more than a sail battered by a hurricane. I panicked when I felt his hands sliding inside the back of my breeches and gathering my shirt between his fingers. I gasped and jumped off of him.
“What are you doing?”
He leaned upon one elbow and smiled at me. “I believed we’d crossed a threshold tonight, lass. I suppose I should have asked for your permission before I tried to remove your clothes.” He laughed.
“I don’t want to ruin this perfect evening, but I’m not ready yet. I thought I was, but I’m not. I promise, when I am, you’ll be the first to know.”
I knew immediately by the time I was back at the Chandler’s estate and tucked away in my bed, I’d regret this decision. In the end, waiting until I knew the time was right far outweighed a momentary leap over a line in the sand that I could never cross back over. Making love had now become a decision I wanted to make with the greatest of care. Having thrown myself at him before, only to be rejected, I didn’t want to ever rush things with him again.
Rasmus, the ever-patient, ever-strong and constant, wouldn’t be shaken by this rejection. I’d seen him at his best and at his worst and every way in between, and never once did I see any mood or emotion concealed. He’d have never tried to manipulate me through false sentiment or behavior to make me feel I’d disappointed him. I’d thought for a moment I had when he sat up and fell silent, staring at the lagoon but almost instantly, I knew the guilt was mine to bear. He carried on as usual, snuffing out the fire and gathering our things to head for home. I turned and looked back at this beautiful setting and imagined our little cottage. It didn’t take long before I could walk through the door.

Within a week, our quaint home near the beach was well under construction. All of the repairs to the Demon were complete, and she was like a shiny piece of gold. Rasmus had made some modifications, but for the most part, after having been careened, cleaned, and all signs of battle now nothing more than a memory, she was the finest lady in the harbor and looking for a capable crew.
After the battle with the Thunder Cay, some of the younger hands moved on to find work on land. They weren’t pirates as we knew pirates to be, and they certainly weren’t looking for a fight. Rasmus was a captain, not a jailer, and he still to this day refused to name himself as such. Piracy wasn’t in his blood; it came by him through an injection of betrayal and fate, and a man this mighty and absolute wasn’t going to be defined by his circumstances forever.
Unfortunately, I believed he loved me too much to deny me anything I wanted…I wanted the sea. I wanted to explore every aspect of discovering where it would take me, and most of all, I wanted to bring down every name in Barclay’s secret catalog of shame, and I wanted to do it with the man I loved.
Rasmus held tightly to the book and kept it hidden away. I believed he was afraid I’d go running off alone after them, but that wasn’t going to happen. I struggled each day aboard the Demon not to seek it out and memorize every last ship and captain, as well as the young women. Nearly three months had passed since we took down Thunder Cay, and I was aching to sail and get on with our mission. Rasmus wanted us married as soon as possible and refused to set sail with me again until I agreed to the doctoring and keeping what was now my short, scruffy blond head and every other part of me concealed. He also reminded me that I was never to enter his cabin alone. Having not yet felt the man’s love upon my body, I easily agreed.

As we’re all intrigued by her books, P.S. (Peggy) Bartlett explained a few things…

The Kind of Writer I Want To Be

I’ve believed since I dedicated myself to this journey two years ago that I knew exactly what kind of writer I wanted to be. Since I wrote the first sentence of my first novel, that dedication hasn’t wavered. A simple little sentence started it all:

“Ennis found a bird.”

I’ve had no formal training in this profession but I’ve done a ton of research, logged countless hours writing and I’ve dug in my heels. I’m not going anywhere.

I write fast. I think fast and once I set my sights on a goal I rarely give up unless I’m personally not satisfied with my level of performance or the quality of work I’m doing. So far, I see no reason to quit. As long as I keep breathing, moving, growing and evolving as a person, I’ll never stop.

It is important to me to produce quality books. Since I am still learning every day what that means to me and how it relates to my writing, I believe I can only keep improving. I’ve always loved writing and although I spent most of my adult life working, raising children and just trying to keep my boat right side up, I chose to put my aspirations on the back burner and take care of my family. I do not regret it one little bit. Through that journey, I learned so much about myself and gained volumes of experience at just being a human being. I’m proud of whom I’ve finally grown up to be and I need to be proud of the work I do too.

It’s a long road from writing your first page, to publishing. You will be knocked back more times than you can imagine. You’ll be told over and over again that your book “just isn’t what we’re looking for at this time.” Roadblock upon roadblock will rise up in front of you but you have to keep pushing on. Family problems, money shortages, day job, responsibilities and oh, that little thing called sleep will feel like a ball and chain at times but no matter what, you can’t give up. If being a published author is truly your calling or at the very least, your goal, allowing anything to stop you is not an option—no matter how long it takes or what road you take to get there.

The most important thing to me is that I write what I want to read. I want to write words that feel like warm butter on a hot roll. Words that get inside of you and either make you squirm or rise up inside of you and escape with a smile. Words that stick in your head and come to mind when you least expect it. I want to write stories that when you close the book, you want more. The reason I know how important writing what I want to read is, is because I’ve tried writing stories that may fall into one of the hot selling genres and I couldn’t get through the first chapter. You’ll know you’re writing what you want to read, when closing your laptop feels like kicking a heroin addiction.

I don’t want to write about what everyone else is writing about. I don’t need to sit at the cool kids table to feel good about myself. I know there are lots of genres and I know which ones sell the most. No, I’m not crazy and of course I want to make money and be able to write full time but I have to do it in a way I feel good about inside. I have to do it on my own terms. I have to tell a good story with characters you want to meet and know, and talk to again and again. I believe at some point I’ll be able to put almost anything into words but it has to be my anything, not what’s hot at the moment and not just because I want to be with the in crowd. My readers are out there and as long as I keep looking, I’ll find them and they’ll find me.

I want to stand out. I have this crazy dream that my stories will one day be considered as some of the best ever. I’ll stand by that. I believe that and soon, I’ll live that.

Thank you,

P.S. Bartlett – I’m taking a fantastic voyage. Won’t you join me?


As promised, a reminder of the whole series:

The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales: The Series to Date

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00047]
IVORY DAWN: Prequel Novella
Ivory Shepard didn’t want to be a pirate when she grew up but she didn’t plan on being orphaned and alone at thirteen with her three cousins either.
After a Spanish raid in Charles Towne left them with nothing, Ivory held her cousins together, trained them to fight for their lives and led them to a life of quiet refuge on the banks of the Ashley River. Believing they were out of reach of the hands of unscrupulous men, they found life on the farm a tolerable substitute for the traditional alternatives life would force onto them—until the night the pirates showed up.
Unfortunately for the pirates, these handy young women were ready, and they weren’t going anywhere without a fight.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00070]DEMONS & PEARLS: Book One
Had I known the repercussions of murdering the captain of a pirate ship, I may have taken the time necessary to rethink the act. As if I’ve ever had a choice that didn’t involve a fight or at the very least, defending myself against some man, hell bent on destroying me or my kin.
All we wanted was our freedom. All we found were demons disguised as men.
A woman pirate needs friends, big strong male friends, to survive in this unforgiving land of thieves and murderers—at least until she gets on her feet. Of course, trying to find one person you can trust is like finding an oyster with a perfect pearl in it—you have to break a few shells and get your hands dirty. We were lucky. I found the biggest, baddest and most honorable man in the Caribbean and he just happened to be in the pearl business.

Jaded Tides Front CoverJADED TIDES: Book Two
After finding love in the most unlikely of places, Ivory’s life appears to at last be falling into place. Having proven herself a force to be reckoned with, she has at last set sail for the first time as a pirate. The only problem is she’s a woman and must disguise herself in order to set foot on a ship. Being in love with her captain isn’t helping matters either and whole new set of obstacles are presenting themselves at every turn. Her brash style and tenacity, however, could prove to make her, her own worst enemy.
With a sword in her hand and her new found love at her side, Ivory Shepard is about to embark on a mission to rescue and return every young woman she can who has fallen prey to the jaded tides of the Caribbean sex trade. Armed with a secret log book she acquired from a pirate captain—who also happened to be an evil smuggler, she believes herself well prepared for the task. As she’s already learned the hard way, pirates always prove to be unpredictable and ruthless. Unfortunately for them, so is she.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00019]THE BLUE DIAMOND – THE RAZOR’S EDGE: Ten years in the future…if you like to read ahead.
Ivory Shepard didn’t want to be a pirate when she grew up but she didn’t plan on being orphaned and alone at thirteen with her three cousins either.
After a Spanish raid in Charles Towne left them with nothing, Ivory held her cousins together, trained them to fight for their lives and led them to a life of quiet refuge on the banks of the Ashley River. Out of reach of the hands of unscrupulous men, they found life on the farm a tolerable substitute for the traditional alternatives life would force onto them—until the night the pirates showed up.
Setting foot on that first pirate ship was nothing compared to the life of freedom and adventure awaiting them, once Ivory and the girls were through playing nice. Only one man believes he can stop her and he won’t need a ship full of guns to do it.
If it were only that easy…

Amber Wake
Where do I begin? That’s a difficult question in and of itself but when your life is transformed in a matter of minutes into something else, do you begin when you’re born or when your life truly began?
I was born in London as Gabriel Wallace, a child of high society; although I was raised to appreciate everything that softly landed in my hand. I followed all the rules. I worked hard, studied hard and ended up a captain in the Royal Navy before my twenty-fifth birthday. Unfortunately, I saw the world through my own eyes, not the eyes of the crown and my vision was clear. I knew my duty. I knew my job. I also knew deep down, regardless of the loyalty my commission required, my stance was in opposition and it was but a matter of time before I’d be forced to stand alone.
Fortunately for me, my crew was loyal too and I had the full support of my closest friend and confidant as well. I didn’t know where I’d end up but I knew one thing for sure; I needed to get the hell out of England and thanks to them, I was taking my ship with me.
Author: P.S. Bartlett
Release Day: October 5, 2015
Genre: Historical Fiction/Adventure/Romance

Jaded Tides Front Cover
After finding love in the most unlikely of places, Ivory’s life appears to at last be falling into place. Having proven herself a force to be reckoned with, she has at last set sail for the first time as a pirate. The only problem is she’s a woman and must disguise herself in order to set foot on a ship. Being in love with her captain isn’t helping matters either and whole new set of obstacles are presenting themselves at every turn. Her brash style and tenacity, however, could prove to make her, her own worst enemy.
With a sword in her hand and her new found love at her side, Ivory Shepard is about to embark on a mission to rescue and return every young woman she can who has fallen prey to the jaded tides of the Caribbean sex trade. Armed with a secret log book she acquired from a pirate captain—who also happened to be an evil smuggler, she believes herself well prepared for the task. As she’s already learned the hard way, pirates always prove to be unpredictable and ruthless. Unfortunately for them, so is she.

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Este Octubre solo $0.99

Hola a todos:

Como sabéis es Octubre, y como os he comentado en algunos posts, este mes sabremos cuál es la novela ganadora del segundo Concurso de Novelas Indies de Amazon. Con ese motivo, y para promocionar las novelas escritas en español, Amazon ha decidido ofrecer muchas novelas de varios autores con un gran descuento. Eso incluye tres de mis novelas, que estarán a la venta este mes por solo $0.99. Hay de todos los gustos, así que espero que podáis encontrar alguna que os interese y no tengáis aún.

Una vez psiquiatra... de Olga Núñez Miret Portada de Ernesto Valdés

Una vez psiquiatra… de Olga Núñez Miret Portada de Ernesto Valdés

Una vez psiquiatra… Thriller psicológico

‘Una vez psiquiatra…’ es una colección de tres historias protagonizadas por Mary, una psiquiatra y escritora. Ella está empeñada en dedicarse totalmente a su carrera literaria pero las circunstancias y sus amigos parecen conspirar para arrastrarla de nuevo al mundo de la psiquiatría.

En ‘Carne de cañón’ Mary tiene que examinar a Cain un joven Afro-Americano acusado de  incitar un motín religioso cuando declaró que oía la voz de Dios y que Dios era negro. Puede que no esté loco, pero Mary está segura de que esconde algo.

En ‘Trabajo en equipo’ Mary se ve forzada a ofrecerle terapia a Justin, un policía que se siente culpable cuando su compañero, que era también como un padre para él, es asesinado durante una investigación rutinaria. Antes de que Mary consiga desenmarañarse del caso, el caso se vuelve muy personal.

En ‘Memoria’ Mary desparece después de un incidente con Phil, que está maníaco ya que no se ha tomado la medicación. Cuando la encuentran ella ha sido víctima de un terrible crimen, pero pronto descubren que tuvo más suerte de la que se pensaban.

El epílogo nos muestra a Mary durante el juicio de su raptor y vemos cómo ha cambiado su vida. ¿Conseguirá por fin dejar la psiquiatra, o una vez psiquiatra, siempre psiquiatra?

Reseña editorial:

‘Una vez psiquiatra…’ lo tiene todo: personajes intrigantes, estilo novela negra, peligro, crimen, asesinos en serie, religión, secretos de familia, revelaciones psicológicas, enfermedades mentales, trauma, juicios contestados, investigaciones policiales, corrupción, y misterio. Si os gustan: ‘Miénteme’, ‘Mentes Criminales’ y ‘El silencio de los corderos’ y no os asusta adentraros en los abismos oscuros de la mente, atreveos a seguid leyendo.

Aunque estas historias son ficticias, la autora, una psiquiatra forense, aporta su experiencia y conocimientos al material, diferenciándolo de las típicas novelas de crimen.


El hombre que nunca existió. Portada de Lourdes Vidal

El hombre que nunca existió. Portada de Lourdes Vidal

El hombre que nunca existió. Ficción literaria. Saga familiar y realismo mágico.

El protagonista, Jesús, es feo. Extraordinariamente feo. Tanto que su familia y conocidos están convencidos de que tal fealdad tiene que significar algo. Algún poder maléfico, o un destino especial. La verdad es que las cosas que suceden alrededor de Jesús son bastante especiales. Su padre biológico es todo un misterio. Su hermana es una niña prodigio que tiene éxito en todo, su madre se mete en política y llega a ser presidenta, su mejor amiga se convierte en una de las mujeres de negocios con más éxito del país, a su cuñado también se le da bien la política. Por supuesto no es oro todo lo que reluce. También hay adulterios, hijos secretos, incesto… ¿Y Jesús? A él tampoco le va mal, y a pesar de su fealdad, los que le conocen le quieren. Pero, ¿se puede ser feliz sin saber de dónde se viene?

¿Y vosotros os creéis que vuestra familia es rara? El hombre que nunca existió os hará replantearos esa opinión.


I Love Your Cupcakes (Me encantan tus cupcakes) de Olga Núñez Miret. Portada de Lourdes Vidal

I Love Your Cupcakes (Me encantan tus cupcakes) de Olga Núñez Miret. Portada de Lourdes Vidal

I Love Your Cupcakes (Me encantan tus cupcakes). Romance culinario muy dulce. Incluye recetas!

Dulce, Adelfa y Storm, los protagonistas de ‘I Love Your Cupcakes’ (Me encantan tus cupcakes) son socios de negocios, amigos, y comparten algunas “interesantes” conexiones familiares. Dulce está cansada de que todos los hombres solo se fijen en sus pasteles. Su amiga Adelfa, aunque profesora de química, no consigue encontrar la receta para la relación perfecta. Y Storm, el tercero de los socios de su pastelería/cafetería/librería/galería de arte y ex-cuartel de bomberos, es un artista que no domina el arte del amor. ¿Cómo iban a imaginarse que en el plató del concurso “¿Tienes lo que hace falta para convertirte en la próxima estrella de la repostería?” iban a encontrar acoso sexual, tramposos, peleas, amistad y también amor? Se incluyen recetas (¡para los dulces, no para el amor!).

I Love Your Cupcakes (Me encantan tus cupcakes) es un romance “dulce”, una fantasía virtual alta en calorías y una aventura divertida. ¡Atreveos a dadle un mordisco!


Por cierto, estamos preparando una versión en audiobook de ‘I Love Your Cupcakes’ así que espero tener novedades pronto…

Aunque no forma parte de la promoción, no os olvidéis de que la primera novela de mi serie juvenil Asuntos Angélicos. Alarma Pink es GRATIS.

Asuntos angélicos 1. Alerta Pink Portada de Lourdes Vidal

Asuntos angélicos 1. Alerta Pink Portada de Lourdes Vidal

Alerta Pink es la historia de Pink, una chica de 17 años, buena estudiante, elocuente y lista. Nunca ha sido el centro de atención ni ha estado entre las diez chicas más populares o atractivas de la escuela. Cuando dos tíos, ambos diciendo que son ángeles, insisten en decir que ella es ‘especial’, se pelean por conseguir su atención y cooperación y le dicen que ella es la clave del futuro del universo, no puede evitar preguntarse: ¿por qué yo?

Pink, una chica de 17 años, es la Elegida para solucionar el conflicto entre el Cielo y el Infierno. Necesita ayuda pero, ¿en quién puede confiar?


Ésta también está gratuita en otros sitios. Podéis verlos todos en la página de libros, arriba.

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Hi all:

First, a word of warning. I’ve been having all kinds of computer trouble (I’ll tell you about it later) and I hope to be able to get it fixed during the week, but if you don’t see me replying to the comments straight away, that could be the reason. (I try and programme a few posts in advance to keep things going in case of unexpected things happening. Oh, and doesn’t life love randomness!)

As you know I was away from the internet for a while and I used the time to read. I’ll try and catch up with the reviews in the next few weeks (and might do a roundup for Christmas).

Today I bring you a review of a book by Hans Hirschi I’ve read two of his books before and participated in blog tours for some of his books (and have another one coming up next month). So I knew I was in for a treat.

The Opera House by Hans Hirschi

The Opera House by Hans Hirschi

The Opera House by Hans Hirschi. Creating the Family You Deserve.

This novel deals with some serious and important themes we all come across at some point in our lives, some more directly than others: grief, homelessness, family relationships, love, spiritual and religious beliefs, prejudice (sexual, social…), paedophilia, young runaways…but it is not an issue novel where the characters are just mouthpieces for different points of view or an attempt at indoctrinating the reader. It is a novel where the reader gets inside the skin of a series of complex characters and experiences strong emotions with them . We might share their points of view or not and the world they live in might be far from our daily existence but the author manages to get us completely enthralled by the events life keeps throwing at the protagonists and we can’t help but feel for them.

Raphael experiences the loss of his teenage son to a cruel illness, and full of guilt for not being able to reassure him about the afterlife, he lets his life sink, falling into depression and losing his partner, his job and his voice in the company he created, and his earthly possessions. He meets a boy slightly older than his son at the cemetery, Brian, who is homeless like him and whose life is a disaster waiting to happen. Through him, he meets Michael, a children’s social worker. There is hope and Raphael works hard to rebuild his life and create a new family but there are also many difficulties on the way, and the happy moments are interspersed with disappointments and drawbacks. The lives of all the characters in the story are touched by their interactions with each other, and in this drama, nobody is truly evil (with the exception of one of Brian’s johns) and most are trying to do their best. The third person narration that follows the different characters and allows the reader to see things from their point of view works well; it avoids becoming too intrusive whilst offering insight into the motivations and emotions of the main players.

I was very intrigued by the character of Angela, the nurse, who plays the part of the fairy godmother/guardian angel, always appearing at the most difficult moments, with vital information, support and advice. I’d be curious to know what other readers thought about her.

The title of the novel comes from Raphael’s job as an architect, and the impact his experience of homelessness has on his creativity and his design of the next big project for the city, the opera house, that serves as backdrop to the action. Although I don’t know how well the practicalities of the design of the opera house proposed in the novel would work, I admit to loving the concept and the idea.

As a word of warning, there are some erotic scenes (not the most explicit I’ve read by far, and fairly brief, one with violence towards a minor). Ah, and emotions ride high. I’d advise readers to be prepared, especially if they tend to get emotional when reading, and have tissues at hand.

If you like novels about relationships that explore serious issues, with complex characters you’ll get to care about, I recommend it. This is the third novel I’ve read by Hans Hirschi and it won’t be the last one.




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Hola a todos:

Es viernes y como sabéis toca autor (hoy autora) invitada. Como ya os he comentado formo parte de un grupo de autores y lectores en Goodreads, Café Literario  pero no siempre puedo participar tanto como quiero. Hace unos días recibí un mensaje de una de las administradoras, Concha, informando a los otros miembros que una de las escritoras estaba promocionando sus obras. Intrigada, me fui a investigar, y descubrí a María Acosta y sus dos novelas. De hecho de María sé poco, aunque aquí os dejo el enlace a su página en Goodreads.

Biografía del autor

María Acosta nació en Cádiz hace casi treinta años. Diplomada en Trabajo Social, comenzó a escribir a la edad de once años y hasta el día de hoy ha escrito numerosos relatos que publicaba en Internet.

He encontrado su página en inglés en Amazon.com


Y el blog:


Y aquí las novelas, que me llamaron mucho la atención.

La dama de Montrell de María Acosta

La dama de Montrell de María Acosta

La dama de Montrell

Diego creía estar a punto de conseguir lo que quería. Como señor de Montrell, su boda con Doña Elvira estaba destinada a convertirle en un noble completo: con esposa, fortuna y herederos… ¿pero cúan caprichoso puede ser a veces el Destino?

Tras casi una década sin verse, Esperanza regresa a Montrell con motivo de la boda de su señora. Y lo hace dispuesta a enterrar en lo más profundo el amor que siente por el que fuese su amigo de la infancia. Un amor que nunca ha sido correspondido… ¿o tal vez si?

¿Será más fuerte la voluntad que el corazón, cuando ambos descubran que lo que sienten es mutuo? ¿Qué camino escogerías, si lo que siempre has deseado estuviera al alcance de tu mano, al precio de destruir la vida que has construido?




PD: Para conocer un poco más sobre esta historia o sobre su autora, acudir a: https://mariacostar.wordpress.com/mis-libros/la-dama-de-montrell/

La maldición de Adonis de María Acosta

La maldición de Adonis de María Acosta


La Maldición de Adonis: La belleza es un don… ¿o una maldición? 

Pasar el verano junto a su amiga en el idílico pueblecito de Munysporth le pareció a Phoebe una buena idea. Sin embargo, nadie había previsto el choque que se produciría entre Suzanne y su madre, cuando ésta última trajera consigo desde Nueva York a un joven y guapo acompañante.

Para Patrick, el lujo y la compañía de mujeres ricas forma parte de su día a día. Su llegada a Tindale House provoca una situación de tensión que es difícil de sobrellevar y acaba encontrado refugio es esa joven que ha sido invitada por la hija de su anfitriona y que, como él, se ha convertido a la fuerza en testigo y parte de tan desagradable problema.

Phoebe y Patrick comparten problemas, complicidad y experiencias, mientras sus pasos en el camino los van acercando poco a poco y terminarán descubriendo en el otro algo que no se esperaban.

Dicen que el verano es tiempo de romance… ¿qué pasa si el romance decides vivirlo con un chico de compañía?



Gracias a María por sus obras, a vosotros por leer, y si os ha intrigado, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y haced CLIC!

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Hi all:

As you know on Fridays I bring you new authors and books. I’m still trying to catch up and thank people who were kind enough to feature my new YA series in their blog, and there was one author that I realised at the time had never appeared but I managed to misplace her information.

Author Susanne Leist

Author Susanne Leist

So, today I bring you Susanne Leist. She is very kind and supportive of other authors. But don’t just think that because she’s kind she can’t pull a good intrigue and a scary one at that.

From the bio in Amazon:

Hi! I’m Susanne Leist and I’ve just published my first book, The Dead Game. I’ve read almost every murder mystery. I’ve been faced with countless clues and dead bodies over the years. My goal has been to write a book different than any other book that I’ve ever read. And I believe I have accomplished that goal. My book is a murder mystery with its requisite twists and turns, but it is set against of backdrop of unexplainable phenomena.
I can’t give away too much of the plot, but it is a heady roller coaster ride–fun for all!

Here a link to her page, so you can follow her:


And her novel:

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist

Terror has to come to our town.
Why the big unhappy frown?
The Dead are here to stay.
They have come out to play.
The church is burning down.
There goes our pretty town.
I am their leader, you see.
Bow down now and worship me.

Book 1 in Series

Can you feel your heart beating? Is it beating too fast? Do you feel trapped? This
is because you are. You’re standing in a pool of water, in the basement of End
House, wearing your party clothes. But there is no party, no host and no
guests. The door behind you locks shut. The only way is forward, through the
falling cages with their sharp edges, ready to ensnare their next victim.
Circular saws begin to descend, looking for heads to slice off.

Meanwhile, Linda is upstairs with the rest of her friends being pursued by creatures
through revolving rooms. Or are they illusions? What should she do?


The owner of End House takes no prisoners.

Editorial Reviews


The Dead Game by Susanne Leist is a mysterious supernatural thriller with plenty of twists and turns that is well-written and keeps you turning the page. From the first page you start a wild ride and just when you think all is well, she throws in another twist.
Rhonda Cratty, Parenting & Education ExaminerI was absolutely surprised by this book! I knew it had some enigmatic mystery and some dark action, but the author set up the story so well I was happily amazed. It starts with a very engaging character, a young woman who is very well portrayed in a community, Oasis, Florida. The town’s mysteries are maze-like and become deeper and more sinister as the book progresses. This is a very original approach to the concept of vampires and their existence.
Ray Miller “Relevant Reviewer”

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist is a top-notch haunted house horror thriller. The author excels at spooky descriptions, terrifying scenarios like opening a door and stepping into a black abyss or forever trapped in a dark maze with endless rooms stretching into infinity. Her characters are perfect and the reader can easily connect with them.
Simon Okill, Simon’s Phantom BlogA beachfront town, a haunted mansion, people disappearing or turning up dead–these are the elements of gothic horror, but this unique novel has a more than a few twists. The writing is first-rate, and the pace is fast. The characters are well-defined, and the plot is imaginative and unpredictable…
Howard Lipman, pen name PanOrpheus, author

Susanne’s take on vampires is fresh and new but you’ll have to read to know. She takes the age old vampire legend and turns it into something I’ve never read before…
Elle Klass, Author of As Snow Falls

From the Author

I have always loved to read books. My goal has been to write a book different than any other book that I’ve ever read. And I believe I have accomplished this goal. The Dead Game has dead bodies and suspects like a traditional murder mystery. However, it also has humans, vampires, and vampire derivatives. It has plenty of romance and thrills. And don’t forget the haunted house–we must have one of these.

The Dead Game has begun.

Thanks so much to Susanne for all her help and for his fascinating book. Thanks to you all for reading, and if you’re as intrigued as I am, like, comment, share, and CLICK!

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I’m honoured to be featured in #RomancingSeptember with my novel ‘I Love Your Cupcakes’. Thanks, Rosie and all romance lovers! And don’t miss her reviews and the reviews of her team!

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:

Welcome to Day 29 of Romancing September

2015 cover

Our guest today is Olga N Miret and her book I love Your Cupcakes

I Love Your Cupcakes

Where is your home town?

Barcelona, Spain.

How long have you been writing romance?

I only started writing straight romance a couple of years ago. Although some of my short stories and longer works of fiction (some I haven’t published yet) contain romance elements, I had never thought about writing a romance as such before.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

To write, I’d say contemporary or chick-lit. But recently I’ve read several historical romances that I’ve really enjoyed.

Where is your book set?

A fictional mid-sized American town.

Introduce us to the main characters.

Dulcinea, Dulce in short (that means sweet in Spanish) is a young woman who’s tried quite a few things professionally (horticulture, business studies, hairdressing, childminding, photography) without much success. Her friend, Adelfa, who…

View original 480 more words

Hola a todos:

Como ya sabéis he estado fuera y os prometí que compartiría algunas de mis experiencias mientras estuve en Galicia. Y como a la gente parecieron gustarle las fotos del primer post, pues aquí os traigo más.

Si recordáis, compartí una foto de mi tío Eloy extrayendo miel de los paneles de la colmena. Mi madre y yo nos pasamos una tarde ayudándole con la tarea y fue muy amable explicándonos cómo funcionaba todo, hablando de lo que han cambiado las cosas (él aún usa una máquina manual para hacer girar los paneles y extraer la miel, pero apicultores que tienen más colmenas y organizaciones más profesionalizadas usan centrífugas eléctricas y el proceso está mucho más automatizado). Nos explicó que comparado con la época de sus padres (mis abuelos) el nivel de producción había aumentado mucho.

No todas las cosas han mejorado, por eso. Nos explicó que había gente que para incrementar la producción alimentaba a las abejas en lugar de dejar que produjeran toda la miel como resultado de su búsqueda de flores y polen, y la calidad final no era tan buena.

Mi tío nos explicó que tener colmenas no requiere una gran inversión de tiempo (hay que cuidar de las colmenas y extraer la miel hacia finales del verano, darle medicación contra los parásitos y enfermedades, pero no hay mucho que hacer en el invierno).

Hay apicultores que viven relativamente bien de ello, pero por supuesto tienen muchas abejas y hay que invertir en el equipamiento. En su caso, él solo hace miel para familiares y amigo y si le queda algo puede que la venda, pero no ha pensado en incrementar mucho la producción (ya que lo lleva solo, aparte de algún voluntario ocasional!).

Ya que no tenía varios trajes no pudimos ayudarle en las colmena, pero una vez estaban en casa, nos fuimos a echarle una mano. Los paneles vienen sellados con cera de las abejas y la capa superior debe cortarse y retirarse antes de que se pueda extraer la miel. La miel va goteando de estos cortes y se recoge y filtra luego. Y los paneles, ya sin cera, se colocan en la centrifugadora. ¡Y los hacemos girar!

Aquí está un video que cree con varias de las fotos que tomé (y un video cortito que filmé con el teléfono). Algunas son un poco abstractas pero el efecto me pareció interesante.

Y aquí os dejo unos cuantos enlaces, por si os interesa el tema.



National Geographic:


Campaña ‘Salvemos a las abejas’ de Greenpeace España


Y os dejo una de las fotos del castaño milenario,  que es muy especial.

A fascinating tree

Un árbol fascinante

Muchas gracias a mi tío por dejarnos ayudarle y por la información, gracias a vosotros por ver y leer. Y ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid y haced CLIC!

Hi all:
As you know I’ve been away and I promised I’d share a bit of my experience whilst in Galicia. As you were kind enough to show a lot of interest in my first post… well, you’ve asked for it.
If you remember, I included a picture of my uncle Eloy extracting honey from the panels of the beehive.
My mother and I spent an afternoon helping him with the task and he was kind enough to talk about the process, reflect on the changes it had seen (he still uses a manual contraption to spin the panels and get the honey removed, but people with more beehives and a more professional organisation use electric ones and the process is more automated). He explained that compared to the time of his parents (my grandparents) the level of production had increased dramatically. Not all are positives, though, and he noted that some people, to increase the production, fed the bees rather than rely solely on them to go searching for flowers and pollen and the quality was not as good.

He also explained that keeping bees is not a huge time investment (you have to look after the beehives and extract the honey towards the end of the summer and provide them with medication due to pests afterwards, but not much to do in the winter). He also observed that some people can make a fair living out of it, but of course they have to keep many bees. In his case, he only does it for friends and family and if he has some spare might sell it, but has not considered a big increase in production (as he manages single-handedly).

As there weren’t several suits we couldn’t help him with the actual extraction of the panels, but once those were transported home, we were there. The panels come sealed by the wax of the bees and that top layer must be cut off before the honey can be extracted. The honey keeps dripping from those cuttings. And the panels are placed in a centrifuge. And we make them spin!

Here is a video I created with some of the pictures I took (some are a bit abstract but I think they create an interesting effect. And there is a small video included too).

Here I leave you a few links to articles on bees I found interesting:



British Beekeepers Association


BBC Nature videos collection on bees


What is the value of bees? Discussion in The Guardian about the vote on banning certain pesticides (noenicotinoids) in 2013.


Campaign, Save the Bee:


The above article and the campaign put me in mind of a book I’ve just finished reading, and I thought I’d share the review. The book hasn’t been published yet (it’s due early in October) and I’ve read is undergoing some changes, so you might want to investigate further before deciding, but I could not resist… (I’ve been recently contacted by somebody from the publishing house who confirmed they were making some changes to the book and offered to send me a copy of the finished book, so I might come back with a reply in a while…)

Nirvana by JR Stewart

Nirvana by JR Stewart

Nirvana by J.R. Stewart. Virtual reality, bees, grief and politics

Thanks to the publishers (Blue Moon Publishers) and to Net Galley for the gift of an advance copy of this book. I have read that it is undergoing major revisions, so it might be that some of the issues mentioned are no longer there if you get the final edition.

Nirvana, despite the name, is a dystopian Young Adult novel. It is set in a future where bees have disappeared and nature as we know it has gone; there are a few places left where people live (the novel takes place in Canada, around Toronto, although there are hints throughout the book that the situation might be slightly different in other places), and the Hexagon (yes, I know) controls “security” (read intrudes in everybody’s privacy, destroys all books and keeps a tight hold on everybody’s activities, words and imagination). Larissa, a young woman whose husband (a very talented scientist) disappeared during a mysterious mission six months ago is not ready to accept his death and refuses to let go.

The novel mostly focuses on Larissa, although the third person point of view sometimes shares the thoughts of other characters, like the Corporal, Serge (a childhood friend of Larissa’s), the psychologist…but not consistently and sometimes it seems to hide things, and we also get letters, documents, etc. The time-line can be somewhat challenging at times as Larissa can flicker between memories (how she met Andrew, her husband, their time at university, some of her musical gigs, her childhood memories including some very dark ones) and things that are happening at the time of the action of the novel, when she is being pressurised by the authorities to sign a document acknowledging that Andrew is dead. Although this is how our mind works, sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference until you reach the next change in perspective. Perhaps a different type of letter or a break would make it easier. I also found the fact that many characters have similar names (all beginning with K, I’m not sure why) made me go back and forth to make sure.

The description of Larissa’s psychological state and emotions is accurate for somebody suffering from a grief reaction (even if in her case she has no real proof that her husband is dead). She feels guilty, angry, sad, confused and doubts constantly about what to do. Her family circumstances were already complicated and she does not know if her sister is alive or not and it’s not difficult to understand that she’d be reluctant to let go of the one bit of family she had left. We might lack outside perspective on her and know little about her previous personality so it’s difficult to get a full picture of the character but this will probably build over time.

I am not an expert in science-fiction but I know world-building can be one of the main strengths of these novels. After reading the author’s biography I understand why the parts that deal with virtual reality (the Bubble, that is where the crème of society live, in a fake world of their choosing, and Nirvana, that is the low-key version that workers might access, but in small doses) are very strong and mind-boggling, even scarily so. By contrast, the descriptions of the rest of the world are very succinct and only much later, when the point of view returns to the characters in positions of authority, we get to know a bit more about the world order, but this is more tell than show (although that is one of the difficulties with the genre, maintaining the balance between trying to make the story come alive whilst at the same time leaving something to the readers’ imagination).

The idea behind the politics of that world reminded me of 1984 (the level of intrusion into people’s lives is greater than even insiders realise), and the conspiracy theorists will “enjoy” the implications of some of the things uncovered and suggested towards the end of the novel. They throw an even darker light on the authorities and put into question loyalties and certainties. The comments about the interests behind big funding for scientific research and how those dictate the direction human progress takes made me pause and gave me cause for concern. (Having studied Medicine this is a thing we’re always aware of).

I found the brief discussions on physics and even music theory fascinating, but might not be to everybody’s taste, especially younger readers interested mainly in the characters.

I found the overall story engaging, although the surprise at the end was hinted at and most readers are likely to have guessed it by then, but it is a good twist and it leaves room for much more to come.

This is perhaps a novel that does not fit in comfortably within the YA category, but I think it’s a series worth keeping an eye on, as there are interesting plot lines, characters with plenty of hidden agendas and room for development, and a whole world (or worlds) that we’ve only glimpsed. And virtual reality as you haven’t seen it yet. Ah, and don’t forget to read the writer’s biography. It will make you very uneasy…



And before I leave, another picture of the millennial chestnut tree:

A fascinating tree

A fascinating tree

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Hola a todos:

Como recordaréis, antes de que desapareciese de las redes durante unas semanas estuve compartiendo información sobre algunas de las novelas que se presentaban al segundo concurso de novelas independientes de Amazon. La semana pasada anunciaron las cinco novelas finalistas, y entre ellas están tres que yo os había traído.

Las cinco novelas finalistas son:

El caparazón de la tortuga de Lola Mariné.

La novelista fingida de Rafael Costa.

Aquí os dejo el enlace del post que dediqué a estas dos novelas:


Cartas a una extraña de Mercedes Pinto

Aquí el enlace al post:


Ya puestos, decidí traeros información de las otras dos novelas finalistas, ya que yo tengo mucha curiosidad.

La hija del dragón de Myriam Millán

La hija del dragón de Myriam Millán

La hija del dragón de Myriam Millán

En el año 1600, el pueblo de Nyitra pudo ver cómo una mente perturbada acababa con la vida de más de quinientas doncellas. Difundida por una creencia popular de que habitaba un demonio en los bosques que buscaba sangre de jóvenes vírgenes, los habitantes de aquellas tierras, no tenían dudas, que el destino que sufrían sus hijas, estaba relacionado con algo que ocurría tras los muros del castillo de Cachtice.
Londres 2013, comienzan a aparecer cadáveres de jóvenes procedentes del tráfico humano, aparentemente desangradas con antiguos aparatos de tortura.
El Doctor Emanuel Mason decide estudiar el caso. Pronto descubre que esta vez tendrá que analizar una de las mentes más sádicas de la historia hasta llegar a los orígenes de un misterioso ritual de sangre, un rito milenario practicado por distintas culturas y religiones que aún hoy día es un misterio para el ojo humano. Porque hay razones para matar que nunca deberían ver la luz.
Con una historia basada en la leyenda de Erzsébet Báthory, la autora de Décima Docta da un paso más esta vez y promete desvelar algunas incógnitas sobre antiguos rituales en esta novela, mitad histórica, mitad contemporánea, cien por cien thriller.




Lazos de cristal de Kristel Ralston

Lazos de cristal de Kristel Ralston

Lazos de cristal de Kristel Ralston

Matthew Talley es un tipo con agallas y dispuesto a todo para conseguir sus propósitos. Su mente ágil lo ha encumbrado como uno de los publicistas más importantes de San Francisco. La vida le ha enseñado, a las malas, que el amor está sobrevalorado. En medio de una ambiciosa campaña publicitaria, Matt se ve obligado a contratar a una mujer que puede resultar especialmente peligrosa, no solo para sus objetivos profesionales, sino también para su desconfiado corazón.

Victoria Marsden ama la independencia tanto o más que la publicidad. Cuando un aparatoso accidente trastoca por completo su vida, Victoria se sume en una agobiante sensación de culpa y frustración. Con los ahorros rozando números rojos, cualquier oferta de trabajo es bienvenida. Sin embargo, reencontrarse con Matthew Talley, luego de la decepción y el dolor que le causó en el pasado no será fácil, pero ella está dispuesta a aceptar el desafío.



Ahora ya sabemos un poco de todas. La novela ganadora será anunciada el 15 de Octubre.

Suerte a todos los finalistas, y a vosotros, gracias por leer, y ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, haced CLIC, y no os olvidéis de leer!

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