Looking for your books to be reviewed? I have some suggestions (and no, it’s not necessarily me)

Hi all:

I am an author and I know how important reviews are (well, mostly because I haven’t got many and that means there are certain promo opportunities I can’t join) and as anybody who follows me knows, I love to read and I review many books, as many as I can fit in with everything else (that’s never as many as I’d like).

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I get many requests for reviews and I hate to say no, but I have books on my Kindle to last me for several years, so I can’t take all of them on (and I’m aware that some I agreed to review have been lost somewhere in the pile of books and disappeared when I’ve misplaced messages or lists). Also, although specific books might take my fancy and I try to read a variety of books, I have some preferences (I don’t read many fantasy books, and I read some sci-fiction but not a lot. I love horror, thrillers, mysteries, and literary fiction, and every so often I read romance, particularly chick-lit and I have been reading more historical fiction and enjoying it recently. I read Young Adult sometimes but again it has to call to me somehow).

Rather than asking me for reviews, I have a few suggestions.

I review for a site called Literary World Interviews. You can check it here and you might find that one of the reviewers fits in your genre well.

I’m also a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team. Rosie Amber created and coordinates the group, and if you post your book there and offer several copies, a few members of the team might be interested and you might end up with several reviews. Rosie shares reviews in the official blog and the reviewer also shares in his or her blog. Here you can find more information.

I review for Net Galley too. That is a more difficult (and expensive) option for independent authors, but I know it’s a possibility and some authors join together to do it. Of course, review blogs, blog tours, etc, are other options.

Thanks so much for your interest and best of luck with your books and the reviews!