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Hi all:
I’m Olga Núñez Miret and I’ve always (maybe not always but for as long as I can remember) loved reading and books. My parents have often told me that even before I could read I would ask them to tell me what anything with writing on it (signs, labels, books…) said. I’m no longer that young but I still can’t resist reading notices, leaflets, ads…And of course books, magazines…

I’ve been writing since I was quite young, from fairy tales to short stories, novels (even a play…or an attempt at a play). I also love theatre (musicals, dramas, comedies…) and film (not tried to write a screenplay yet. There’s always time).

First, my studies and later jobs (and further studies) have meant that for most of my life writing had been a hobby rather than something I’d thought of as a full-time dedication. I attended a couple of brief courses on writing, I’ve written stuff that has sometimes been edited (or binned) out of existence, and I’ve made a couple of very half-hearted attempts at commercialising my writing.

Many of my short stories are of the ‘what if’ type, although I have tried sci-fiction, humour, even Biblical themes. I have a variety of longer fiction both finished an unfinished (some true novels, others either novellas or collections of stories, too short for a novel, too long for a short-story). Most of the fiction I’ve written up to now has been adult fiction, although I am writing a series (a trilogy, at least that’s the plan) for Young Adults (and a paranormal theme) and I have some stories that also think might fit in that genre. I have even published a novella with a YA/Adult theme.

I am not terribly patient and when I read about e-Publishing I decided to give it a try. The worst that could happen was that people read what I publish and hated it. The most likely outcome was that nobody would read any of my books. But I didn’t want to be left with the doubt.

If you want to know more about me…I’m from Barcelona, Spain, but lived in the United Kingdom for 25 year and returned to Barcelona permanently in April 2018. A few years ago I left my job (I’m a psychiatrist and my last job was working as a forensic psychiatrist, nothing to do with profiling or anything like that) and have decided to explore other options, including dedicating more time to my writing and also, translating, not only my own books but also works by others. I also got a BA in American Literature (the University of Sussex, including a year at Mount Holyoke College, yes the one mentioned in Dirty Dancing) and completed a Ph.D. on the films of David Mamet (worth watching if you haven’t), and recently a Distance Learning Masters in Criminology (interesting but not particularly related to profiling either. Just in case you were wondering). Yes, I like to study. I also like trying to keep fit and have tried the gym, following workout videos, walks, yoga. I’m flexible but not very good with balance so…A bit tricky. I like to travel (although I don’t do it as often as I’d like), I go to the cinema and theatre fairly regularly, I go for walks, I read, I write, I crochet, I chat to friends (don’t cook much). Ah yes, and I like owls. I started trying to practice Mindfulness and meditation over a year ago but I still consider it a work in progress. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.
You can find how to get in touch with me on my About Page and more details on my books on the Books page. And two of my books, the first one in the series, Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters, and Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings are FREE. You can check the free books page or the books page for links.  My friend Lourdes did the cover and I think is totally gorgeous.

Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters

Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters

As I’m lucky enough to speak Spanish and English (and read and write) fluently I was determined from the beginning to publish my books in both languages. Now that I understand better what it means to self-publish, I know it’s fundamental to reach as wide an audience as possible and to remain in charge of all facets of the creation and distribution of your books. My vision is that all authors should have access to seeing their books made available to as large an audience as possible, without having to give their rights to others or compromise on quality and overall control.

If you are interested in getting your books or stories translated into Spanish, feel free to contact me through any of the links or leave your details in the page ‘Contact Me’.  From January 2015 my rate is $40  per 1000 words (the price would include book description, reviews, tweets, and a promo post of the finished work once published, not part of the word count). Included in the price there is also a review/correction by an editor I have used for my own books of the finished translation. Rates can be negotiated if we discuss a series of works. And I’m also offering shorter promo pieces too, like translations of biographies, book descriptions, Facebook or other promo posts, Tweets, features, and revisions/corrections of translations by others, at affordable prices. Just ask me and I’ll come up with a quote. (And once you’ve worked with me once, if you’re happy, I’ll always offer a discount).

I have added a page about my translations so you can check examples of some of the books I’ve worked on, here.

As you’ll see I love to share other people’s books and I read a lot and share reviews of the books I’ve read. And I blog about other things sometimes…. So if you want, come and join me. You’re all very welcome.