Thanks to Teagan Geneviene​ for featuring some of my pictures in her story. The radio theme takes the story in a pretty unusual direction. If you love “will she” “won’t she” stories, don’t dare to miss this one!

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Altered Pixabay imageSaturday, September 17, 2022 

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this casual series of “Shorts for the Weekend.”  You're Never Too Old to Be a Prom Queen by Olga Núñez MiretThey’re written by yours truly, but illustrated with images that were created by and/or supplied by the featured guest, to inspire my stories.  I’m enjoying writing these tales, and hope that you have fun reading them.

Today’s images were provided by an author you know well if you’ve been following this blog, Olga Núñez Miret.  She “escaped from psychiatry” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that considering those thrilling books she wrote.  Here’s a link to the three book series.)  Now she is an author, translator, book reviewer extraordinaire, and she even works at a radio station in her area. I can’t imagine where she finds all the energy. 

However, her books range far beyond the psychiatric theme.  I’m featuring You’re Never Too Old to Be a Prom Queen.


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