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Not only a fantastic story in honor of National Pig Day (U.S.A.) but the incredibly talented Teagan Genevieve mentions me in her post. How could I not share? Don’t forget to leave your comments in her blog!


Did you know that March 1st is National Pig Day (U.S.A.)?  I didn’t until Madelyn Griffith-Haynie told me. Meanwhile, author and translator Olga Núñez Miret told me that she’s becoming quite fond o…

Source: When Glowing Pigs Fly! | Teagan’s Books

Dolors López, del blog La princesa ya se ve comparte una historia triste pero preciosa.

Este relato no debería estar en este blog, lo escribí por otro motivo y destinado al cibertaller literario de José Losada. Por motivos ajenos a todos, y sobretodo a José Losada no ha podido llevars…

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#Bookreview The Way of the Writer. Reflections on the Art and Craft of Storytelling by Charles Johnson. Unique reflections based on a lifetime of thinking and writing well.

Timecode de Juanjo Giménez (@rikkinadir) corto español nominado al Oscar al mejor cortometraje de ficción

#Bookreview BAUDELAIRE’S REVENGE by Bob Van Laerhoven (@bobvanlaerhoven) A dark, haunting and beautiful book #TuesdayBookBlog

One of my favourite bloggers, Beetley Pete and a post about the strange lives of socks. Unmissable!

I know. Socks might seem to be a strange thing to write a blog post about. Then again, I have written before about fluffy dressing gowns, sheepskin bootees, and walking clothes. So mundane clothing…

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Noticias blogueras. Volvemos a las andadas de vez en cuando – Hola  a todos: Como recordaréis, después de desearos un feliz año (¡ya estamos en febrero del 2017!) os dije que me iba a tomar un descanso del blog para pensar qué iba a hacer. Lo cierto es que he aprovechado el descanso para leer otros blogs, ponerme al día con mis traducciones, mis proyectos de

Blog update #Bookreviews and a bit more – Hi all: You might remember that after wishing you a Happy New Year (February 2017 already!) I decided to disappear for a while and try and see what I would do with the blog. Well, you’ll wonder if I’ve come to any conclusions. I’m afraid not that many. Before I left I had been thinking

If you’ve ever been the butt of negative and unkind humour (and how hasn’t) this post is perfect.

Thanks to Aunt Beulah and to Linda Bethea for sharing.

“I don’t have answers; but I do have questions designed to make you think,” said the workshop leader, a young man with kind eyes and hair beyond his control. “Oh great,” I thought, “I signed up for…

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For authors who like to keep all the information organised, a great offer, and for free (well in exchange for a Facebook like). Thanks, Raimey!

Everyday, on and off the Internet, we are constantly happening upon book marketing leads, but if we don’t keep them organized, we’re missing an opportunity. Click the title above for th…

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