Here is Ailsa’s chronicle of our meeting. Thanks to her, badger and Lily for braving the traffic and getting to Barcelona. Great to catch up, talk about all things great and wonderful, and especially funny, and some plans for future chats and meets.

The Bingergread Cottage

Got to face it, I’m a country mouse. When I go to London, Badger hands me over to the Assistant Otter-Keeper, Spike who takes my hand to cross roads, ensures my shoelaces are done up and stops me running across to investigate sweetie or teddy-bear shops.

Today proved two things: 1) SatNav is way better than an out of date map which does not show one-way streets when driving in foreign cities.  2) While I have a flair for languages, I am completely useless with roads. Even as a pedestrian I can cause mayhem as I showed in Barcelona today when I used the crossing against the lights in the path of an on-coming cop on a scooter. I bowed and resisted the urge to shout “Ya big gurlie – get a proper bike” cos I didn’t know the expression in Spanish. Just as well, really. As it was he shouted…

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