Writer's quote Wednesday. Thanks to Silverthreads

Writer’s quote Wednesday. Thanks to Silverthreading

Hi all:

I’m trying to keep up with the Writer’s Quote Wednesday Feature and thank Siverthreading for the chance to take part in this awesome joint post. It’s a great way to get inspired, share and meet new bloggers.

I had something in mind, but then I read this quote and thought…I think I have the right picture. So this is my quote for today, from Junot Díaz:

Being a writer is an excuse to be a professional reader.

Being a writer is an excuse to be a professional reader.

I love the quote and must admit that was part of my logic when studying American Literature. I “had” to read books! And doing the PhD on films, I not only had to read books but also had to watch movies!

If you want more information about Junot Díaz, this writer from the Dominican Republic came to fame after publishing in 2007 The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. He went on to win the Pulitzer Prize with the same novel. If you want to check, here you can check some of his stories for free. And this is a brief article with highlights from an interview and link to the full interview.

Thanks for reading, thanks to Colleen from Silver Threading for the opportunity (and go on and join in too), and you know, if you’ve enjoyed it, like, comment, share and visit Colleen’s blog!