#Bookreview #RBRT Ghost Variations: The Strangest Detective Story In Music by Jessica Duchen (@jessicaduchen). Music, mystery, beautiful writing and a story that proves reality is weirder than fiction #TuesdayBookBlog http://ow.ly/rtKo508DGO4

My Sunday book review delving into the minds of killers in Olga Nunez Miret’s – Escaping Psychiatry and short story thrillers by Hugh Roberts in his book, Glimpses

Source: Escaping Psychiatry by Olga Nunez Miret, Glimpses by Hugh Roberts,

#HappyNewYear 2017, please, behave! – Hi all: Happy 2017! As I’ve been promising you (I was going to say threatening you, but I think it’s not much of a threat) I’m planning on taking a bit of time to gather my thoughts about blogging. It might result in a major overhaul or on a less is more approach to life. http://ow.ly/NUen50863uT

#Felizañonuevo. ¡2017, pórtate bien! – Hola a todos y feliz año nuevo. Como os he comentado, estoy planeando hacer algunos cambios en mi blog, así que me voy a tomar un respiro. Empecé a publicar un blog hace algo más de cuatro años (http://OlgaNM.wordpress.com) con la idea de darme a conocer y promocionar mis libros. En ese tiempo he conocido http://ow.ly/KLY250863uS

#Bookreview The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart. A warm and uplifting rom com by Anna Bell (@AnnaBell_writes) If you need a gentle romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile, try this. http://ow.ly/vwYC5084FKM

#Bookreview Meeting of the Mustangs by Cathy Kennedy A somewhat idealised and nostalgic version of the life of wild horses that will enchant animal lovers. http://ow.ly/9XWN5082GBG

#Bookreview The Black Notebook by Patrick Modiano. Memory, fiction, writing and we’ll always have Paris http://ow.ly/a6hI5080yUl

#Bookreview In The Shadow of David (The Secret Rebellion Book 1) by Martin Baggen (@MartinBaggen) Some things never change #TuesdayBookBlog http://ow.ly/UOO1507YqNY

#Nuevolibro Una vez psiquiatra…2. El caso de los cuerpos intercambiados. Publicado el 29 de Diciembre. Solo a $0.99. Oferta especial http://ow.ly/glCR507WkVx

#Newbook Escaping Psychiatry 2. The Case of the Swapped Bodies out on 29th Dec. Special price $0.99 #TuesdayBookBlog http://ow.ly/LMdU507WkVy

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