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Hi all:

Today is Friday and time for a guest author. I had the pleasure of meeting Sally Georgina Cronin (these days Sally Cronin, but she’ll explain) through her great blog and some common blogging friends. She asked me to visit her blog for an interview and I thought you’d love to meet her too. As she was working on two new books, it seemed the right time. But as she’s done so many things and knows about plenty of interesting stuff, I thought we’d get to know her previous work first. I promised I’ll keep updating you on her work and novelties in the future.

I usually include a short biography but when Sally directed me to her blog and I read about her I thought I should include it all, promotion and all (because I suspect many of you might be interested. I know I am!)

Sally Cronin

Sally Cronin

My name is Sally Georgina Cronin – I include the Georgina bit because a couple of my books were written back in the beginning as Georgina Cronin – it was my grandmother’s name and as a child I fancied it more than I did Sally – I announced at school age 9 and a little portly that I wished to be called that and instead I was saddled with Georgy Porgy until I went to secondary school as a very definite Sally.

However, on writing my first book I thought I would give it another go but it has reverted to Sally Georgina Cronin especially as my books have evolved into E-versions.

I am one of those people who has led an eclectic life. My father was in the Royal Navy so we lived abroad several times and I only really settled down in the UK at age 14. My education suffered a little from switching between seven schools in different countries but I now have a repertoire of swear words second to none!

I trained as a secretary as my parents felt that my dream to be an English Esther Williams was probably doomed to be waterlogged!  I started well in my first job but a pregnant chair side assistant who developed a phobia to blood meant that I had to step into the shoes of dental nurse, a career I enjoyed before moving to the hospitality industry.

This resulted in me meeting my husband (known as room 40) nine years later and we had a whirlwind courtship over five weeks and married 34 years ago. We still have the whirlwind courtship moving over several continents to reach the second to final outpost here in the mountains in Madrid.  We may possibly return to the UK at some point, if he can tear me away from the 300 days of sunshine.

I have spent a number of years in each of the following industries – Retail, Advertising and Telecommunications, radio and television and taken a great deal from each.

I have written short stories and poetry since a very young age and when I went ‘Indie’ in 1996 I combined my retraining as a Nutritional Therapist with this love of writing.  I began with columns in the media in the UK and Spain, my own monthly newsletter and my first health book Size Matters which told the story of my journey from a very overweight 24 stone – 330lbs to a slimmish and healthier individual.

Over the last ten years this love of writing has developed into another eight titles, my blog and also into Indie Publishing in 2004.

My husband came out of the telecommunications industry at 50 and because he was already a computer wizard he retrained very quickly in graphic and book design.

I was already working in author acquisition for a large self-publishing company and we both felt that a more personal approach might be attractive to authors who wanted to be published. Moyhill Publishing was born.  In 2004 our first book, by a Spanish author, The Red Tailed Hawk won best digital print award and since then we have been quietly working away.  We had to take a break over recent years due to family commitments but we continued to work with a few authors during that time who required David’s specialist design skills.

We are delighted to be relaunching in 2014, our tenth anniversary, with new services to include digital and audio packages.

In the last few months we have converted my print titles to E-versions which has been an interesting experience.  I did not realise how my writing style had changed until I edited my first novel written in 2002 to convert but I enjoyed the process very much.

Over the last ten years I have managed to fit radio and Internet television both in front of the microphone and camera and behind in a producing and directing role.  So whilst I never became the UK Esther Williams I did get to perform without getting too waterlogged.

At 61 I don’t consider myself the new 41 and I  am happy at the age I am.  I do hope that I can continue to learn and develop over the next 30 years or so and that my typing skills do not diminish until the very last second.

My next projects are in process – a health book focused on care of the elderly at home, a humerous tale of a cross dresser with memory impairment and another about transformation and wish fulfillment.


I hope you will forgive a little self promotion – I am the marketing director of our publishing company and will get fired by the MD or divorced if I did not mention the day job.

Our publishing company is http// and we would love to talk to you about your next project.  In the last ten years we have had worked with some award winning authors and won best digital print book in 2004 in the UK.  We work with a number of printers in the UK to ensure a best price and we offer inclusive packages that still allow you to have an original design for your cover and a style that you want for the format.  There is very few things standard about us but because we are the only two overheads we can keep the costs down for our clients.  We only work with one author at a time usually and that is on a one to one basis.  A book only goes to print or into E-version when both the author and David are satisfied that it is the very best it can be.  We usually prefer manuscripts to be edited before submission so that it stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Because of my background on television and radio I am the audio department and whilst we do not market for our authors I am very happy to assist in any way with social media, press releases etc.

We are happy to convert any print versions into E-versions with the minimum of fuss and expense but be aware that a book with lots of photographs or graphs does take more work than for print.

There is a selection of the books we have designed and published over the years on the site, but we now provide a webpage with selling facilities for our authors which they manage themselves.  An example of this would be some of my own books at the following links.  We also of course make sure that our author’s books are uploaded to Amazon and if in print too available at the wholesalers.

If you would be interested in finding out more then pop into the website or email David on for an informal discussion – we also work with Skype during the process.

If you would like to talk to me about guest blogging or anything health related you can reach me on

Thanks for reading.

And now her books:

By the way, and so I don’t forget, I leave you the links in Sally’s own website, but just in case you find yourself in Amazon, this is her page where you can find all of them:

Just and Odd Job Girl

Just and Odd Job Girl

Just an Odd Job Girl


Imogen was fifty!

Life is unpredictable and will often throw you a curve ball that knocks you out of the park.

For Imogen this curve ball knocked her out of a twenty five year marriage and a lovingly renovated home into a single life at age 50.  She had been a very contented wife and mother of two children, who for every one of those 25 years had thought her husband had been equally as happy.  It was a shock to find out that she had been delusional and replaced so easily.

Her confidence was non-existent.  She had forgotten any skills she possessed and was totally unprepared to enter the modern job market.  Or so she thought.

When we find ourselves in a new place and time in our lives, it is not unusual to meet others who have experienced similar traumas and also those who understand how to help you pick up the pieces.

Surprising though these events had been, nothing prepared Imogen for the realisation that she still had what it took, both in the work environment and when it came to her heart.

It was a journey into the past to rediscover who she had always been and a step forward into the future and a new adventure in life.

Although this novel was published in 2002 Sally has decided it’s time for it to experience the digital revolution, and reading about it, I would have to agree!

Sally has also let me links to her other books, and as you’ll see (and you will have guessed from her biography) she’s a multi-talented woman.

Just Food for Health

Just Food for Health

Just Food for Health (only available in paper)

Just Food for Health is a commonsense guide to the body, and the foods we need to eat to keep it healthy. It describes how the major organs & systems work; Why you need specific nutrients and where to find them; how to design your own Healthy Eating Plan, and avoid lifestyle-related conditions like high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, and excess weight.


Forget the Viagra, Pass Me the Carrot!

Forget the Viagra, Pass Me the Carrot!

Forget the Viagra, Pass Me the Carrot

This is a health and Nutrition book aimed at men – and their partners who are interested in keeping them fit and well. It provides a fundamental understanding of how to deliver essential nutrition to support all the major organs, with a focus on keeping a healthy sex life into old age. – Forget the Viagra… Pass me a Carrot – A man’s health workshop manual

Size Matters

Size Matters

Size Matters Especially when you Weigh 330 lbs

Thirty years ago obesity was a rarity amongst children, and adults, and the related health problems were restricted to a small proportion of the population. Today, it is an epidemic and as we expand our waistbands we are forced into increasing our financial responsibilities for the resulting medical problems that can be life threatening.

Size Matters is the story of a woman who had an appalling lifestyle and although intelligent and successful did nothing constructive to change the situation. It took a death sentence to motivate her to making some vital decisions. The first place to start was to find out the reasons for her obesity and then learn how to fix the problem. Georgina studied nutrition and health whilst taking back control of her diet and lifestyle. Three years later, when fit and well she opened her diet advisory centre in Ireland where she worked with 1,000 clients over a five-year period.

Size Matters explores the emotional, mental and physical reasons for obesity and offers strategies that empowers any one who is overweight or suffering ill health to change their lifestyles successfully. The second part of the book details the programme that can be personalised to suit readers’ individual needs for diet and exercise including healthy food options and nutritional information.

This is not a book written by a “thin” expert, but a “fat” expert who has lived through many years of obesity and ill-health and understands the emotional and physical barriers that prevent people taking the first step and then the next, and the next until they have regained their fitness and health.

Link:    Size Matters especially when you weigh 330lbs

Media Training: The Manual

Media Training: The Manual

Media Training: The Manual

“Media Training: The Manual” is a quick reference manual for anyone who needs to deliver their message via “the Media”, TV, Radio, Print. – Media Training – The Manual

Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story

Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story

Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story

The true story of Sam, a rough collie, written from his perspective. A tribute to a true friend and a genuine family member. – Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story

So you don’t complain, I leave you links to the books that should be coming up our way in all formats soon, but thought you might want to check in her website:

First, Turning Back the Clock – anti-aging programme

Turning back the clock

Turning back the clock

Living forever is not an option!

However, feeling younger and looking younger is an option available to all!

The maximum lifespan a human being can currently expect today is around 120 years.

However, not many of us really want to be even 90 or 100 years old, if it means that we are going to end up filled with medication and tucked away in a corner in some nursing home, unaware of our surroundings.

Making healthy diet and lifestyle choices as early as possible will help you get as near as possible to your maximum age whilst enjoying good physical and mental vitality.

Turning Back the Clock
will show you how!

And second, Flights of Fancy – Short story anthology and Novella The Sewing Circle

Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy

Ghosts, romance, friendship, revenge ….

A new collection of eleven short stories from Sally Cronin to enthrall and entertain.

Ghosts hint at a chance of coming back to say goodbye, exact a little payback, or simply to help someone else carry on living.

Romance is not just for the young and nor are second chances.

As for revenge, well … never underestimate a group of elderly ladies with contacts from the past!

And if you want to follow and contact Sally (I recommend it) here are her links:

Skype Moyhill2
Latest books available in print and E-versions
Daily health blog –

Thanks to Sally for her visit, thanks to all of you for reading, and you know what to do if you’ve enjoyed it, like, comment, share, and CLICK!

Hi all:

As you know on Fridays I bring you a guest. I’ve been talking to one of my fellow authors from ASMSG, Rebecca Scarberry, and as she has quite an number of books published, all well deserving of a visit, I asked her to choose one for today, and she’s decided to bring us ‘Where Love Takes You’. Just the title and looking at the cover makes you want to dive into the book, but Rebecca has been kind enough to send us not only some information about herself, but also a sample. And rather than keep talking about it, let’s get going.

First, introduce you to Rebecca:

Author Rebecca Scarberry

Author Rebecca Scarberry

Rebecca Scarberry (@Scarberryfields on Twitter) lives on a secluded farm in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas. She has self-published six books (four different genres): Messages from Henry (mystery), Rag Doll (psychological thriller/crime drama), Jumper series of three children’s picture books, and Where Love Takes You (transatlantic romance). She is currently editing the script for one episode for her children’s book series. A couple of television producers have requested she do so. Way to go, Rebecca!

Where Love Takes You by Rebecca Scarberry and Francis Potts

Where Love Takes You by Rebecca Scarberry and Francis Potts

Book description for Where Love Takes You:

The devoted, unlikely hero pigeon, Henry, is back in this sequel to Messages from Henry. This romance will take you on a transatlantic journey to England. With racing birds and racing hearts, you’ll find yourselves routing Henry on once again. His devotion to his new challenges and his mate, Cecilia will touch your hearts.

Book Sample:

Chapter 1. Henry goes to school.

“Tammy, I received the most wonderful letter in the mail!” Evelyn shouted over the phone to her long-time friend and neighbor.

“Who’s the letter from?”

“It’s from the president of the Parent Teachers Association. She says the children attending Pickford Elementary school were learning about carrier pigeons when word of Henry saving my life hit the local news. She says they have made an award for Henry and want me to bring him to an awards ceremony.”

“That’s so lovely, Evelyn. When is it?”

“Hang on. I’ll look at the letter. October 2nd. It’s a Saturday. Will you be able to come too? After all, without you to read the messages, I’d be dead.”

The thought made Tammy shiver. “Of course, I’d love to come with you. I’m trying to picture what they could have possibly made for him.”

“I don’t care what they made. Henry is going to love their attention.”

Tammy showed up at Evelyn’s beautiful, large farmhouse an hour before they had to have Henry at the school auditorium. She was dressed in a casual pastel orange dress that complimented her red curly hair and azure eyes. Her high heels matched her dress perfectly.

As soon as Evelyn opened the front door, she looked at Tammy’s shoes and said, “Well, I guess I’ll be going out to give Henry a quick grooming by myself. You certainly can’t walk through the mud in those heels.”

“I could just slap you, Evelyn,” Tammy teased. “I was expecting a compliment and Henry all ready to go.”

Evelyn laughed and then said, “No, he’s not ready yet. I’ve been fussing with my out-of-control hair for half an hour. My hair is the same color as yours, but it certainly isn’t as controllable.”

“Your hair looks beautiful and you look so pretty in that light green dress. Have to tell you though; you’re going to have to lose the house slippers.”

Evelyn laughed as she removed the slippers, and replaced them with black rubber boots.

“Oh, those look much better,” Tammy joked.

Evelyn looked back at Tammy and rolled her eyes, as she headed for the backdoor. Once she arrived with Henry, in a nice clean cat carrier, she placed him on the kitchen floor.

Tammy looked at Henry, staring up at her. “Hello, Henry. Why you look beautiful. Your pure white feathers glisten, and your yellow eyes look brilliant, as usual.”

“I wiped him down a little bit, but I agree he looks beautiful. Like his girlfriend, Cecilia, he likes to keep his feathers in pristine condition. Let me put my heels on and we’re ready to go.”

The traffic held Evelyn and Tammy up. There had been an accident on the freeway earlier, and traffic hadn’t normalized.

Once the two entered the crowded auditorium, many of the children in the back rows turned to see who had entered. They immediately rose from their seats and began to clap. Once the others within earshot heard them clapping, they stood to see what it was about. Before Evelyn and Tammy took another step, the auditorium was filled with the sound of hundreds of people applauding. Evelyn looked down at Henry and found him bobbing his head. It was as though he was thanking them. She smiled big and raised the carrier above her head, for all to see.

A chubby, gray-haired woman in her fifties came up behind them and patted Evelyn on the back. “Come this way, Mrs. Bury. We have a seat for you on stage.”

Evelyn set the carrier on the floor next to her wooden chair, on stage. Once Evelyn sat down, proceedings began.

A tall, thin woman in her thirties stood at a podium and began, “Good afternoon. I’m Sharon Batista. Thank you all for coming this evening to honor Henry. Evelyn, we all want to thank you for bringing your hero to meet all of us tonight. We read in all the newspapers and saw your story on the local television news. We were all rooting Henry on, and praying you would be saved from death by the hands of your kidnapper. With each message Henry delivered to your dear friend, Tammy Wade, we were hoping that would be the one message to lead the authorities to you. I also want to add, we are so sorry for the loss of your son, Scott. We know he was trying very hard to pay the ransom and save your life. I don’t want to put you on the spot, but I’m wondering if you’d like to say a few words”.

Evelyn rose from her chair, Sharon stepped away from the podium, and Evelyn adjusted the microphone. “Thank you, Sharon, for your kind words. Tammy and I have been looking forward to this night for weeks. I’m thankful my dearly beloved husband trained Henry so well. Had it not been for Henry’s special abilities, and my loving friend Tammy, I never would have been found. Thank you all for coming to meet him.” As she walked back to her seat, the crowd applauded. Sharon returned to the podium, “Thank you, Evelyn. I would like to introduce you to one of Henry’s dearest fans, six-year-old Martin Quinten. He has the award, he made himself, and one-hundred and fifty students agreed was the perfect award for your special bird.”

A very small six-year-old redheaded boy started up the stairs to the stage. He stumbled on the fourth step, and this caused several of the children to laugh. Evelyn smiled dearly at the poor boy, as his face continued to redden with each step he took.

Once Martin regained his footing, his face turned to its normal pale white. In one hand, he held something in a silver box with a red bow tied to the top. He walked up to Evelyn and stood speechless.

“Nice to meet you, Martin,” Evelyn said with a smile. As she scooted the carrier closer to the child, she began again, “I would like to introduce you to Henry.”

The boy leaned down and looked inside of the carrier. With a large smile on his face he said, “We have an award for you, Henry. We hope you like it. We all think of you as the prince of pigeons.” Henry tilted his head and looked up at Martin, through the wire, atop the carrier. This clearly thrilled the boy and he soon handed Evelyn the box.

“I’m certain he will, Martin.” She slowly removed the bow. She opened the box to find a tiny, dark red felt vest. On the back, in yellow lettering, it said, HERO. She fought back tears of joy and said, “Henry will look stunning in this, and it’ll keep him warm on these cold mornings.” She sat the vest on her lap, removed Henry from his carrier, and placed the vest on his muscular body. It fit perfectly. She held Henry high into the air and Henry bobbed his head. The audience began to clap once again.

A line of people then began to line up on stage to meet and pet Henry, proudly displaying his new vest.

After reading that, you must go get it, here:

Thanks so much to Rebecca for being my guest and bringing us such a great read, to all of you for reading, and you know what to do, if you’ve enjoyed it, like, share, comment, and of course, CLICK!


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