Hi all:

I hope you’ll remember last week I brought you a selection of blogs I regularly follow, just in case you might find them of interest. As I said there are many I follow, and this is only a small sample, but I thought I’d bring you a few more in different subjects, to see what  you think.

Lens aperture Image courtesy of suphakit73 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Lens aperture Image courtesy of suphakit73 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The very best top 10


I’ve been following this blog for a long time (I think nearly as long as I’ve been blogging) and never ceases to amuse me. The most amazing thing about it is not only the fact that it is well-thought, it usually provides links (if it’s recipes, to how to make the dish, or to the website), and it has an incredibly wide variety of topics, but also that this blog posts daily, and it never runs out of ideas (well, on Sundays it’s a guest post, but then, even God took a day off). I’ve seen things I never thought I’d see in my life, discovered animals I didn’t know existed, and come to realise that people are far more inventive than anybody gives them credit for. Long live The very best top 10!

A Glimpse of Heaven. The Philosophy of True Health (Dr Glenn Hepker)


Dr Glenn Hepker is one of the authors in one of the groups I belong to (ASMSG) and he blogs (and also posts in Wattpad) regularly about his book ‘The Philosophy of True Health’. He replies to readers’ questions and his thoughtful and enlightened replies never fail to bring focus and inspiration to my day. If you haven’t met him yet, don’t miss the chance.

I love art (and admire people who are good at it. If I have any skill on this area it is only the capacity to appreciate it) and although I will normally read around and look for images on the internet, there are two blogs I always keep going back to.

Leanne Cole Photography:


Leanne shares her images, techniques and experiences with other photographers and the public in general. Although I must confess I’m rubbish at taking pictures and therefore the technical points go well over my head, I never miss the opportunity of checking her offerings, her experiments and her discussions. And the conversations and comments are worth their weight in gold. The only problem is her images of Australia are quite difficult to resist… (Oh, and she recently shared some of her paintings… gorgeous).

First Night Design (Sarah Vernon):


Sarah has an incredible (as I’ve said many times my ability to do anything involving images is not zero, is in the negative numbers) ability to find vintage and classical images, add textures, and create fabulous visual treats, that become everyday objects (cards, cushions, mugs…). She is happy to share her process, her successes and failures (as she sees them), and she also posts about family history (amazing connections), interesting quotes… Have a look and see what you think! (She has been having some technical problems of recent but as the very generous blogger she is, she has been sharing some great content from other blogs).



I can’t say I’m particularly up-to-date in technology, but I like to try and keep informed (there are many sources of information but things change at speed of light, so not an easy task). I discovered Mashable a while back and I’d be surprised if anybody out there hasn’t come across them, but just in case… I’ve got used to the music in their videos (you have to watch one to know what I’m talking about), they post regularly throughout the day on a variety of subjects, so I never quite catch everything, but if you pick the most popular posts, you’re bound to be pretty ‘on the know’.

I’ll leave it there for now. Thanks to the blogs for being there, thanks to you all for reading, and if you’ve enjoyed it, like, share, comment, and most of all CLICK and FOLLOW! (Ah, and share other great blogs for everyone’s benefit).