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Hi all:

Yes! Today is really the day! Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters should be alive and kicking in Amazon and a few other places.

Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters

Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters

To celebrate… yes, I’d like to have a party or something, but I have the other two books to get ready too, so not much time. But still, I thought we should celebrate somehow.

First, I’d given you a bit of the conversation between Pink and G before, in a chapter called ‘Liar, liar’, for good reason, but I thought I’d give you a bit more:

“OK. You know the angel thing?” I said.

“You mean the thing you’ve never believed despite all evidence I’ve showed you? What about it?”

“Somebody told me it’s not exactly true.”

“You’ve told somebody? After I had to make your friends forget all about it and then…I thought we had a deal.”

“Calm down. I didn’t tell anybody. Somebody came to me. We were coming out of Lorna’s house yesterday and this guy…”

“You stop to talk to somebody you’ve never met before?” he asked, serious.

“I couldn’t do much else. He performed your favourite trick. The time-out thing. You know what I mean. Everybody stopped but me and him. He told me…”

“Azrael…” G had stopped pacing but instead of looking at me he was looking at the floor.

“Yep. That’s him. So you know him.”

“We’re a relatively small community.”

“Anyway, he told me…you’re not really an angel. Or not any longer. You’re a fallen angel. Or, to put it in another way, a demon. You’ve ever so slightly misrepresented yourself. If that’s true that is.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Same difference.”

“Come on, now. You rebelled against God following Lucifer that as far as I understand was his favourite. If one is to believe the stories…You lost and were cast down to hell.”

G looked up now, directly into my eyes.

“Well, God likes these casting outs. After all, if we’re to believe the story of Adam and Eve, humans have also been cast out.”

“Lucifer had something to do with it…If we do believe the stories, that is..…” For some unknown reason to me I wanted to laugh. Instead of feeling angry I was starting to think it was all rather funny. And it probably was, from an observer’s point of view, but that was exactly how I felt. As if all of that had nothing whatsoever to do with me. As if I was watching it all from a distance. I couldn’t help myself. “Does that mean your boss is a snake?”

“What?…” G looked genuinely surprised, but finally caught on. “Oh, the Bible is just a fiction, maybe faction is a better word…or an interpretation of facts. If he wanted to attract a woman, a snake isn’t necessarily the best option.”

“No. Maybe a nice pair of shoes or a handbag.”

“Or Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp,” G added also getting into the same slightly jokey mood.

We both laughed. If nothing else, G seemed lighter, more humorous and less ponderous than Azrael.

“So, does that change anything?” G asked.

“I don’t know. For one it makes you not very trustworthy. And I don’t mean because you’re a demon, that might not help, but because you’re a liar.”

“I just don’t think one should put too much stock on that kind of stuff. I see myself more as an anti-hero. Or a morally ambiguous hero. Maybe.”

And a few couple of songs with angels on them…

Here, Erasure ‘Send Me an Angel’ (This is the funniest, I was thinking of Eurythmics and I wrote Erasure, and hop, they have a song with angels too that I didn’t remember. I think angels are at play here…)

Eurythmics ‘There Must Be an Angel’ (This is a super video!)

Antonio Machín. ‘Angelitos Negros’ (Antonio Machín was a singer from Cuba who lived and sang in Spain for many years and was very popular when I was a child. This song, that is one of his most famous, it’s called ‘Little Black Angels’ and in it, he basically is asking a painter why he never paints black angels when everybody knows they also go to heaven. He has a very personal style but it’s a wonderful song).

Here are the links to the book, before I forget:





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Hi all:

As it’s Valentine’s Day later in the week, and last year I decided to share some poems I like, this year I thought about sharing some songs.

I love musicals, so when I got looking for songs, I couldn’t help myself.


Ava Gardner (yes, really her, not the singer who dubbed her in the movie) in Showboat, singing ‘Can’t help loving that man of mine’. She is so beautiful! Colour cinema was made for her.

I adore Oklahoma. Here, a couple of songs, although I’d happily share the whole show (I actually will leave you a link to the version I saw in London with Hugh Jackman and Maureen Lipman)

You know how people like to make up stories when they see a boy and a girl together, as Curly and Laurey remind us:
People will say we’re in love

But being discreet isn’t always everybody’s cup of tea. I love Ado Annie.
I cain’t say no

In case you feel like watching the whole thing…

You’ve probably guessed I like Rodgers and Hammerstein. South Pacific is another one of my favourites. I must admit the added colours to the movie make the viewing weird but still…(I love the humorous numbers but maybe not for today)

If love makes you feel all lyrical, these two songs are a must (it doesn’t matter how young you are or if it’s not evening or particularly enchanted):
Younger than springtime

Some enchanted evening

I also love West Side Story and I’m sure you’ve also felt like that when in love.
I feel pretty!

And because we sometimes can’t help ourselves…
Mamma Mia! (warning, it’s from the movie!)

This one because I love Billie Holiday (probably Lover Man is my favourite but it makes me too sad):
That Ole Devil Called Love (1945) Billie Holiday

Not sure what made me think of this one. I love the album but I wasn’t very convinced by this song at first. Now it’s one of my favourites and I like the touch of humour:

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – “Fortune Teller”

I decided this would be an international post and I’d add some songs I also like in Catalan and Spanish. I love this Catalan one.
Josep Carreras: Rosó

I hope you like this one.
The three tenors: Amapola

This is a very beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics. There are many versions so I randomly chose one.
Laura Pausini y Miguel Bosé: Te amaré

I’ve already told you I love musicals. Mar i Cel is a play by a very famous Catalan dramatist, Àngel Guimerà. We studied his plays in High School, and I really loved ‘Mar i cel’ a play set up in the Middle Ages in Spain, some time after the Catholic King and Queen had expelled both the Jews and the Moors. The pirates succeed in taking control of a ship where Spanish soldiers were escorting some young women destined to become nuns. The love story between the pirate Captain, Said, and Blanca, a noble young woman, is set for tragedy. As impossible loves go it’s pretty out there. A few years later, a Catalan theatre company, Dagoll Dagom (last year they reached 40 years staging musicals) took it to the stage with great success. I went to see it and I loved it. It is one of my favourites.

This song takes place shortly after Blanca goes to Said’s quarters with the intention of killing him and he ends up telling her the story of how the soldiers killed his mother, and asks her to kill him. She cries, and the song is when they realise there might be something… (She wonders why did she cry when he is an enemy of the faith and a pirate, and he wonders why did she cry…? )

Mar i cel: Per què he plorat? (Why did I cry?)

This one is completely irrelevant, but hey, I still remember being on the first row of the theatre, right next to the orchestra conductor and seeing the ship moving around. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
Mar i cel: Himne dels pirates (Hymn of the pirates) (Dagoll Dagom)

Thank you for reading, or rather listening and watching today, like, share, comment and happy Valentine! (Sharing some relevant books on Friday). Let me know your favourite songs.

Live, Love, Laugh & Don't Forget to Breathe!

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