As most Fridays, I bring you a guest author with a new book. I’ve met Sharon St Joan through social media (I know some of the artists in and can recommend you to go exploring) and I found her, her artwork, her blogs and her book fascinating, as it’s a not a topic I’ve brought often, and even less in the way Sharon does. Rather than tell you about it, here I bring you Sharon St Joan.

Author Sharon St Joan

Author Sharon St Joan

Sharon St Joan wears many hats — as writer, author, artist, painter, sculptor, retired wildlife rehabilitator – and a few others too, less easily defined.

During a childhood spent wandering among the woods, (along the east coast of the U.S.), she developed an intense love of nature – wild birds and animals, rocks and mountains, and even thunderstorms.

Her poems seek to touch a mystical chord within nature and the cosmos, and her watercolors evoke an ethereal dimension that is the essence of the earth and her creatures.

You can find many of the poems on her blog, Voices and Visions, interspersed with a few insights into far-ranging topics like the meaning of megalithic ruins, or visits to the temples of Tamil Nadu at

You can find some of her watercolors at

Another blog, Art, Animals and the Earth, focuses on the heroic efforts of people throughout the world to improve the lot of animals, both wild and domestic, and to protect the planet itself from the war being waged against it. And also, occasionally, the work of artists who portray the beauty of nature —


Having spent six years living in France (many years ago) and, more recently, having visited some very fascinating places in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, particularly to help advance the cause of animal welfare, Sharon is captivated especially by India — whose endlessly fascinating culture and traditions go back into the mists of time.

Several visits to India have resulted in the ebook, on Amazon, Glimpses of Kanchi,(more about it later on) which traces the magical history of India in among the threads of an ancient Indian town, Kanchipuram.
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As promised, here is her book:

Glimpses of Kanchi by Sharon St Joan

Glimpses of Kanchi by Sharon St Joan


Glimpses of Kanchi by Sharon St Joan

The ancient city Kanchipuram (Kanchi) is one of the sacred cities of India, existing for well over two thousand years. Here are glimpses, interwoven in a tapestry across the centuries of people, their lives, their homes and their history, temples and holy sites of a city touched by the hand of the Gods. These are a few snapshots of some of the spiritual history of southern India, of the currents which came and went of Buddhism and Jainism, of the return to Hinduism, of great figures who played a pivotal role. Though just one of so many thousands of Indian cities, Kanchi, catches and reflects, in a unique way, the radiance of Indian life and history.

This is a small book, written both as a reminder for Indian people of their amazing land and for those, wherever they may be from, who find India spellbinding and captivating—who, once they have crossed the threshold of the world that is India, can never quite go back completely to the world they left behind. They and their world have been forever changed.

They find that the universe is broader and deeper than it used to be. There are divine beings and magical presences, the mundane and the miraculous, lights, shadows, and other worlds, which cannot be expressed in linear thoughts – only in fleeting glimpses.

Thanks so much to Sharon St. Joan for her visit, thanks to all of you for reading it, and if you’ve found it interesting, like, share, comment and of course CLICK!