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Passenger oxygen mask deployment

Passenger oxygen mask deployment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Oxygen Mask

You might (or might not, I don’t believe my posts are amongst the most memorable things in everybody’s lives) remember I posted a few ideas, or rather, some advice, under the title ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ weeks (probably months) ago.

Of course, as it tends to happen with these things, shortly after publishing it I thought of something else I should have mentioned. Humour. I do think that trying to take things on your stride and being able to laugh at yourself and see the humorous side of things helps immensely when dealing with life. It is related to one of the ideas I suggested, trying to see things from a distance, and gain perspective. Humour is one of the strategies we have in our hands to achieve that. The small tragedies of life, seen through a humorous prism, can indeed be very funny. I remember I fell downstairs at home (I can’t blame it on anything in particular) and landed at the bottom of the stairs. There was nobody else in the house, but for unknown reasons the first thought that came to my head was that it would have been quite funny if anybody had been there to see it. And there I was, at the bottom of the stairs, by myself, laughing my head off. I twisted my ankle in the process and later discovered my radiator had sprung a leak (I suspect because I must have hit it during the fall) but it was a good laugh.

I was chatting (or rather exchanging e-mails) with a fellow author and good friend today. And we were talking about how sometimes, in the process of caring for others and supporting them, we can completely exhaust ourselves, both physically and mentally, and end up ill and unable to function. But if we don’t go all out in our care and support we feel guilty. I told her that I always tell my patients we can’t look after others if we don’t have a minimum of health ourselves and don’t look after our own needs. And I advised her to think about the training they forever repeat (and we hardly ever listen to) in planes, about what to do in emergencies. When they talk about an incident where the cabin gets depressurised and the Oxygen masks drop from the compartment above our heads they always, always, remind us that we must put our own mask on before we try and help others, because if we don’t, we won’t be in a fit state to help anybody else. Running ourselves to the ground will not help those we care for or ourselves in the long run. Don’t feel guilty for not being superwoman or superman. Never forget to look after yourself. That’s the only way you can carry on looking after others.

Thank you for reading and if you’ve liked it or found it useful, please share!

Hoy un post muy breve. Sólo decirles que acabó la promoción conjunta que organizamos Mary Meddlemore y yo. Considerando que somos unas doñas nadie y que no nos conocen ni los vecinos (bueno, un poco sí), no nos podemos quejar.

Esperamos que todos los que han descargado nuestros libros los disfruten. Y que los que no…los compren en el futuro, que de verdad, son muy económicos.

¿Y ahora qué?

Pues seguir escribiendo, y haciendo promoción (lo siento, es así la vida)…Yo he presentado mi novela para adolescentes para ‘Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award’. Vamos, un concurso que organiza Amazon para ofrecer un contrato de publicación a la novela (novelas ya que este año hay varias categorías) que lo gane. Y a las finalistas. No tengo esperanzas de ganar, pero es gratis, e incluso si no llegas al final hay posibilidades de obtener reseña y críticas  profesionales…En fin, si conocen a autores a los que les interese…No se preocupen. Si como supongo no gana, la publicaré de todas formas. Nada, ¡que no se libran de ella! (Si no cambio de idea es una novela de una serie que se llamará Asuntos Angélicos. Y la novela Alerta Pink).

Tengo una novela corta casi lista para publicar, también para público adolescente, y al ver la buena recepción de la promoción en lengua española he decidido traducirla al castellano y publicar las dos versiones a la vez…así que probablemente tardaré unas semanas…

He conocido a un grupo de autores independientes (a algunos lo de ‘indie’ no les convence mucho) a través de Manuela Herrero Palomar (ya recordarán el post) y  me han ayudado mucho con la promoción. Espero traerlos de invitados poco a poco. Eduardo Perellón se me adelantó y ha publicado esta entrevista con una servidora. Les dejo el enlace porque me hizo mucha ilusión y espero que a ustedes también les guste. Y no se olviden de leer sus otros posts y de echarle un vistazo a su novela. ¡No se arrepentirán!

¡Muchísimas gracias Eduardo! ¡Eres muy grande!

Y antes de que me olvide, el viernes les traigo una autora invitada. Para amantes de las novelas de misterio: ¡Carmen Amato!



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