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Hoy os traigo la reseña de un libro que me ha impactado mucho, me ha hecho sufrir, llorar, emocionarme, y disfrutar. Como trata del tema de la violencia doméstica (o de género) y Octubre es el mes dedicado a este tema, me parece aún más pertinente. Conozco a Jenna a través de un grupo de autores y hemos hablado sobre el tema en uno de sus grupos en Goodreads. Es una mujer muy bien informada y una gran autora. De momento el libro solo está disponible en inglés, pero si os interesa el tema y os gusta leer en inglés, os lo recomiendo encarecidamente.

October Snow

‘Octobre Snow’ (Nieve en Octubre) es un libro sobre un tema importante (urgente), la violencia doméstica (o de género). No se ha escrito lo suficiente al respecto, y eso solo haría esta novela digna de lectura. Concienciar e  informar a la gente acerca de todos los aspectos de la violencia doméstica ( legales, emocionales , personales , psicológicos) es necesario , y al poner a los lectores dentro de una situación sin escapatoria, y hacer que nos identifiquemos con los protagonistas que sufren el problema a diferentes niveles (Jo, que sobrevivió años de abuso y se convirtió en consejera , Maxine, que se da cuenta de que ella es hija de un matrimonio abusivo, Sam , una víctima que con la ayuda de sus amigas consigue escapar de la situación, hacerse fuerte y reiniciar su vida ) Ms . Brooks nos ayuda a lograr una mejor comprensión de la que sería posible a partir de la lectura de los periódicos, de ver las noticias, o incluso leer libros académicos o ensayos sobre el tema. Lo experimentamos en nuestras propias carnes.
Por si eso no bastara, ‘Nieve en Octubre’ es una novela sobre un grupo de mujeres, que se hacen fuertes juntas , y cuya amistad da sentido a sus vidas , enriqueciéndolas y ayudándolas a lograr cosas que no podrían conseguir por sí solas. Me encantan los personajes y lloré al final. Todas son héroes a su manera. Aunque yo me estaba esperando el desenlace eso en nada redujo el impacto emocional de la conclusión. Estoy de acuerdo con muchas de las críticas y estoy segura de que ‘Nieve en Octubre’ vivirá conmigo mucho tiempo. (!Y la boda es una de mis favoritas de todos los tiempos!)
Aunque algunos de los aspectos legales son específico de los EE.UU. (e incluso de algunos estados en particular), la profundidad psicológica y emocional de los personajes y el efecto del abuso sobre ellos es, por desgracia, universal.
Voy a seguir la carrera literaria de la Sra. Brook con interés y espero que su novela reciba la atención que merece. El mundo sería un lugar mejor si no permitiéramos que este tipo de problemas sigan siendo invisibles.

Aquí os dejo el enlace:

Gracias por leer, y ya sabéis, si os ha gustado, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y haced CLIC!

Today I bring you my review for a book I’ve enjoyed, suffered and admired profoundly. I thoroughly recommend it. This being domestic violence month it is even more pertinent.

October Snow

October Snow’ is a book about an important (pressing) issue, domestic violence. Not enough has been written about it, and that alone would make this novel a worthy read. Raising consciousness and informing people about all aspects of domestic violence (legal, emotional, personal, psychological) is required, and by putting the readers right in the middle of a charged situation, and making us identify ourselves with protagonists who experience the problem at different levels (Jo who survived years of abuse and became and advocate, Maxine who comes to realise she was the child of an abusive marriage, Sam, a victim who with the help of her friends gains the strength to move out and restart her life) Ms. Brooks helps us achieve a better understanding than that possible from reading the news or even academic books or essays on the matter. We are there.

If that did not suffice, ‘October Snow’ is a novel about a group of women, who become stronger together, and whose friendship gives meaning to their lives, enriching them and helping them achieve things they would not have on their own. I love the characters and cried at the end. They are all heroes in their own right. Although I had suspected where things were going for quite a while, that did nothing to reduce the emotional impact of it. I agree with many of the reviewers and I’m sure that ‘October Snow’ will live with me for a very long time. (Ah, and the wedding is one of my favourite ever!)

Although some of the legal issues might be very specific to the US (and even to some States), the psychological and emotional depth of the characters and the effect the abuse has on them is, unfortunately universal.

I will follow Mrs. Brook’s literary career with interest and I hope her novel gets the attention it deserves. The world would be a better place if we did not allow such problems to remain hidden in plain sight.

Check it out here!

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Blog of the Year 2012’ Award
Jodie Pierce who is not only a talented fiction writer but also delights readers with her blogs and has been author guest in mine has been kind enough to honour me with the nomination for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award.
Before I tell you anything else about the award, I just want to give you details of Jodie’s webpage (where you can find more about her novels on the Vampire Queen series) and also her blogs, where she talks not only about her own work but also offers much needed exposure to fellow authors.
Here are the links:

And now, for more information about the Award.

Blog of year 20121

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Would you like to give them an award this year?
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Blog of year 20122

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Blog of year 20123

Of course, with all this in mind, I wish to nominate Jodie for the award, not only for her original work but for assisting other writers in getting to be better known. She’s always generous with her time and happy to share her experiences.
Jodie, have a star on me!

My other two nominations are two women who are not only great writers but are also dedicated to bring attention and spread the word on two very worthy (and unfortunately still in this day and age sometimes ignored) causes.
I met both women through a group of writers we belong to, and have since been impressed with how hard they work and how much of themselves they give to help others.
Jenna Brooks is a writer (October Snow) counsellor and a staunch defender of the rights of women, particularly women who have been subject to domestic violence and abuse. I have participated in some of the discussions she has lead in a variety of forums (including Goodreads discussion groups) and although familiar with some aspects of the topic, have always been enlightened by the discussions and they have made me stop and think. If you are not familiar with her work, this is your opportunity.
Jenna, I’m really pleased to nominate your blog for blog of the year 2012.

Amanda Green is another author (My Alien Self) I’ve been reading about and come across at our group of authors (it’s no secret; I mentioned them last week already, ASMSG). I would say she is one of the quieter members but passionate about her writing, particularly because of what it means to her and to so many others. Amanda has written about her experience in overcoming mental illness and talks with great insight and authority on issues such as stigma, labelling, and the impact such illnesses have on the lives not only of those suffering them but also on those around them. Like Jenna she often offers free promotions of her book to ensure that it reaches a wide audience and it can touch as many people as possible.
Amanda, you truly deserve this nomination to blog of the year 2012.

Follow the rules, collect the stars…and remember…You’re the real stars!
And to honour these women, I won’t even bother to remind you about my books. Just tell you the free promotion with Mary Meddlemore is now over. I hope you’ve had a chance to get the books you were interested in. Thanks for your help promoting and spreading the word.
As usual on Friday I have a guest author. For all lovers of mystery novels I bring you…Carmen Amato!

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