Ballerina Tower Cupcakes. Gorgeous!

Ballerina Tower Cupcakes. Gorgeous!

Hi all:

Sorry to start the post with such a dramatic title, but I’ve read that a call for action and requests for help work.

If you’ve read my recent post about my future plans, featuring Escaping Psychiatry and other ideas, you’ll remember I mentioned I was thinking about a new romantic book. Somehow, although it was not my first priority, I keep coming back to it and keep writing down more and more ideas and details about it. I suspect it might take precedence over other plans I had.

I started checking the internet and created a board in Pinterest (real fun, and there’s so much more to add to it).

Just in case you need some inspiration, I enclose the link here, although I’d advise you not to visit if you are hungry or thinking of taking up a diet.

“So,” you’ll be wondering, “what does she need help with?”

I don’t want to give you too many details about the story, because at the moment it’s only a few ideas in my head, but unless I decide to change it completely, I’m thinking about a female protagonist, with a friend (at the moment the friend is female too, but that could change…Now, that’s an idea). There will be a cupcake shop (or bakery).

I don’t have names for the characters yet, although I haven’t thought about them that much, but suggestions are welcome (throw in some male names, because yes, it is a romantic story, and there will be a few male characters too).

What I’ve been looking at so far are names for the shop. I’ve looked in the internet and found some real names I liked (but won’t copy):

Fab cupcakes

My Delights

Iceing on Your Cupcake

Cupcake Heaven

Lola’s Cupcakes (or any name’s and Cupcakes. It’s simple but I quite like it).

Lickylips Cupcakes

Sugar Baby’s

The Cupcakery

Cupcake Couture

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Sugar Bliss

Eat Cake

Dream Cupcakes

Sugar Daddies

Swirl Cupcakes

Sprinkle Cupcakes

Your Cup of Cake

Maison Cupcake


I’m not sure about “Sweet” in the name, but on the other hand…

I’ve thought about a few names myself, but I’m not sure of any of them:

Killer cupcakes

Cupcake Madness/Paradise

Cupcake Magic

Cupcake Love/Cupcake Lovin’

Sweet Surrender

Lady Cupcakes

Sweet Temptations

I’d like to know if you think any of them are winners, and I’m open to suggestions (I suspect I’ll have some of my own by the time I read the post, but if I do I’ll try and add them on).

Blueberry cupcake (No, I haven't made it. Belongs to a blogger)

Blueberry cupcake (No, I haven’t made it. Belongs to a blogger)

I don’t have a title for the book either. It could be the name of the shop or something related to it, or something completely different.

I’m thinking of including some recipes for cupcakes or other cakes, so if you think of some fairly original and delicious and want to share, I’d love to hear them (and possibly feature them).

If I come to use your ideas or suggestions and you want me to include you in the book, let me your name and link and I’ll officially thank you for your contribution, and I’d be happy to also gift you or send you an e-copy when it’s ready.

Thanks so much for reading, for all the suggestions, and you know what to do, like, comment, and please share if you can!

Peacock cupcake. Amazing!

Peacock cupcake. Amazing!


And just to leave you an update, Escaping Psychiatry is now available in a few more formats:

Banner for Escaping Psychiatry. By Ernesto Valdes

Banner for Escaping Psychiatry. By Ernesto Valdes

In Barnes and Noble (for Nook readers):

If you have a Kobo, you can get it here:

Sweet and dark… a bit of all…