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Hola a todos:

Os prometí que durante las vacaciones navideñas os traería una selección de mis posts, y hoy os iba a dejar uno de algún clásico para que tengáis algo que leer estos días (aunque sospecho que la mayoría tendréis bastantes lecturas atrasadas y muchas otras cosas que hacer), pero me pareció mejor dejaros información sobre una antología de historias navideñas, en inglés, que ha publicado uno de los grupos con los que estoy asociada, ASMSG (Authors’ Social Media Support Group, Grupo de apoyo de autores en medios sociales) A World of Joy que contiene una de mis historias ‘Christmas On-Call’ (Navidades de guardia), que no es una historia demasiado típica (creo). El libro es gratuito, y hay un montón de historias de autores independientes con mucho talento, así que si leéis inglés, andais practicando, o conocéis a alguien a quién le pueda interesar, les podéis hacer un regalo.

A World of Joy, Christmas stories by Grey Mouse Publications

A World of Joy, Christmas stories by Grey Mouse Publications

Aquí está el enlace en Smashwords, desde donde podéis descargar el libro en todos los formatos:

El grupo lleva un tiempo publicando antologías de lo más variado (de poesía, horror, ciencia-ficción, romance….) todas gratuitas, así que os dejo el enlace al grupo:

Y aquí el enlace a la página con sus libros:

Gracias por leer, y si os ha gustado o conocéis a alguien a quién le pueda gustar, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y sobre todo, haced CLIC!

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adolph...

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adolph Tidemand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Y por si os apetece algo menos navideño, os dejo el enlace a mi historia ‘Carne de cañón’ en Wattpad. Ahora están las 9 partes disponible. El libro de ‘Una vez psiquiatra…’ del cual esta historia es la primera, con un poco de suerte estará disponible en enero. Espero que os guste!

Hi all:

As you know I had promised revisiting some of my old posts over Christmas. I was going to repost some classics so you could enjoy a free read over Christmas, but then I thought maybe you’d fancy a seasonable read, and brand new too.


A World of Joy, Christmas stories by Grey Mouse Publications

A World of Joy, Christmas stories by Grey Mouse Publications

You might remember I belong and follow a number of authors’ groups. One of them ASMSG (Authors’ Social Media Suppport Group) has been publishing a number of anthologies of stories by their members, including a general mixed-genre short-stories one, a romance one, poetry, science-fiction, horror… and the latest one, ‘A World of Joy’, and anthology of Christmas short stories. My story ‘Christmas On-Call’ is there (yes, it is not your standard Christmas story, you’ve guessed right) and those of many other talented writers. The anthology (and all the others published by the group) are free, so go and get them!

This is the link in Smashwords for ‘A World of Joy’:

This is the webpage for ASMSG:

And here you can find all the FREE anthologies by the group:

Thanks for reading and if you’ve enjoyed it I hope you like, share, comment, and especially CLICK! And Merry Christmas!

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adolph...

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adolph Tidemand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi everybody:

Have you given up on love? Are you a hardened cynical who believes romance only happens in movies and books? Do you have to be romantic to fall in love at first click? Lilith is a librarian who despises romantic novels and thinks chick-lit is overrated. And then, she is cajoled into using social networking sites and things change drastically. Click Me Happy! shows you what a difference a click makes and asks  you, the reader, to choose the ending. Will it be cruel disappointment or happy ever after? With three endings to choose from and a light but warm heart, Click Me Happy! is sure to make you smile and even sigh with contentment. Be the author! You know you want to!

My romantic novella, Click Me Happy!, is finally here on paper. Thank you for reading and sharing! And of course, don’t forget to CLICK!  (And if you do, let me know which ending you choose!)

Clickmehappy(without logo)

In Create-Space:

In Amazon:

And just in case, here is the e-book version:

Olga Núñez Miret

Today I bring you a review of the new book by Martie Preller/Mary Meddlemore, who was my guest last week. I thought it only appropriate to share my opinion of her latest book.

entering small

Another Triumph of Storytelling from the Story Dimension Series

Talking dogs, doors leading to another dimension, an opinionated red pig, a walking mobile phone…Where else could you find such a fantastic combination of characters but in one of Martie Preller/Mary Meddlemore’s stories?

Mary Meddlemore, one of Martie Preller’s characters, decided it was time she wrote the stories. As she belongs to the story dimension Martie could only agree.

In ‘Entering’, Amy, the protagonist, a young girl who’s going through a difficult time at home, whilst trying to take refuge in her imagination, unwittingly opens the door to another dimension, where nothing is what it seems. She thinks she knows the stories and herself, but her adventures revisiting well-known fairy tales teach her better. By the end she’s learned about the world and more importantly, about herself.

Like the rest of the books of the series, ‘Entering’ is a triumph of imagination and storytelling. Dare to enter the story dimension! You’ll enjoy the ride and it might just change you as much as it changes Amy!

I recommend it wholeheartedly to children from 0 to 150 (or more!)

Here is the link:

And if you like what you’ve read, go on, like share, comment, and CLICK!

English: Walt Whitman. Library of Congress des...

English: Walt Whitman. Library of Congress description: “Walt Whitman”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi friends and readers:

I’ve posted in the past about how people feel sometimes and how hard we can be on ourselves. I advised people that when we’re feeling that way and think we’ve done something really stupid, or wrong, or we’re wasting our lives, stepping back and trying to think what we would tell a friend, or even a stranger who told us the same might help. Would you tell them: Yes, you’re a failure, an idiot? Or would you try and give them some perspective and remind them of all their achievements? At those points when life looks dark we forget all the things we’ve done, the talents we have, our achievements, the little and big battles we’ve won.

Well, I thought today was the day to celebrate all these things. Achievements, things we’ve helped happen, causes we have supported, events we have witnessed, skills we have honed, wonderful creations…They don’t all have to be huge. It doesn’t need to be climbing the Everest (although that would be awesome), but all those little and big things that make a difference and we’ve contributed to. Pat in the back! Today is the day! Come and share!

In homage to the great Walt Whitman, Let’s celebrate ourselves! Because we deserve it! Well done!

Thank you for reading and make sure to like, share and comment! Any comments will be an achievement for me!

I met Diane through ASMSG one of the writers groups I belong to. She’s written a number of Young Adult novels and she kindly agreed to come and talk to us about her writing.

My Books:  Enmitus – The Transformation, Enmitus – The Children I am Nine, Children of Fury, Like Hell Itself, and Children’s BookMason and Bess, The Adventure Begins

Author: Diane Major

Genre: Fantasy

 Diane Major


Author Bio:

I grew up in Horden, a mining village in the North East of England.  I gained my professional qualification in Youth & Community Work, BSc Open Degree (Hons) as a mature student. During my career I worked both in the voluntary sector and then for local government which offered her the opportunity to develop many skills.   I worked with people of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds.  I enjoyed watching both staff and service users gain skills and become confident people.

I worked on my first book in the genre of fantasy adventure named “Children of Fury” for almost 2 years and at the same time completed my second novel “I am Nine.”   To date I have published 5 fantasy adventure books, a Children’s Book and am almost ready to publish a young adults story.

Now retired, I enjoy spending time with my family, writing, walking and fundraising for a local voluntary organization.

Mason and Bess Cover 2  (2)[1]

A little about some of my books:

Children of Fury : Within a period of turmoil for the immortals Heron is born.  A Fury like no other, Heron has a legacy for vengeance which spans thousands of years.  In England during the 1400’s he meets a young woman named Aimee who has already met her soul mate.  As their paths collide with catastrophic results a story of retribution lasting centuries and continents unfolds.

I am Nine:  Is about Naomi’s journey.  Something strikes and almost wipes out the Earth’s population.  Naomi is taken from her parents and grows up with strangers on a ship.  On reaching America Naomi and two other boys are sent on a scouting mission to find out if the land is safe enough for the community to build a new home.  Naomi is separated from her companions and faces danger, until something saves her.  On her journey Naomi faces great wild dogs and cannibals.

Enmitus – The Transformation: People leave a dying Earth and travel for centuries until they find their new home.  As they travel the people on board the individual ships become tribes.  One of the tribes settle on Serenitus and the adventure begins.  Corinna’s hand in marriage is promised to Omar who is already besotted with an evil woman.  Once this arrangement is made Corinna has to leave her home planet for Enmitus where she finds, hatred, deceit, cruelty, lies and love.  I am currently writing the sequel.

found where we expect it least……

How long did it take to write the books?

It took almost two years to write my first book and after that I found it took less time for each book.

What inspired you to write ? 

My interest in writing really started when I read C S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia as a child.

When I did start writing I wanted to develop stories that would take people away from everyday life for as long as it would take them to read one of my books.

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

I write every day but not at any set time.

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

Having enjoyed an escape from reality.

Where can we go to buy your books?

Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones

Amazon USA

Amazon UK:

Any other links or info you’d like to share?

 Thank you for reading and don’t forget to CLICK!

I met Susana Araújo when we were both working on our PhDs at the University of Sussex. She was working on the short stories of Joyce Carol Oates and I was writing about the films of David Mamet. We shared our joys and frustrations, taught the same courses on film, and noticed how both of our authors were very prolific and it was difficult to keep ahead of them (when you thought you had finished, they published something else and/or made another film!). We also were both legal aliens in the UK, Susana from Portugal and I from Spain and we had lovely conversations about what gets lost in translation, the weather, Brighton…Yes, we liked to chat (we still do).We both used to write too and would talk and comment on our writing.

My friend is back home in Portugal and a lecturer in Lisbon. When we re-established contact again (it’s amazing who quickly time can go!) and I was telling her about my book she send me her collection of poems. Dívida Soberana. The first two parts are exclusively in Portuguese but the third one about ‘Global Warming’ contains poems in both Portuguese and English. I’m including here the first of them, that like all in the series, are not only beautiful but critical and throw a few punches.

I’m very please to host her work in my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and it makes you think, that is what Susana wants.


Tu vacilas, não queres ouvir e eu

não vou ter contigo a meio caminho

deposta, abandonada e irrisória

a ponte de ferro quebra-se

assim que o FMI avança

Um casal ainda criança

já refinancia

os seus juros

Não há compensação

para quem sonha severamente

enquanto espera pelo autocarro

durante o horário de Inverno

Vê agora, lá fora: uma

família que forja falsetes

tenta agarrar-se à rede,

frívolos esforços em que

os nossos filhos falham

O estímulo ao investimento

de iniciativa privada promove

a utilização proveitosa dos nossos

recursos: como esta faca de cozinha

que avança para nós com serrilha, sorrindo

combinação certeira entre a ergonomia

o melhor design e a qualidade

Todas as domésticas suturas serão

submetidas a uma rigorosa

análise de sensibilidade

Dorme bem, meu amor e

deixa a manhã reestruturar

a nossa dívida.


I will not meet you, halfway

teetering, you will not listen

deposed, derelict and derisory

the iron bridge breaks as

the IMF rides in

A couple aghast


its bounds

The test was trust it hurt

because I needed you


There is no compensation for

dreaming hard as winter hours

See outside: a family of falsettos on tricottine

facetious, our children fail

Official incentive to private investment

promotes the profitable use of resources

like this kitchen knife that moves toward us

with serration which trims down and back, smiling

the right combination between ergonomics

quality and design

Domestic sutures should be submitted

To severe sensitivity analysis

Sleep tight my love and

let the morning restructure

our debt.

Check to order some copies.


And I know you are expecting ANNOUNCEMENTS. And today there are many…On Friday, the last guest post for the year, wonderful author Barbara Phinney tells her about…well, read it and you’ll see!

During the holidays I intend to create one or two posts a week (my parents are coming for a visit so this might have to be flexible) with the best in the series, both of posts by characters in ‘The Man Who Never Was’ and especially by my wonderful and talented guest authors.

As I’ve been promising, I published my three novellas in the series ‘Escaping Psychiatry’ last weekend. They are all linked through the main character, Mary, who is a psychiatrist/writer who wishes to make a living by writing but keeps getting involved in a number of cases through her expertise in psychiatry.

‘Cannon Fodder’ (Escaping Psychiatry 1) is FREE TO DOWNLOAD THIS WEEKEND (14th to 16th December inclusive).


‘Teamwork’ (Escaping Psychiatry 2)

Teamwork2 V 0065

And ‘Memory’ (Escaping Psychiatry 3)


And, I couldn’t leave you without reminding that ‘The Man Who Never Was’ is also available here:



Thanks for reading and many thanks to Susana for her poetry and sharing it with us.

Today I have the pleasure to lend my blog to UK author Simon Jenner. He has sent me an interview with John Smith the protagonist of ‘Ethan Justice: Origins’.

Interview with John Smith, star and hero of ‘Ethan Justice: Origins’ by Simon Jenner.


Thanksgiving is upon us once again when the people of America and Canada… well… give thanks.  In Simon Jenner’s book ‘Ethan Justice: Origins’, you get dealt a pretty rough time by the author.  What, if anything, do you give thanks for?


That is a very good question.  It is hard to imagine that I have much to give the author thanks for, especially given that he pulls me from a perfectly comfortable (if boring) existence into a dark world of secret police, psychos and pimps.  One day I’m happily living off my rich family’s charity and the next I’m facing a trained killer and an angry pimp armed with only a toothbrush.  What sort of person would do that to you?

I guess that what I’m most thankful for is being introduced to the delectable Savannah Jones.  In my past life I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get close to such a beautiful woman and even if I had I would never have had the nerve to talk to her.  Most people don’t see past Savannah’s looks because she comes over a little naïve, but underneath she’s the smartest and bravest woman I’ve ever met.   Our first meeting doesn’t go too well.  I’m shocked to find out that she’s a prostitute, but that’s a whole other story.  I’m a bit naïve myself at the start of the book, but as the author throws us deeper and deeper into trouble, Savannah and I soon learn to survive in a world of killers and scum, and experience comes thick and fast.

Thankfully, Mr Jenner gave me the skills and a resolute stubbornness, often mistaken for bravery by others, to cope in most of the situations that he throws at me.  One of the best skills is my ability to mimic accents and that alone helps Savannah and I out of more than one sticky situation.  I love that the book doesn’t always have to be about the guns and the fighting and that he gives me the ability to think on my feet.  I’m not one-dimensional and I’ve got brains.  I certainly give thanks to the author for that.

He also gave Savannah and I a great supporting cast of characters who provide us with the adventure to end all adventures.  The book has got it all in terms of action and plot, but what really makes it tick is that each character is different and, love them or hate them, you can’t ignore them.  Good or bad, they’ve all got depth and they make it easy for me to shine in front of Savannah.  Did I mention how gorgeous she is?

All right, Mr Jenner, so you did me a favour.  It’s true what they all said.  I was a waste of space, but did you have to put me through all that just to show me the error of my ways?  On second thoughts, don’t bother answering.   Knowing him, he’ll take it out on me in the sequel planned for early next year.  He’s got a sick mind and I don’t want to take any chances.

I can truly tell  you the novel is fabulous and I had a great time reading it. For more information see:

Links to Simon Jenner’s pages and books:

My website:



Link to Ethan Justice: Origins:

Simon’s talents are not limited to adult fiction. He has also sent me information about his new book about dieting:

Considering Christmas is coming it might be just what we all need.

Thank again Simon for his contribution to the post and I hope you’ll all check his novel!


Two announcements:

Tomorrow I’m appearing at my friend’s and talented author (‘The Undeparted’) Deborah Palumbo’s blog at :

And next week on the 30th November, Deborah will be my guest!

Of course, I couldn’t leave you without reminding you of my book:

The Man Who Never Was

And in Spanish: El hombre que nunca existió
Check this great review page The Man Who Never Was Don’t forget to leave your reviews and comments. Thank you!

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