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As you know on Fridays I like to bring you guest authors and/or new books. Today I do a bit of both. I’ve met Kathy Rollinson (K.J.Rollinson) through social media and realised she’s another author who is not constrained by genres or fashions, and whose muse takes her high and low.

Here I leave you what her Amazon page tells about her and then a list of her books. You’ll see there’s plenty where to choose from.

Author K.J. Rollinson

Author K.J. Rollinson

K J Rollinson born in Salford, Lancs. Published first book ‘Fallyn and the Dragons’ 2012. A trilogy – the second book, ‘Fallyn in the Forbidden Land’ was published June,2013. The third book, ‘Fallyn and the Sea Dragons’ was published in April 2014. They are fantasy books for any one who is a kid at heart, and enjoys reading about dragons. Because I think George and the Dragon gave dragons a bad press, most of my dragons are ‘goodies’, although, inevitably, there are some evil ones as well.

In complete contrast I have published on Amazon Kindle, ‘The Rode to Justice’ (John Rode, 1st grade detective, murder stories). The main protagonist, John Rode, has a droll sense of humour, into Shakespeare, and his sense of justice is sometimes in conflict with the law. In one of the stories he quotes ‘This is a Court of Law young man, not a Court of Justice.’

One of the writing groups I belong to Wordplay Writers’ Forum, Spain, has won the anthology award for their book ‘Shorts for Autumn’, awarded by the Writing Magazine, published in the UK, with worldwide distribution. I have three stories in the book.

If you are interested in learning more about my books and/or Wordplay Writers’ Forum visit my website at kjrollinson/author/weebly.com

I now live on the Costa Blanca, Spain. Interests when I am not busy typing – golf, swimming, line dancing, quizzes, and generally enjoying life in the sun.

Belong to various writing groups and enjoy mixing with people with imaginative minds.


Fallyn and the Dragons by K.J. Rollinson

Fallyn and the Dragons by K.J. Rollinson

Fallyn and the Dragons (The Fallyn Trilogy Book 1)

Do you remember your dreams? Well Allan and his three friends remember theirs. They are transported to a dream world where dragons are their steeds. Come! Fly with them on their magical adventures when they meet a shapeshifter, Solo the abandoned dragon, together with Drablo, who bumbles, belches and burps his way along, and little Dracito, the smallest of the dragons. This book is suitable for anyone who enjoys an exciting fantasy adventure.



Fallyn in the Forbidden Land by K. J. Rollinson

Fallyn in the Forbidden Land by K. J. Rollinson

Fallyn in the Forbidden Land (The Fallyn Trilogy Book 2)

Do you remember your dreams? Do you wonder what it would be like to live in your dream world?
Well, Allan knows what it’s like. What’s more amazing is that his twin sister, Eileen, and their two closest friends, Martin and Carla follow him into the dream world.
Come! Fly with dragons as they glide and swoop with Fallyn and friends, in this second book in the exciting Fallyn trilogy.
In the medieval dream world, on the Island of Nashta, the friends are Lord Fallyn, Lady Eila, Lord Merin, and Lady Kalla. The problems in their real world often reflect those they face in the dream world. They use teamwork to overcome the difficulties encountered in both worlds.
Dragons have had a raw deal throughout history, seen as enemies that need to be destroyed – not so in Nashta. There you find displays of affection, kindness, strong, distinctive, loyal dragons, showing courage and humour. There are evil dragons too who have to be challenged.
The book is not merely about how good triumphs over evil. The four friends, through the course of their adventures, grow closer and the sub-plots of romance between the four main characters provide added intrigue. They grow in maturity as they deal with their emotions.
Fallyn and company meet fascinating characters, including a mysterious race of little people called Chougans and their dragons. They learn to play their exciting game of Chouga.

Are the Chougans responsible for the band of red dragons attacking Nashta? Or are the dragons led by Prince Bato, banished to the Forbidden Land. Could Bato be Colin Bates, Allan’s archenemy in the real world?
In this fascinating, fast-moving book, all is revealed, and the interweaving of the two worlds produces a magical adventure.



Fallyn and the Sea Dragons by K. J. Rollinson

Fallyn and the Sea Dragons by K. J. Rollinson

Fallyn and the Sea Dragons (The Fallyn Trilogy Book 3)

This third book of the ‘Fallyn’ trilogy continues the adventures of Allan/Fallyn, his twin sister Eileen/Eila, his girlfriend Carla/Kalla and their friend Martin/Merin, as once more they enter their medieval dream world on the Island of Nashta.

At first, Carla ventures into the dream world on her. She receives a plea from her dream mother Anala when three of the Chougans are missing. It is time for Allan and friends to enter their dream world to find them.

They meet Captain Black Bert a charismatic, handsome pirate captain, who has morals of sorts; he boasts he only robs ships that are enemies of his country.

When the pirate ship is wrecked on Guano Island, four sea dragons rescue the three Chougans and the pirate chief. The pirate crew meet Prince Bato and his henchman, Andralo, banished to the island following another thwarted attempt to overthrow his younger brother King Rudri.

Has Prince Bato changed? His evil rages seem more controlled. On the other hand, is he just biding his time and scheming to escape from the island?

The plot again moves between the real and dream worlds. Colin Bates, Allan’s archenemy is in prison, but is allowed to go on holiday to Pembrokeshire, Wales, at the same time as Allan and friends are going to the same area. Their paths cross when Bates escapes to Ireland – or does he?

Allan and Martin find their sub-aqua training in the real world an asset in the dream world. They have to dream to their subconscious personas to ‘invent’ a diving bell and other diving equipment so they can find the lost Chougans. Fallyn and Merin also have to take careful warning of Kalla’s vision when she foresees ‘tangled arms waiting to ensnare,’ as they enter the mysterious underwater world.

In an exciting climax, all dilemmas are resolved in both the real world and the dream world, and so we bid farewell to Lord Fallyn and his dragons in this final fantastic fantasy fable!



The Rode to Justice by K. J. Rollinson

The Rode to Justice by K. J. Rollinson

The Rode to Justice

Detective John Rode knows New York like the back of his hand. He also knows that around every street corner is a homicide waiting to happen. When the call comes, Rode and his rookie, Gina Morris, are the ones called for. When murder is the main course, Rode makes sure the perpetrators get their just desserts.

Four stories of murder that will beg you to read more.



I’m sure we’ll have plenty more to come for K.J. Rollinson and I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks to K.J. Rollinson for her books, thanks to all of you for reading, and you know the drill, like, share, comment, and of course, CLICK!