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As usual, on Fridays I bring you authors and their books. I met Philip Tolhurst through Twitter, where he asked me a very interesting question that took us to talking about his book. The premise of the book sounded very intriguing to me and I decided you might find it as interesting as I did. And without further ado, here I bring you…


George and the Dragon by Philip Tolhurst

George and the Dragon by Philip Tolhurst

George and the Dragon (The Knights of the Sky Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Philip Tolhurst

World War II has broken out. The Germans have started to blitz the UK and now they have a new weapon, a weapon so powerful it could end the British war effort before it has even started.

With bombs falling dangerously close to home George Atkins’ mother, Mary, decides to evacuate their home and go to live with his uncle in the heart of English countryside. George’s whole world is turned upside down when five dragons, ridden by Luftwaffe airmen, destroy his uncle’s house. At the same time, with thanks to his father and a group of bumbling British scientists, George becomes the rider of an emerald green dragon he names Spitfire.

The pair are recruited, albeit reluctantly, by a special unit of the RAF. As the first dragon and rider fighting for the allies, they face the biggest challenge of their lives to save the country from defeat by the Luftwaffe and the evil leader of the Nazi’s forces Colonel von Vogler and his mutant dragon Blitzkrieg.



And here a bit about the author:

Philip Tolhurst

Philip Tolhurst (1972 – still alive and kicking) was born in Sidcup, Kent and currently lives with his wife of 13 years and 2 children in a little Victorian terrace in Medway, Kent.

He has worked in the IT, Medical Registration and Courier delivery industries and is proud of the fact that in his youth he managed to work at all three major fast food outlets.

He grew up in the era of films like Tron and Starwars, playing Dungeons and Dragons and reading Lord of the Rings and the Fighting Fantasy books. However, it wasn’t until about 7 years ago that he decided to put his imagination to good use and start writing his first novel.

He published his début novel, George and the Dragon, in April 2014 and hopes that this will be the first of many more to come.



Thanks Philip for bringing us his novel, thanks to all of you for reading, and you know, if you’ve enjoyed it, like, comment, share and CLICK!