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As you know, on Fridays I bring you guest authors and new books. Lola Mariné, today’s author, is a member of a group of writers in Spanish I belong to, and like me, she also comes from Barcelona. She’s done many things in her previous lives (including acting), and she’s a bestselling author in Spanish. Her best known book is called ‘Nunca fuimos a Katmandú‘ (‘We Never Went to Katmandú’). As life would have it, she decided to go to Nepal with her son, and the book she has published about their experience volunteering there has now been translated to English, and I could not let such a chance pass by without bringing it here, as a way of introducing you to this wonderful writer.

Nepal: Close to the Stars by Lola Mariné, translated by James Salter

Nepal: Close to the Stars by Lola Mariné, translated by James Salter

Nepal, close to the stars” tells the volunteer experience of the author and her son at a school in Nepal, the Kanasugi Inglés Boarding School, located in Tikapur, a small town southwest of the country to which they traveled in late January 2013 and where they remained for two months.
In a conversational and casual tone, Lola Mariné shares with readers cultural contrasts, anecdotes and experiences, feelings and sensations of an unforgettable journey that also lead them to Kathmandu and Pokhara.

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Thanks very much to Lola Mariné and James Salter for the book, to all of you for reading, and you know what to do, if you’ve found it interesting, like, share, comment, and CLICK!