Normally on Tuesdays I bring you one of my posts, but due to scheduling issues (there are a few of us publishing novels this month), I’ve decided to swap things around for a couple of weeks to make sure everything works out smoothly. Today, I bring you a new author, Hayden D. Linder and his first novel The Hand of Death. And here he is.

Hi everyone,

I would like to begin by thanking Olga for allowing me to post on her site as a part of my blog tour for my debut novel “The Hand of Death.” She has been a true pleasure to work with.

Hayden Linder and his gorgeous children

Hayden D. Linder and children: From left to right: Vivian, Hayden, Felix, Lee and my eldest, Chuy.


I love my children but do not let their angelic faces fool you. They just do that for the camera. They are four of the meanest little monsters to walk the great state of Texas. But they – are – adorable! My lovely wife, Ruby, took the picture and it is one of my favorites. Anyway, who am I? I am a 40 something father who works a weekend night shift so that my free time means I get to watch my children instead of some stranger doing it while my wife is at work. I read, mostly the classics but I have had my fair share of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. OK, I used to read romance novels as well, but I’m not proud of it! And I haven’t touched em in years.

I have not been writing for long; I spent most of my childhood dreaming, which as it turns out has provided me with a ton of fuel to use in my stories. So take that Sister Elizabeth! My daydreaming DID pay off after all!

Ten years ago I sat down and decided to write this book. It started out fine but I lost hope due to a lack of confidence. After eight years of sitting on the story my wife managed to convince me to start it up again. And the last year and half have been glorious! I have enjoyed ALL of it. Even the editing that seems to be the worst part for most writers was fun for me. I do have to give credit to my editor, Tasha Vice, for most of that as she is a wonderful person to work with.

Once we had the cover art and internal art nuances added to the book I posted it on Amazon and have been enjoying? Is that the right word? I think it is actually. I have been enjoying the process of advertising myself and my book ever since.

In my book you follow the life of Shotoku Hiro as he grows from a child playing with his friends to a young man being groomed for a very despicable job. Hiro lives in the land of Giapan where samurai and wizards fight for and against the great Houses who serve the Emperor of Giapan. Hiro’s place in this struggle is to become a ninja and hide in the shadows while ensuring victory for his House, the Koga House, through deceit, deception and outright murder. You follow along as Hiro struggles to keep his humanity, protect his friends and honor his family. All of this with a large helping of sarcasm.

The Hand of Death by Hayden Linder

The Hand of Death by Hayden Linder

You can find the book for sale as well as a sneak peek on its Amazon page here:

From the book:

The Emperor was so interested in what was found after the battle that he was actually

coming to visit. My lord ordered me, as much as he could, to go home.

“You cannot stay, Hiro.”

“But I have never seen the man.”

“And that will change soon enough.”

“I am not sure I like the sound of that but back to the point, why can I not stay?”

“…The Iga are his personal shinobi. They have heard of you. It would make them… uncomfortable if they knew you were here.”

I nodded. “So your concern is just that I could be a distraction.”

“Yes. This is a very important visit for our friends. I do not want to ruin it for them because some snot nosed Iga  could not focus.”

“…But you get to stay?’

“Well yeah!” He laughed.

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Thank you much

Thanks so much to Hayden for bringing us his debut novel. I know he’s very eager to get feedback and looking to share snippets of his next book and possibly of his current book, so don’t forget to check all the ways you can contact him. Thank you very much for reading, and although next Tuesday we have another blog tour, we’ll soon be back to normal (hopefully!), and  you know… share, comment, like and CLICK!