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As you know, on Fridays I normally bring you new books and guest authors. Today I bring you a very recent book, the fourth in a series, by an author who’s been a guest in a few occasions, Martie Preller (whose alter ego/character/co-author in this series is called Mary Meddlemore, a very apt name). I’ve read all the books in the series and her collection of short-stories The Seventh Sheep (that you can get free by visiting her blog) that I love.  You can read more about Martie later on, although I can tell you that she is a very well-known author of children and Young Adult stories in South Africa (in Afrikaans) and this is your chance to get to know her work. Don’t miss it! And now, this is her latest book:


Interconnected by Mary Meddlemore/Martie Preller

Interconnected by Mary Meddlemore/Martie Preller

Interconnected (The Story Dimension Series Book 4) 

Christina is a postgraduate literary student in the United Kingdom. A freelance photographer contacts her and promises fame and fortune if she does a modelling shoot at newly discovered ancient ruins in Africa. She has no modelling experience whatsoever, but Bjorni assures her that a fresh new face is just what they are looking for. She suspects that it is some kind of hoax, but agrees, because, if it is genuine, it may indeed be the opportunity of a lifetime. They land at Cape Town airport, and her life explodes in unimaginable possibilities which change her life forever.
The book celebrates the power of stories and the difference one single human being can make. We are all heroes, if we give what we can.

Editorial Reviews

From the Author

“The idea of 10 dimensions might sound exciting, but they would cause real problems if you forget where you parked your car.” Stephen Hawking in The Grand Design
I have read quite a few of Hawking’s books and understood almost half of what I read, I think, but I found his books fascinating and thought-provoking.
What if there is a . . .  Story Dimension?
The Story Dimension is, of course, the place where “characters” live their life stories, just as we live ours on earth.
What if one of the characters found her way to our earth and people thought she was just another person? It has happened! Mary Meddlemore is living proof of that.
How did Mary manage to do that?
If it wasn’t for Amy, who was in distress and saw what most people do not see (though it is there), Mary would never have known that she lived in the Story Dimension and neither would we have known that there is a place called the Story Dimension.
This pivotal happening in Amy’s life is documented in ENTERING. (BOOK ONE)
The way in which Amy’s story influenced Mary’s story is documented in FOREVER AFTER – A DIMENSIONAL LOVE STORY. (BOOK THREE)
One thing leads to the other thing (as it happens daily to us too) and Mary arrives on earth and starts living an “earth” life. (You have to if you live on earth!) Mary interacts with people and this gives rise to . . . more stories!
Mary was horrified by what had happened to her friend Nina from the Story Dimension, This is documented in IN THE REIGN OF THE ILEV. (BOOK TWO) and when Mary comes to live on earth, she experiences that Nina has not exaggerated — power abuse in all its variations is rampant on earth. Mary is shocked and decides that something has to be done.
As everything that happens, has consequences, Mary’s actions had consequences. INTERCONNECTED (BOOK FOUR) documents the dramatic consequences of Mary’s  interference!

From the Back Cover

What if we were all only characters in somebody else’s book?
I think crazy thoughts like that and try to keep away from people who want to label me, because I think labels are meant for tins of peas on a shelf in a shop.
I started reading when I was six and devoured book after book. I was enchanted with all the different worlds I discovered and the “characters” in books seemed much more real than the “real” people around me. They had thoughts and feelings, were sometimes disturbed and anxious etc., while it seemed to me as if “real” people seemed to almost “cardboard” or two-dimensional people. I was so happy to have found people like me in stories!
I love stories. I love the way a story tells the “whole” story, with a clear-cut beginning and an ending. Life is a very confusing place and it seems to get more confusing every day!
My name is Martie Preller (Martie is a local variant of Martha!) I am a well-known and award-winning South African author of many books published by main stream publishers. I grew up in a medium sized town, where my father was a professor and my mother a teacher. The town is well-known for its enormous oak trees and I was in perpetual movement on my bicycle under those trees: visiting friends, the library and the bioscope! The seasons are still visually imprinted in my mind as being deep-green and full of shadows, brownish-yellow that crumpled under your feet, bare, black, stark branches and new green in September.
I majored in Latin and English, acquired a Teacher’s Diploma and much later an Honors Degree in Psychology. I taught Latin and English for three years. I got married and was divorced after almost twenty years. Mismatch!
I have three lovely grownup children, an extra daughter and four super delightful grandchildren.I only started writing at about forty because I was too scared to try. A friend (Thank you, Susan!) eventually “tricked’ me into writing a play, which was a huge success and then I was unblocked (!) and the books started coming.
My 37th book has just been published and the next one is due before the end of the year. I gave thirteen Story Workshops. I wrote a Children’s Story Series in a local monthly women’s magazine for 13 years; I worked on a TV series for children with Katinka Heyns, famous local Director and Film Producer, but unfortunately the Broadcaster ran into financial turbulence …. Oh well. At least it was tremendous fun! (The Seventh Sheep and the other True Tales are reworkings of some of the scripts) … I have been very busy.
A book that sells 3000+ copies is regarded as a bestseller locally, and I’m happy to say that most of my books have been much more than just bestsellers. My Babalela – Series (three Picture Books … fourth one coming in November 2013) has sold more than 70 000 copies and still going strong  (Babalela means “little one” in Sesotho – one of our indigenous languages)
I have published eleven Picture Books, twelve Middle Grade Books, eleven Young Adult Books, two Writing Manuals and a Reading Series for little ones consisting of 60+ little stories. I also received eleven local awards for my Picture Books, Middle Grade Books and Young Adult Books over the years.
Then Mary Meddlemore pitched up …I’m used to dealing with characters – you just shut up and let them tell their stories. If you don’t, you are in deep trouble, otherwise known as writer’s block.
But Mary is … well, Mary! She insisted on being the author of the books too. I agreed. It was fine by me! No problem! I’m having an adventure with Mary! New and advanced technologies have made the world “small” and I can publish new stories in a different way on Amazon etc. and the social media make it possible to connect to people all over the world! I love it!
Stories can literally fly and come and nest on your kindle or other e-reading device in a few minutes! And as I have been a fanatical reader long before I became an author, it gives me the greatest of pleasure adding more stories to the wealth of available stories.
I live near Cape Town, one of the most beautiful places on earth and I love the place and its people.

Although times are turbulent, I always feel that we all live in the cradle of mankind and we will make it work.
There is a more info on my work on my website, though you will have to make intelligent use of Google Translate.(

(September 2013)

Here is my personal review of Interconnected:

I’ve had the pleasure of reading the previous three books in the Story Dimension Series (and also the stories in The Seventh Sheep) even before it had taken full shape. The connections are now quite clear but I would find it difficult to comment on how easy it will be to read this book in isolation from the other three (Entering, In the Reign of the Ilev, and Forever After, A Dimensional Love Story) although I suspect this novel would be a wonderful flight of fancy and a puzzle on its own right.

If I had to highlight a theme that runs through the series it is the importance and the power of stories and how they can conjure up feelings, bring people together, and change people’s lives.

Interconnected has two distinct parts with the same protagonist but not quite. A young woman called Christina in nowadays South Africa taking part in a photo shoot that ends up being only an excuse for…mysterious happenings is the main character in part one. How does she relate to the girl by the same name in the second part, who is living in a post-apocalyptic society, and trying to find a place to rebuild a civilisation? I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to read it to find out.

Mary Meddlemore, the character who plays a very important part in Forever After, and alter ego of award-winning South African writer Martie Preller, weaves poetic language, philosophical musings and ethical questions into a tale that challenges our understanding of narrative, reality and authorship.

A young woman trying to find her true identity; the same (?) young woman trying to build a new civilization by reading stories, preserving books and liberating Lady Liberty. This is a book of magic and wonders, and does not fit easily in any genres. Full of unique characters, mystical events and layer upon layer of stories and interpretations, Interconnected proclaims the deep connection between all human beings, the beauty of language and the way we create meaning through narration. If you have plenty of imagination and love books and stories, I recommend you go exploring the Story Dimension Series.

Mary Meddlemore and Martie Preller

Mary Meddlemore and Martie Preller


Author page:

Mary Meddlemore’s/Martie Preller’s page:

And check her awesome blog (and you can see her awesome videos and freebies):


Thanks to Martie/Mary for visiting my blog, thanks to you all for reading, and you know what to do: like, share, comment, and of course, CLICK!

Hoy os traigo la reseña de ‘Entrando’ (‘Entering’ de momento solo disponible en inglés, aunque, quién sabe?) de Martie Preller. Como recordaréis Martie/Mary estuvo de invitada la semana pasada y me pareció apropiado traeros la reseña esta semana para teneros al día.

entering small

Otro triunfo de la imaginación en la Serie de la dimensión de las historias

Perros que hablan, puertas que se abren a otra dimensión, un cerdito rojo gruñón, un móvil que anda… ¿En qué otro lugar podríais encontraros tal fantástica combinación de personajes más que en una de las historias de Martie Preller/Mary Meddlemore?

Mary Meddlemore, uno de los personajes de Martie Preller, decidió que ahora le tocaba a ella escribir las historias. Como ella pertenece a la dimensión de las historias a Martie no le quedó más remedio que asentir.

En ‘Entrando’ (Entering), Amy, la protagonista, una chica que está pasando por un momento difícil en casa, mientras está intentando refugiarse en su imaginación, sin darse cuenta abre la puerta a otra dimensión, donde nada es lo que parece. Ella cree que se sabe todas las historias y que se conoce bien, pero sus aventuras visitando cuentos de hada conocidos le enseñan una valiosa lección. Al final de la historia Amy ha aprendido mucho sobre el mundo, y aún más importante, sobre sí misma.

Como el resto de las novelas de la serie, Entrando es un triunfo de la imaginación y de la narración de historias. ¡Atreveos a entrar en la dimensión de las historias! ¡Disfrutaréis la visita y puede que la experiencia os cambie tanto como a Amy!

¡Se lo recomiendo de todo corazón a niños de 0 a 150 años (y más)!

Gracias por leer. Espero que os haya gustado la reseña, y si es así no os olvidéis de darle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y haced CLIC!

Ah, y por si queries practicar vuestro inglés, su lenguaje es muy asequible!

Y el enlace a mi artículo sobre Martie, por si os lo perdísteis.

Today I bring you a review of the new book by Martie Preller/Mary Meddlemore, who was my guest last week. I thought it only appropriate to share my opinion of her latest book.

entering small

Another Triumph of Storytelling from the Story Dimension Series

Talking dogs, doors leading to another dimension, an opinionated red pig, a walking mobile phone…Where else could you find such a fantastic combination of characters but in one of Martie Preller/Mary Meddlemore’s stories?

Mary Meddlemore, one of Martie Preller’s characters, decided it was time she wrote the stories. As she belongs to the story dimension Martie could only agree.

In ‘Entering’, Amy, the protagonist, a young girl who’s going through a difficult time at home, whilst trying to take refuge in her imagination, unwittingly opens the door to another dimension, where nothing is what it seems. She thinks she knows the stories and herself, but her adventures revisiting well-known fairy tales teach her better. By the end she’s learned about the world and more importantly, about herself.

Like the rest of the books of the series, ‘Entering’ is a triumph of imagination and storytelling. Dare to enter the story dimension! You’ll enjoy the ride and it might just change you as much as it changes Amy!

I recommend it wholeheartedly to children from 0 to 150 (or more!)

Here is the link:

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Os traigo grandes noticias. Algunos ya lo debéis saber si seguís su blog, pero a las dos nos pareció que se merecía un poco más de explicación y personalmente yo encuentro a mi invitada fascinante. Y ella no es solo una escritora fabulosa e imaginativa, sino que también es una gran amiga que me apoya mucho.GetAttachment[1]

Martie Preller es la autora que se esconde detrás de Mary Meddlemore y sus libros. Martie, de Sudáfrica, es una conocida y premiada autora de libros infantiles y juveniles y amablemente ha accedido a visitar mi blog hoy y a contarnos unas cuantas cosas.

Antes que nada: ¿por qué decidiste publicar tus historias más recientes con el sobrenombre Mary Meddlemore? Sé que Mary es un personaje muy importante en Por siempre jamás. Una historia de amor dimensional (Forever After. A Dimensional Love Story) pero estoy segura de que muchos lectores deben sentirse muy intrigados.


¡Gracias por tenerme de invitada, Olga! Bueno, de hecho yo no decidí publicar usando el nombre de Mary… ¡fue ella la que lo decidió!  Todos mis libros anteriores, excepto mi segundo manual de escritura, los publicaron editoriales locales – la mayoría en afrikáans- así que la auto-publicación era una aventura totalmente nueva y todos los libros de Mary son en inglés, así que yo quería mantener mis dos carreras separadas.

Y ahora, la típica pregunta que se les hace a todos los autores, ¿cómo empezaste a escribir? Y aún más importante, ¿qué te inspira a seguir escribiendo?

Muy rápidamente me convertí en una maníaca lectora de niña. Cuando estaba estudiando en grado 1 (yo tenía 6 años), nuestra familia dejó el país y viajamos (a Inglaterra y Holanda) durante un año para que mi padre pudiera completar su documentación para el doctorado. Viajamos en barco (fue hace muuuuuucho tiempo) y mis padres se llevaron algunos libros para que yo tuviera que leer. Los acabé cuando aún estábamos en el barco y como allí no había libros en afrikáans, por supuesto, empecé a leer en inglés. En Holanda, donde pasamos la mayor parte del tiempo, empecé a leer en holandés. ¡Fuera como fuera yo tenía que leer!

En la escuela me gustaba escribir trabajos, etc, y los maestros me empezaron a decir que tenía mucho talento, pero nunca conseguí imaginarme a mí misma de escritora. En esos tiempos aún escribíamos cartas de verdad a los amigos y familiares y a mí me encantaba escribirlas y todo el mundo me decía que debería dedicarme a escribir, pero yo no sabía por dónde empezar… Probablemente me asustaba que me lo dijeran solo por ser amables… Entonces empecé a escribir sketches para la radio…(¡hace muuuuuucho tiempo!) e historias cortas para revistas y las aceptaron… así que pensé, bueno, quizás podría dedicarme a escribir… pero seguía sin estar muy convencida  y quizás me preocupaba que me rechazaran y todas esos miedos que tenemos y entonces, un amigo que era el director de un instituto me ordenó que escribiera una obra que ellos pudieran producir y eso me puso contra la pared… porque estaban esperando la obra y no les podía desilusionar… así que escribí la obra de teatro, tuvo muy buena recepción y el instituto ganó la competición y yo estaba en el séptimo cielo. Envié un manuscrito a un editor, lo aceptaron y me quedé de habitante en el séptimo cielo  y entonces se abrió el grifo y las historias empezaron a chorrear…

Lo que me hizo seguir escribiendo fue el éxtasis de descubrir nuevas historias y escribirlas tan bien como pude. No había mayor gozo… ¡era incluso mejor que leer! Cuando escribo empiezo con una escena que puedo ver como se desarrolla en mi mente: por ejemplo, alguien huyendo a todo correr, como en ‘Entrando’ (‘Entering’). Quiero saber por qué huye y la sigo (como una espectadora invisible) y miro, y escucho, y escribo, y así se desarrolla la historia…

entering small

Estoy encantada de que la gente insistiera tanto porque creo que eres una escritora nata. Sé algunas cosas sobre tu carrera, pero ¿no podrías contar algo sobre tus publicaciones previas?

Acaban de publicar mi libro número 37 y el número 38 será publicado en noviembre. La mayoría son libros para niños y jóvenes. Si consigues que empiecen a leer de niños, serán lectores todas sus vidas. Me pareció que sería bueno ayudar a que las nuevas generaciones se aficionaran a la lectura.

Es verdad. Hay gente que empieza más tarde, pero para mucha gente los libros y la lectura son un romance de por vida.

Y, por supuesto, ¿puedes contarnos algo sobre tus libros: En el reino del Ilev (In the Kingdom of the Ilev), Por siempre jamás. Una historia de amor dimensional y El séptimo cordero (The Seventh Sheep)? Y especialmente sobre tu nuevo libro, el maravilloso Entrando?


‘El Séptimo Cordero’ es una especie de reciclaje de algunos de los guiones para una serie de televisión, que desgraciadamente se fue a la porra cuando la televisión pública se encontró en….ejem…dificultades financieras. Está disponible como libro GRATUITO (en formato PDF) en mi blog.


‘En el reino del Ilev’ y ‘Entrando’ son traducciones y versiones nuevas y mejoradas de libros publicados localmente. Mary consiguió hacerse con ellos y añadió ‘Por siempre jamás. Una historia de amor dimensional’ porque ella tiene un plan diseñado para la humanidad… Mary y yo estamos ocupadas con la continuación de ‘Por siempre jamás’. Ella dice que lo que el mundo necesita es alguna historia… SANGRE… (no vampiros ni zombies… la humanidad ya es lo suficientemente extraña… )

Martie y Mary tienen muchos otros proyectos, pero si queréis estar al día os recomiendo que le deis a los enlaces y visitéis su maravilloso blog, su página de autora y su página de web (aunque si no habláis afrikáans necesitaréis Google translate o algún otro traductor de la red. Yo lo he probado y no funciona demasiado mal…)

Su blog

Su página de autora:  (all my books are there etc)

Su página de web (en afrikáans)

Gracias Martie por tu visita, por hablar con nosotros y espero que vendrás a visitarnos pronto con tus nuevos libros. ¡Ha sido maravilloso tenerte aquí!

Y gracias a todos por leer. Si os ha gustado, por favor, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid y por supuesto, ¡haced CLIC!

I bring you big news. Some of you might know if you follow her blog, but we both thought it needed more exploration and I personally find my guest fascinating. And she’s not only a fabulous and imaginative writer, but a great and supportive friend.

Martie Preller is the author behind Mary Meddlemore and her books. Martie, from South Africa, is a well known award-winning children’s author and has kindly agreed to visit my blog today and talk to us about a few things.


First of all, why did you decide to publish your recent stories under the name Mary Meddlemore? I know Mary is a very important character in Forever After: A Dimensional Love Story but I’m sure quite a few readers will be intrigued.

Thank you for having me, Olga! Well, actually I did not decide to publish under Mary’s name … she decided that! J All my previous books, except my second writing manual, were published by local publishers – mostly in Afrikaans, so self-publishing was a new venture and all Mary’s books are in English, thus I wanted to keep my two careers apart.

And now, the typical question for all authors, how did you start writing? And more important, what kept you and keeps you going?

I quickly turned into a manic reader as a child. When I was halfway in Grade 1 (I was only 6), our family went overseas (England and the Netherlands) for a year so that my father could do research for his doctorate. We went by ship (it was a looooong time ago) and my parents took some books for me to read. I finished them while still on the ship, and as there weren’t any Afrikaans books available, of course, I started reading English. In the Netherlands, where we stayed most of the time, I started reading Dutch.  I had to read!


At school I liked writing essays etc and teachers started telling me that I had a lot of talent, but I never could imagine myself as a writer. In those days we still wrote proper letters to friends and family and I loved writing them and everybody kept on telling me I should try my hand at writing, but I didn’t know where to start … Perhaps I was scared that they were just being nice … Then I started writing sketches for the radio .. (loooong time ago!) and short stories for magazines and they were accepted …  so I thought well, maybe I could write … but still not sure and perhaps afraid to be rejected and all those fears we have and then a friend who was a in charge of a college  ordered me to write a play they could produce and I was cornered … because they were waiting for the play and I could not disappoint them … so the play was written, it went down very well and they won the competition and I was in heaven. I sent off a manuscript to a publisher and it was accepted and I was a permanent resident in heaven J and then the plug was out and the stories started rushing out …


What kept me going was the ecstasy of discovering new stories and writing them down as well as I could. There was no greater joy – it was even better than reading! When I write I start off with a scene that I can see happening: e.g. someone running away as in ‘Entering’. I want to know why she is running away and I follow her (as an unseen spectator) and look and listen and write and so the story unfolds …



I’m very pleased that people kept insisting because I think you’re a born storyteller.

I know bits about it, but can you tell us about your previous published work?

My 37 th book has just been published and number 38 is coming in November. Mostly books for children of all ages and young adults. If you can get a child to read, he or she will be a reader for life. I thought it would be nice to help to get new generations reading.

Very true. Some people take it up later in life, but reading and book for many people is a life-long love affair.

And of course, can you tell us about your books: In the Reign of the Ilev, Forever After: A Dimensional Love Story and The Seventh Sheep? And especially your new book, the marvelous Entering?


‘The Seventh Sheep’ is a reworking of some of the scripts for a TV-series, that unfortunately went down the drain when our public broadcaster went into a financial … ehm … slowdown. It is available as a FREE book (in PDF-format) on my blog.


Both ‘In the Reign of the Ilev’ and ‘Entering’ are translated reworkings of locally published books. Mary got hold of them and added ‘Forever-After – A Dimensional Love Story’, because she has a plan for mankind … Mary and I are at the moment busy with the sequel to Forever After. She says what the world needs is some story … BLOOD .. (no vampires or zombies … mankind is strange enough already  … )

Martie and Mary have many other projects, but if you want to know more about them, you’ll better check the links to their wonderful blog, author page and also webpage (although if you don’t speak Afrikaans you’ll need Google translate or another web translator. I have tried and it’s not too bad…)


Amazon author page:  (all her books can be found here)

Martie’s webpage (in Afrikaans) (need Google translate)

Thanks for visiting and talking to us and I hope you’ll visit again with your new works. It’s been great having you!

And thank you all for reading. If you’ve enjoyed, please like, comment, share and of course, CLICK!

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