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As you know I’m dedicating some posts to new books, and today I bring you three books by Casey Clipper, a new author in one of the groups I frequent. She writes contemporary romance, but not your standard feel-good novel, but one with darker themes. And rather than writing a standard series, what Casey has decided to do is to complete the story she tells in her novel ‘The Boss’s Love‘ by writing three prequels explaining the backstories of the three main characters in the story. I leave you the novels and their descriptions, as they talk for themselves:

The Boss's Love by Casey Clipper

The Boss’s Love by Casey Clipper

The Boss’s Love

Love isn’t always clean, all hearts and flowers and perfect. Love is a daily fight, especially when your world is anything but…legal.

Daren Murphy, along with his brother Derrick, are men not to be crossed. Darren is head of a world where rules don’t apply, the law can be bought and bent at will, and love isn’t an option. Until Courtney Millen. Upon meeting the beautiful blonde, Courtney immediately captures his interest. She quickly becomes his obsession and after coming to her rescue during an attack, Darren vows to make certain Courtney belongs to him. Permanently.

Courtney Millen is a successful real estate agent, who catches the eye of eligible bachelor Darren Murphy. His heroics on the fateful day of their meeting throws Darren into her life, and he doesn’t seem anxious to leave anytime soon.

After Darren finally muscles his way into Courtney’s life, their relationship is everything they could have ever wanted, until the FBI decides it’s time to bring down the head of the organized Murphy crime ring. The FBI’s agent is determined to use Darren’s greatest weakness, Courtney, against him. The fallout of the FBI’s pursuit is great, something Darren and his brother had not foreseen. No one, even the government agency, anticipated agent John Marshall’s singular obsession with Courtney. His means to get the woman for himself knows no boundaries.

The Murphy organization gets turned inside out by the newly turned rogue agent. Courtney’s life is riddled with decisions she must make but never planned to be a part of, and leaves one brother to pick up the pieces of their shattered world.


Darren’s Story. A Prequel

Darren's story. Novella by Casey Clipper

Darren’s story. Novella by Casey Clipper

Darren Murphy, notorious mobster and ruthless mastermind of the Murphy organization has power, money, and is not to be crossed. He’s built himself a thriving empire, but the one thing he desires most in the world eludes him. Until he meets Courtney Millen, who becomes his obsession. He’ll go to any means and use all his resources to get to her.

This is Darren’s backstory. Read about how those in his inner circle find their way into his world. From the day he’s brought home from the hospital after his birth, his high school and college years, to getting his hands dirty in the seedy world he created, to the day he meets Courtney Millen is covered in this story.

**This prequel is in no particular order.


Courtnery's story by Casey Clipper

Courtnery’s story by Casey Clipper

Courtney’s Story. A Prequel

Courtney Millen, an only child to a military dad and stay-at-home mom, is kept sheltered by her parents and two close cousins until she turns seventeen. When her cousins leave for the Navy, she spends years trying to find herself, including losing her virginity, choosing a career, and falling in love with a man who hides his dark side until he has her under thumb. Courtney’s life becomes a daily effort in survival. Until Darren Murphy. An hour alone with the handsome, eligible bachelor sends Courtney into a dizzy whirlwind of possibilities she has no idea are being chosen for her. Life takes a dramatic turn she never saw coming, in the form of Mr. Murphy and his entourage.

**This prequel is in no particular order.


Derrick's story by Casey Clipper

Derrick’s story by Casey Clipper

Derrick’s Story. A Prequel

Derrick Murphy, brother of notorious mobster Darren Murphy, is a cold and cunning man who is in line to take over the Murphy organization. Closed off from everyone around him, he internally battles with himself over his obsession with the woman in his brother’s life. Surprisingly, his relationship with Courtney blooms into an unexpected commodity for his brother and an unexpected, potential weakness for himself.

**This prequel is in no particular order.


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