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You’ll remember I’ve written about my new romance ‘Click Me Happy!’ a few times. I hope you aren’t already bored of it, because now it’s finally out! I don’t normally write romantic novels but the idea for this one came to me and kept bothering me so I had to give it a go.

Some readers had left me comment about the ending of ‘The Man Who Never Was telling me they’d much rather a conventional happy ending (I don’t think it’s unhappy, but rather neutral), and therefore I decided to try and leave it to the reader’s opinion. I’d write several endings and the reader could choose. To being with I was going with only a happy and an unhappy ending but then I realised I would most likely have gone for something more neutral, so now there are three endings to choose from. You can choose an ending or read all three and choose, or make up your own. At the end of the novel I leave a series of links so you can tell me what you think. And of course if you like it, I’d be grateful if you share and leave a review! The novel is on special promotion this first week at $0.99. Don’t miss the chance to choose your favourite ending!

I leave you the beginning of the first chapter…

Clickmehappy(without logo)

Chapter 1. We meet the “heroine”

“No. Not another bleeming romantic novel! I’m going to puke! Come on, come on, look at it! Pink cover with a hunk showing off his chest and a gorgeous girl looking impressed. And somebody’s idea of a Scottish castle on the background. I can’t stand it any longer!”

Lilith Darville was far more attractive than she ever gave herself credit for. She was not a ravishing beauty (whatever that means) but she had nice brown hair, that she always wore short (no talent for creating hairdos), big almond shaped brown eyes, a beauty spot on her left cheek, a small nose and a well-defined mouth. A very pleasant combination whatever her opinion.

She only wore makeup under extreme duress (and on very special occasions), and although she used to be big as a child, between healthy eating and plenty of exercising she was now slim and reasonably fit. Not a supermodel but, who wants to be that skinny anyway?

“What’s it called?” Asked the Head librarian and good friend of Lilith, Debbie.

“What does it matter? It should be called: Just look at the six pack in this guy, get horny and buy my book. Does anybody believe all this rubbish?”

“It’s not about believing, Lilith. It’s fantasising. Who wouldn’t want to go out with a gorgeous guy and be the centre of his world, and have other women envy you and…?”

Thank you for reading. Remember to share if you’d like it and don’t forget to CLICK!

Hola a todos:
Si os acordáis os traje el principio de ‘Click Me Happy!’ hace un par de semanas y un esbozo de la portada.
Como a alguna gente le supo a poco, he decido ofreceros un poco más del primer capítulo. Y Raquel Antúnez Cazorla ha hecho algunas modificaciones a la portada, así que me pareció que era una buena oportunidad para presentaros la nueva (y yo creo) mejorada portada.
Si recordáis, a la protagonista, Lilith, no le gustan demasiado las novelas romántico y estaba hablando con su compañera y amiga Debbie (que es la encargada de la biblioteca donde trabajan las dos).
Aquí está:
̶ No es cuestión de creer o no, Lilith. Es una fantasía. ¿Quién no querría salir con un tío guapísimo, ser el centro de su universo, que te envidien todas las otras mujeres y…?
Lilith miró a Debbie de arriba abajo. Debbie tenía cuarenta y pico de años, unos cuantos años más mayor que Lilith, y Lilith siempre bromeaba y le decía que se vestía como un anuncio de Laura Ashley, con faldas a flores, blusas de lo más modesto, y el uniforme obligatorio de las bibliotecarias, un jersey de punto. El de hoy era de color verde oliva.
̶ ¿De verdad piensas eso, Debbie? Tú eres una mujer con mucho talento, pintas muy bien, sabes todo lo que se puede saber sobre los libros y sobre esta ciudad, estás felizmente casada con un hombre inteligente y amable y tienes un hijo maravilloso. ¿De verdad necesitas ese tipo de libros?
Debbie miró primero al suelo pero luego le clavó la mirada a Lilith. Un ligero rubor le cubría las mejillas
̶ No. Por supuesto que no los necesito, pero le dan un poco de emoción a la vida y la hacen menos sosa. No tienen nada de malo.
̶ Nosotras las mujeres perdemos el tiempo leyendo esta basura en lugar de salir a…
Sí, ¿a qué? Lilith no se sentía realizada hacía ya tiempo. Le faltaba algo. Por supuesto le encantaban los libros y trabajar en la biblioteca era muy agradable. Había trabajado allí desde que terminó el Masters en Biblioteconomía hacía años. Ayudaba a Debbie con las colecciones de la biblioteca y se había encargado de crear un archivo de observación en masa donde la gente de la localidad podían depositar sus memorias y recuerdos sobre noticias locales, ya fuera por escrito, en grabaciones, y más recientemente incluso en vídeo. Había tenido mucho éxito y un estudiante de cinematografía de la localidad planeaba hacer un documental usando algunos de los materiales del archivo. Sí, desde luego su trabajo tenía sus recompensas, pero aún y así…
Debbie la miró sonriendo y dijo:
̶ Tengo un nuevo proyecto para tí. Puede que te haga ver las cosas de forma distinta.
̶ ¿Qué proyecto?
Gracias por leer. Espero que os haya gustado. Y con un poco de suerte (y un poco de tiempo para escribir) la novela entera estará disponible dentro de poco…
Y la portada…

Clickmehappy española

Hi all:

You’ll remember I brought  you the very beginning of ‘Click Me Happy!‘ last week. And the draft cover.

Some people have asked me for a bit more, so I give you another snippet of the first chapter, and Raquel has continued to work on my cover so have a look!

If you remember Lilith wasn’t very fond of romantic novels and was talking to her friend and colleague Debbie (Head librarian).

Here it is:

“It’s not about believing, Lilith. It’s fantasising. Who wouldn’t want to go out with a gorgeous guy and be the centre of his world, and have other women envy you and…?”

Lilith looked at Debbie from head to toe. Debbie was in her late forties, a few years older than Lilith, and Lilith always joked with her that she dressed like and advert for Laura Ashley, with flowery skirts, modest blouses and the librarian’s compulsory uniform, a cardigan. Today it was green.

“Do you really feel like that, Debbie? You’re an accomplished woman, fabulous painter, know everything about books and about this town, are happily married to a clever and kind guy and have a wonderful son. Do you really need these books?”

Debbie looked down and then fixed her gaze on Lilith. A slight rosy tint coloured her cheeks.

“No. Of course I don’t need them, but they spice life up a bit and make it less dull. There’s no harm in them.”

“We women waste our time reading this rubbish instead of going out there and…”

Yes, and…what? Lilith had been feeling unfulfilled. Sure, she loved books and working at the library was enjoyable. She’d worked there since she got her Masters’ Degree in Library Science quite a few years back. She helped Debbie manage the library collections and had created a mass observation archive where local people deposited their recollections of the local events, be it in writing, in recordings, or more recently even videos. It had proved a great success and a local film student was planning on creating a documentary using some of the materials. Yes, there were rewards in doing such a job, but still…

Debbie smiled at her, shaking her head.

“I have a new project for you. That might help.”


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully the whole novel to come soon…

And the cover…Clickmehappy3

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