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If you’ve been reading me for a while, you’ll know that on Friday’s I bring you guest authors (classics or modern ones) and/or new books. As you know (because I won’t let you forget it!) I just published a romantic novel where a big part of the action takes place in a TV baking competition (I Love Your Cupcakes). As coincidence would have it (and don’t you love coincidences!), just about a week ago I was delighted when I discovered that one of my new followers in Twitter, Brian Emmett, was the winner of The American Baking Competition 2013.

(If you want to check out the program, here is the link:


And I thought I had to grab the chance and introduce you to him:

Brian Emmett, winner of the American Baking Competition

Brian Emmett, winner of the American Baking Competition

Brian is a family man who spent (like many of us) part of his childhood watching and helping his mother and grandmother cook and he credits them with learning much of what he now knows.

According to his author page in Amazon:

Brian Emmett, the ultimate “foodie” and home entertainer, has been baking, cooking, serving, and designing the most unique culinary experiences for over twenty years. He was the 2013 season one winner of The American Baking Competition on CBS. He currently resides in Itasca, Illinois, with his wife and daughters, where he’s a principal at Our Marketing Works, LLC. Bake Off is his first cookbook.

Rather than tell you a lot about him, I think you’ll get a better sense of who this lovely man and fabulous cook is, by checking his sites (and don’t miss the videos of his appearances on TV!):





Now, you know me too well and you must suspect there’s a book coming… Brian is preparing a book collecting some of his favourite recipes, and it is due next April, but you can pre-order it either directly from his site or here:

Bake Off: The American Baking Competition Cookbook (Kindle Edition)

Cook up some delicious, down-home goodness with this cookbook of more than seventy-five sweet and savory recipes from Brian Emmett, grand prize winner of CBS’s The American Baking Competition.In 2013, Brian Emmett burst onto the culinary scene with his charm, confidence, and superior baking and cooking skills on season one of The American Baking Competition. He won over the hearts of Americans nationwide, who watched this enthusiastic husband and father immerse himself in his passion—and, ultimately, take home the illustrious title of “Top Amateur Baker.”

Now, in Bake Off, Brian shares over seventy-five recipes that leave no doubt as to why he was crowned champion on the show. This cookbook encompasses a hearty mixture of The American Baking Competition favorites, brand-new concoctions, and Emmett family recipes passed down through generations. Staying true to the show’s theme, there are plenty of sweets: From miniature tarts to his famous Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brian’s baked goods are sure to satisfy even the most demanding of sweet tooths. But Bake Off also features a strong savory element with classic, feel-good recipes such as Sunday Brunch Strada and Beef Chili with Buttermilk Cornbread.

So grab a spoon, America—Brian’s back, and he’s ready to dish!

You can pre-order the electronic version, here:


Or in paper, here:


I know this is a bit different, so many thanks for reading, and if you’ve enjoyed it, like, share, comment and CLICK! And of course, thanks to the fantastic Brian for his visit! I know I’ll follow him and his recipes. Will you?

(As an aside, if you live in the UK you’ll have heard of the Great British Bake-Off… Yes, that’s it!)

PS: Oh, and I’m looking for baking and cookery blogs, so if you follow some great ones, leave me the links in the comments! Thanks so much!