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Marion Lovato and ‘Sam, the Superkitty’. A fabulous illustrated children’s book.

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It’s Friday and once more I bring you an author from one of the groups I belong too. As I checked Marion Lovato‘s work I realised I haven’t had many children’s authors as guests (some Young Adult authors but…) and I decided it was ample time to have a children’s book.

First, a few wards about Marion Lovato (and links to get in touch and learn more about her):

Author Marion Lovato
Author Marion Lovato

I am a retired teacher. After spending 30 years in the classroom, I decided to write a children’s book about my cat. Even though Sam, the Superkitty, was the first book that I wrote, I was selected as a finalist in the MARSocial Author of the Year competition. Very exciting!





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Here a link to a very interesting interview:

And here is her book, Sam, the Superkitty:

Sam, The Superkitty by Marion Lovato
Sam, The Superkitty by Marion Lovato

The family doesn’t know that their adorable kitten, Sammy, is really a Superhero at night and protects them from all dangers.




I could not resist but leave you this fantastic review:

5.0 out of 5 stars I know this cat personally… March 11, 2014

By Exclusively Online Buyer

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

My first impression after reading this book is ‘yeah… right!’. You see, I happen to know this cat personally (he is my half brother), and my suspicion is that since he wrote it himself, was able to include a lot of embellishment, and to hide the fact he is always getting in trouble. The problem is, he is a lot more like Tony Stark than Clark Kent. He does save the day, but only in spite of himself. I know from personal experience that he is only interested in doing good if there is something in it for him, which doesn’t really come across in this slanted depiction of himself. Don’t let this book fool you – he really is a ‘Super Kitty’, but he is no angel…

If you want to contact he author, this is her Twitter account:

Thanks to Marion for her visit, thanks to you all for reading, and you know, if you’ve enjoyed it, like, comment, share and CLICK!

I saw this image in Marino's Twitter account and could not resist
I saw this image in Marino’s Twitter account and could not resist