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#Newbooks. ‘Stranger Abduction’ by Billy Ray Chitwood (@brchitwood). The amazing story of a lost and found (resuscitated) book based on a true story.

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Today it’s Friday and time to share a new book. As you know I am always eager to bring you back the work of authors who’ve already visited us, as it’s always a great encouragement to see people dedicated to honing their skills and I can’t wait to see what new stories they bring us.

Billy Ray Chitwood is coming back today (and I know there are quite a few of his books I haven’t brought you yet) with his new book. As a visitor of his blog, I know that many of his stories have more than a grain of truth in them, but I’ve been fascinated by the story of this book, Stranger Abduction, that in itself deserves a book.

Stranger Abduction by Billy Ray Chitwood
Stranger Abduction by Billy Ray Chitwood

The author had written the story (based on a case he was familiar with), years back, and it was, he thought, stored with some of his papers. When he went to retrieve it, he could not find it. But still, as we writers know, there are stories that insist and nag at us to be told, and there’s no peace until they are on paper (or on a computer file), so, here it is. You can read more about the story of the creation of the book, here.


It is a sunny Sunday in May, 1993. After church, a mother and her lovely fourteen-year old daughter walk three miles to a country store for cigarettes and ice cream. It is a walk members of the family often take in this rural Sulphur Springs Valley area of southeastern Arizona near the Mexican border.

The mother and daughter arrive at the store in a jovial mood, trading pleasantries with customers and the owners… The daughter timidly flirts with a boy from her school. The daughter and mother leave the store in a silly mood, finger painting ice cream on their faces.

They never make it home…

The deputy sheriff of the county believe there has been a ‘stranger abduction’.

There are lots of action, interesting characters, and romance to go with this fictional account of an incident inspired by true events…events that brought tragedy to a shaken family.

You can find the book here in Kindle version:

And here in paperback:

And if you want to connect with Billy Ray Chitwood (I recommend it), here are a few links:

Billy Ray Chitwood
Billy Ray Chitwood

Thanks so much to Billy Ray Chitwood for his new book and its story, thanks to all of you for reading, and if you’ve enjoyed it, please remember to like, share, comment and CLICK!