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It’s Friday today and we have an author guest. This time we have a familiar face. Vanessa Wester has been a guest in my blog before, but this time she’s coming to tell us about her now complete Evolution Trilogy and how she came to write it. Without further ado, I leave you with Vanessa Wester!

Vanessa Wester

Ever since I started writing The Evolution Trilogy, I have worked really hard to take my baby to childhood then adulthood… I hope it can now go out into the world with its head held high.


A lot of the Trilogy has been based on some of my experiences when arriving at university in the UK as a foreigner (colonial), from my swimming days as a teen, my experiences as an adult, and my upbringing on the Rock of Gibraltar. BUT, a huge amount has come from my warped imagination…

When I found out I was pregnant again in 2008, on the same week I received my contract to return back to my teaching job after 7 years, I was convinced it would be a nightmare. My first two children were born 18 months apart and I had struggled with weight gain, depression, an under-active thyroid, loneliness, and the rest that comes with becoming a new parent…

My cousin also passed away aged 27 from a brain tumour, and other events happened to close family members that broke my heart. These made me reflect on my own life all the time, and I did not feel I had the right to complain about any hardships I faced. What could be worse than losing your life?

However, we all have the right to “suffer” and obtain sympathy for whatever makes us feel down. The characters in my trilogy encounter many difficulties, and I guess in a fictional setting it is easier to make things happen and talk about things that effect us all. The science fiction idea is complete fantasy, and the use of vampires is all for fun.


What I have learnt is that in life things happen for a reason. I have enjoyed every minute of being a parent for the third time. I was so much more relaxed, had fun with my daughter, and balanced three kids with some grace (most of the time… ha ha ha). It was whilst I sat watching my daughter at home that I started to write on a notepad, then progressed to a laptop, then computer… Once I caught the writing bug nothing stopped me and I became obsessed for a while. Every time my daughter slept, I wrote.

I bought a copy of the Writers & Artists handbook and tried to figure out the submissions process. I joined The Word Cloud, read a lot, and learnt to take critique. Then I saw the posts by David Gaughran, who wrote Let’s Get Digital on the Cloud… and decided to go for it and self publish. It took me months to figure out the process of ebook publishing, using the advice on smashwords. I quickly realised Amazon was where a lot of readers bought books – the dominance of the kindle! So, off to Amazon I went… Don’t even get me started on the paperback formatting!

When I was gifted an iPad by my father in law (thank you) my life changed. Social media became easier to use…

Now, I don’t want to bore you… I should write a book about this!

The point is… had I not got pregnant I would never have started writing books. As a child I dreamed of being a writer, but the fact I was scientifically minded made me abandon the dream as the years went by. Yet, the fusion of my interests and dreams has led me to write this Trilogy.

Like I say on my catch line… In the game of life, destiny is the winner


Anyway, my Trilogy is suitable for mature readers of about 10ish and above (my daughter is a fan – aged 9!). In addition, my books have been enjoyed by both men and women of all ages, to my huge surprise, so I hope some of you decide to give them a go.

My latest reviewer said:

“A great set of books. A must read for all. Imaginative story somehow believable. I would like to visit the community myself.”

Thank you for reading, and thank you, Olga, for hosting me on your site.

Vanessa 🙂 xx

Thanks Vanessa. It was a pleasure to have you as guest again, and I hope you’ll visit us with news soon. I leave you links to Vanessa’s works and blogs:

Here a link to her previous guest post. And of course, as always, thanks for reading and if you’ve enjoyed it, don’t forget to like, comment, share and CLICK!

I have had some of my friends complaining that they could not work out how to download/buy, electronic books in Amazon (other sites are available but I don’t have any other electronic readers so can’t be of much assistance. I’ve bought books in Smashwords, and like anywhere else, you need to have an account and follow the instructions, although depending on the format it can be a bit tricky).

I thought about doing a video but unfortunately between my computer and my lack of technical acumen I didn’t get very far (the apps to capture screen images I understood would not download in my computer or were not trusted, others had disappeared and others…I just couldn’t work out), so here is one with images.

First things first, you must have an account with whichever is your local store at Amazon. You’ll need an e-mail address, you’ll need to create a password and if you’re intending to buy anything they’ll ask you for a credit or debit card (a bank card of some sort). I cannot show you the bit of setting it up (I’m sure there are ways to do it, but I already have an account and my computer knows that so…).

You can go to If this is not your local store, you can always scroll to the bottom of the page and you have a list of other stores where you can click and it takes you there. If you try to buy an item in an store that is not your local the website will recognise that and ask you if you have moved (you can change your store) or direct you to click to go to your store.

What, will you ask, happens if I don’t have a Kindle? Can I still read electronic books? Well, yes. Amazon offers you the possibility of downloading an App for your PC, tablet or smartphone. If you search on the box for any book (you can go directly to Kindle store on the menu and that will only show you e-books) on the right it will show you the App. See here, highlighted.


Once you have downloaded that (and you can download it to more than one computer or device) any books you buy will directly appear on your reader. If you were to later buy a Kindle device, they will appear there once you’re connected, like if it were by magic (it’s fascinating if you’ve never experienced it. And you can make the letters bigger and smaller that it’s great for people who’ve just started using reading glasses. Yes, like me.).

Let’s say we want to buy a book. As an example, let’s say my new romantic novella ‘Click Me Happy!’ (yes, of course I’m trying to sell books too.)

We put the name on the search box, click search:


In this case I have a Spanish and English version. I’ve highlighted the English version. We click on that book:


I have highlighted on the right all the options. If you click on the top one (supposing you have an account, details of you card, etc), you are buying the book and it will appear on your reader. If you have more than one (PC, phone, Kindle)  you can choose which one you want to send it to from dropdown box (see following image) but you can also later go to manage your Kindle and download it anywhere else you want (I bought a device for my mother and can download the books to both in so far as they are connected via Wi-fi to the net).

You can also request a sample (tends to be the 10% of the book) and this will be send to your reader. You can check it and if you like it then buy the book. (If you notice, in the picture of the book there is an arrow saying ‘Look inside’. If you click there it also gives you an option to check inside of the book, not the whole book, but it also give  you an idea of if you’ll like it or not).

The third option is again to download the App wherever you wish, just in case you don’t have one. (Of course they also tell you that you can buy a Kindle and they’ll be happy to send it to you.)

Just for clarity, I clicked on the link that explains how buying works, and that is what comes up. I add it here for clarification.


Probably the video would have been better, but…I hope it’s of some use.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve find it useful, leave comments, share and get clicking! If you have any doubts, please ask, although I’m not an authority in the matter, but willing to try…And sorry to those of you who know this inside out…I promise to go back to writing about random things next week…Maybe…

Otro viernes, y otro invitado a mi blog. Esta vez es Jonás Cobos, del grupo de escritores hispanos que conocéis bien.
Su biografía no tiene desperdicio y demuestra que a veces nuestros esfuerzos por superarnos pueden tener resultados maravillosos.
Os dejo su biografía, información sobre su obra ‘Susurros en la Oscuridad’ (que no os recomiendo que os leáis a oscuras a menos que seáis muy valientes), y una serie de enlaces donde podéis descubrir muchas mas cosas sobre Jonás.

Jonas Cobos

A los 12 años y bajo la tutela de un profesor de repaso ejercité la lectura en voz alta para vencer un ligero problema de tartamudez y excesiva timidez. El libro en cuestión era “Poirot Investiga” de Agatha Christie, aquellas historias acabaron cautivándome convirtiéndome en un lector apasionado. Sin embargo, muy pronto empecé a imaginar mis propias aventuras. Incluso llegué a editar un pequeño fanzine “La Bola del Mundo” que vendía a mis compañeros de clase y por correo. En los años de estudio en la Formación Profesional colaboré en las revistas escolares con artículos y relatos.
En segundo grado de F.P. escribí mi primera historia por entregas “¿Selectividad Natural?” una historia donde se fusionaban ciencia ficción y fantasía. Quedé finalista en varios concursos literarios de ambito local.
No pasaron muchos años sin que el gusanillo de la escritura apareciera de nuevo, en esta ocasión durante un año escribí, edité, monté e imprimí una publicación mensual de caracter literario “Sense Cap Fonament”. Tras ello empecé varios proyectos de novelas que finalmente quedaron aparcados. En Diciembre de 2010 inicié un curso online de Escritura Creativa con la escritora Norteamericana Holly Lisle y retomé los proyectos que había dejado aparcados, el primero fue una serie de relatos cortos que había publicado en la revista “Sense Cap Fonament” y que recuperé, revisé y escribí algunos nuevos para completar mi primer libro publicado “SUSURROS EN LA OSCURIDAD”.


9 Relatos que atraparán tu alma dentro de tu Kindle ¿Te atreves?

De Casualidad:
Mikel siempre ha sabido que es “distinto” a los demás, pero nunca ha respondido a las burlas de la gente. Hasta que cae en sus manos un libro de conjuros…

Los Cosechadores:
Ricardo sufre pesadillas desde que su esposa murió en un accidente de coche, su relación no estaba en su mejor momento. Sin embargo se ve acosado por la idea de que no fue realmente un “accidente”.

La Mano en la Ventana:
Julián tiene todo lo que siempre a creído desear, un espléndido trabajo, un fabuloso apartamento… Aún así no es feliz. Vive bajo en yugo de un padre que lo desprecia y maltrata hasta que un día descubre una vieja casa abandonada…

La Puerta de Atrás:
Isabel se prepara para enfrentarse a la rutina diaria: el desayuno de sus hijas, la charla matutina con su marido… Sólo que esta vez no es así. Toda su familia ha desaparecido y su realidad se derrumba, sólo parece haber una escapatoria ¡Cruzar la puerta brillante!

Circo Zombie:
Andrés Clowers lo tuvo todo: mujeres, éxito, drogas pero no fue suficiente. Adicto a las emociones fuertes y a su constante anhelo por demostrar su hombría acepta participar en la experiencia más extrema jamás vivida. ¿Pero podrá salir de ella con vida?

Los Parásitos:
Enrique Gala Collins está en la cima de su carrera literaria y sus fans esperan con ansia el nuevo libro de la saga Magius. Tan sólo existe un pequeño problema: Enrique está bloqueado y es incapaz de escribir una sola línea. Sin dudarlo recurre a la ayuda de un extraño santero.

Susurros en la Oscuridad:
Valerie cuida de su anciano padre. Una noche la despierta una extraña voz procedente del dormitorio de su padre y descubre a una gigantesca araña acechándolo. Sin pensar en las consecuencias Valerie se enfrentará al mayor desafio de su vida.

Clone Fashion:
Natalia Flores cansada de sentirse una cantante de poca monta, decide hacer una última actuación de despedida. Todas sus perspectivas cambiarán cuando un extraño médico le ofrezca la posibilidad de ser joven otra vez.

Jardín de Amontillado:
Tras años de enemistad y envidias has recibido una invitación de tu mayor competidor en el mundo vinícola. Sin embargo esta oferta de tregua a conseguido picar tu curiosidad y estás a punto de descubrir el secreto de su éxito.

Incluye dos avances de los próximos libro:
Versión Kindle:

Amazon España

En papel:
Amazon España

Link a la página de autor de Amazon:
Link al blog:

Link a la página web:
En esta página podéis encontrar información de otras obras de Jonás, incluyendo: Las Puertas del Cielo (Preludio Saga Magius) y Pisadas en la Arena (las dos pueden descargarse gratis para lectores Kindle a través de su página) y primicia de su nueva obra: El Retorno de la Magia (Saga Magius 1)
Esta página está llena de información interesante para todos los lectores, incluyendo información básica sobre los lectores Kindle, cómo acceder a libros electrónicos en ese formato si no se dispone de un Kindle…Y también podéis disfrutar de los fantásticos video-trailers de su libro Susurros en la Oscuridad.

Muchas gracias a Jonás por ser mi invitado, gracias a todos vosotros por leer el post y no os olvidéis de hacer CLICK!

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

I started publishing last October. Whilst writing I’ve been doing for a long time, publishing it’s a new thing. Yes, I heard about digital publishing and thought it was worth a try. What I didn’t quite comprehend was that I’d have to become an expert in marketing to try and get my book sold.

But I read about it. I tried what blogs, articles, books, word of mouth said. I must say I can’t read one more word on the subject. My head is spinning, I have no time to do everything I’m supposed to be doing. I have a full time job, I don’t have much of a life but still, a tiny bit of it, and there’s no human being who can do everything that is suggested and survive.

I was talking to a friend and fellow author and ranted on marketing, as we both were saying we needed time to write: Here goes what I wrote, among other things:

Join this! Do that! Blog the other! Sign here! Become an Associate! Pay me and I'll make you gold! Are you gold? Everybody gives advice. 'I published my book and sold thousands' Well, I'm pleased for you. Keep doing it. If you make so much money why do you want mine?

She loved it and I couldn’t help but keep thinking about it. And came up with a few more:

Change your cover! Change your description! Create an author page in Amazon! Not only in, in all of its stores! Publish in other platforms! Join KDP Select! Get off KDP Select! Get paid reviews! Don’t pay for reviews! Create a book page in Facebook! Create an author page in Facebook! Like my page! Do a press release! Organise a giveaway and give your book free! Don’t give your book free; it has a negative effect on everybody else! Increase the price! Reduce the price! Change the categories! Understand the algorithms! Use analytics! Use calls to action! Do a cover reveal! Join Pinterest! Join Goodreads! Be my friend! Join Twitter! Retweet! Have a book trailer! Do contests! Use Rafflecopter! Do blog tours! Do blog hops! Pay for promotion! Use free sites! Content is key! Style is key! Know you target audience! Create a platform! Interact don’t just advertise! Be interesting! Be yourself!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky. If you do, don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat. Hopefully it won’t be the Titanic.

Keep smiling.

I feel better now.

(As an added noted, I’ve met great people in the process, made new friends, and have some laughs along the way. But oh boy…)

Ah, and the piece of advice I’ve decided to follow (because it tells me to do what I really want to do, and what better advice than that?) is to write more, because the more books you have, the more likely you are to be discovered as your books will cross-promote each other.

So I’m off to write. Thanks for reading!

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

Empecé a publicar libros el pasado Octubre. Mientras lo de escribir lo llevo haciendo hace mucho, publicar es una cosa nueva para mí. Si, leí sobre los libros electrónicos y ediciones digitales y pensé que valía la pena probar. De lo que no me di cuenta fue que también me tendría que convertir en experta en marketing para conseguir vender mi libro.
Pero leí mucho sobre el tema. Intenté hacer lo que recomendaban los blogs, artículos, libros, radio macuto. La cabeza me da vueltas, no tengo tiempo de hacer todo lo que parece ser que es imprescindible si quieres tener éxito. Trabajo a jornada completa, mucha vida personal no tengo, pero una poquita sí, y no hay ser humano capaz de hacer todo lo que recomiendan y sobrevivir.
Estaba hablando con una amiga autora y empecé a despotricar sobre el marketing, ya que las dos nos quejábamos de que no teníamos tiempo ni para escribir. Aquí está lo que le dije, entre otras cosas:
¡Hazte miembro de esto! ¡Haz esto! ¡Haz lo otro! ¡Firma aquí!¡Hazte asociado! ¡Págame y te haré de oro! ¿Eres de oro tú? Todo el mundo te da consejos. ‘He publicado mi libro y he vendido miles.’ Muy bien. Me alegro mucho por ti. Sigue haciendo lo que haces. ¿Si haces tanto dinero con la escritura, para qué quieres el mío?
A mi amiga le encantó y no pude evitar seguir pensando en ello. Y se me fueron ocurriendo más cosas:
¡Cambia tu portada! ¡Cambia tu descripción! ¡Crea una página de autor en Amazon! ¡No solo en, sino en todas sus sucursales! ¡Publica en otras plataformas! ¡No publiques en otras plataformas! ¡Únete a KDP Select! ¡Deja KDP Select! ¡Consigue reseñas pagando! ¡No pagues por reseñas! ¡Crea una página para tu libro en Facebook! ¡Crea una página de autor en Facebook! ¡Dale al botón ‘me gusta’ en mi página! ¡Escribe un artículo para la prensa! ¡Regala tu libro gratis! ¡No lo regales gratis, que eso perjudica a todos los demás autores! ¡Sube el precio de tu libro! ¡Redúcelo! ¡Cambia las categorías!¡Estudia los algoritmos! ¡Usa analíticas! ¡Usa llamadas a acción! ¡Revela tu portada! ¡Únete a Pinterest! ¡Únete a Goodreads! ¡Se mi amigo! ¡Usa Twitter! ¡Retweet! ¡Haz un trailer de tu libro! ¡Haz sorteos! ¡Usa rafflecopter! ¡Apúntate a tours de blogs! ¡Paga para promocionarte! ¡No se te ocurra pagar por promocionarte! ¡Usa promociones gratuitas! ¡El contenido es lo principal! ¡El estilo es lo principal! ¡Conoce a tu audiencia! ¡Crea una plataforma de autor! ¡Interacciona con los posibles lectores, no te limites a hacer propaganda! ¡Se interesante! ¡Se tú mismo!
Si no tenéis ni idea de lo que estoy hablando, consideraos afortunados. Si la tenéis, no os preocupéis, todos estamos en el mismo barco. Con un poco de suerte no será el Titanic.
Seguid sonriendo y tomáoslo con humor.
Ahora me siento mejor.
(Solo quería decir que he conocido a gente fantástica durante este tiempo, he hecho nuevos amigos, y me he reído bastante, pero…mi madre…)
El consejo que he decidido seguir (porque me aconseja hacer lo que de verdad me apetece, y ¿qué mejor consejo?) es que hay que escribir más, porque cuantos más libros tengas publicados más oportunidades hay de que te descubran. Así que, me voy a escribir. Gracias por leer.

Como todos los viernes hoy les traigo a un autor invitado. Es otro de mis compañeros del grupo autoresindies (si hacéis click en el logo podéis obtener más información). Ha publicado varias novelas, y en ello sigue. Nos trae su biografía, para que sepáis un poco más de él, y una selección de sus obras.

Biografía del autor

Rafael R. Costa (Huelva, 1959) Bibliotecario en Huelva, actividad a la que dedicó cinco años, y decidió abandonar para irse a Madrid, hace 23 años para dedicarse por entero al oficio de escribir. Empezó a escribir su primera novela con doce años, y asimismo sus primeros poemas. Tiene varios libros de poesía publicados, resultado de premios obtenidos, entre los que destaca Cirea, aunque sus grandes poemas están inéditos. Ha publicado dos novelas, también como resultado de premios obtenidos: El caracol de Byron y El niño que quiso llamarse Paul Newman. Alejado del mundo editorial convecional, ha decidido publicar algunas de sus novelas en Amazon Kindle, con merecido éxito.



La interpretadora de sueños

Poetisa, madre, judía, superviviente del Titanic, e interpretadora de sueños. Sarah Georginas Parker se ve obligada a trasladarse desde la capital checoslovaca a Estados Unidos, con un hijo de doce años, en 1924, meses antes de que muera su amigo Franz Kafka.
En su nuevo país, y ayudada por la Hermandad Hebraica, su vida dará un giro. Conocerá Harry Houdini, a Nancy Cunard, se codeará con la Alta Sociedad neoyorquina y finalmente volverá a Europa, donde pasará un año en un campo de concentración de Praga.
Una mujer singular, un arcángel, que luchó contra la realidad hostil en una de las épocas más convulsas de nuestro pasado reciente.

La imagen de la portada es de Eduardo Elizalde Brisuela.



El cráneo de Balboa


La más arriesgada historia de amor surge mientras se está construyendo el Canal de Panamá. Él es un médico español, huido de la justicia después de haber matado a un coronel en un duelo a pistola. Ella sobrevive como enfermera entre una epidemia de fiebre amarilla y su soledad en un hospital de Panamá.
Cómo se construyó ese Canal, qué papel jugó la Masonería en esta historia, toda la magia y el misterio de un chamán que se dedica a soñar y el primer detective privado español.
Páginas de melodrama, acción, notas de la España de principios del siglo XX y de un país recién independiente al que van a abrir en dos.
Una historia de amor, pasión, desencanto, que pudo haber ocurrido.


La novia de Txeroki

Una terrorista llamada Arrubio “La Salamandra” ingresa en un talde etarra con el fin de realizar un atentado en un lugar todavía desconocido, que causará grande y grave impacto social.
Cómo funciona por dentro un comando terrorista, sus pasiones, sus pasados y odios, se describe paralelamente al mundo filatélico de altura y a sagaces Servicios de Inteligencia españoles que deberán enfrentarse al comando en mitad de la romería más tumultuosa del país.
Trepidante desde la primera página esta novela funciona como un mecanismo de reloj sin vuelta atrás incrustado en una bomba.


Valdemar Canaris El Navegante Solitario

Tras su paso por la prisión, Valdemar Canaris se encuentra sin proyectos ni futuro. Un anuncio en un periódico de provincias: “Se necesita navegante solitario” le hará sentir los momentos más intensos de su vida.


El jardín de Golem

Transcurre 1940, el doctor Rudolf Parker es uno de los pioneros en el transplante de corazón desde los quirófanos del Mount Sinai de Nueva York.
La Hermandad Hebraica le ayudará a viajar a Alemania para rescatar a su madre, a cambio deberá cumplir una delicada misión, de vital importancia para el desarrollo de la Gran Guerra. Su viaje a Europa le hará enfrentarse cara a cara con sus miedos más atávicos trabajando en las clínicas nazis.
Recién concluida la contienda, la Hermandad Hebraica le solicita otra colaboración: buscar al Fuhrer, a quien se supone en un lugar del sur de Europa.

Los acontecimientos reales dejan una huella tan difusa en los documentos al uso que sugieren que todo pudo haber ocurrido, incluso esta historia, donde se relata un escurridizo episodio que todavía comentan personas mayores en una provincia española.


El niño que quiso llamarse Paul Newman

En la infancia se consolida la totalidad de los cimientos que soportarán nuestra existencia, y a veces actúa proyectándose más allá del tiempo.
Un personaje en descomposición, a causa del alcohol y los fracasos, se aferra a lo único que todavía es capaz de sostenerlo: sus propios recuerdos, su mundo distorsionado.
Un niño, que quiso llamarse Paul Newman en detrimento de su verdadero nombre, amparado por su singular abuela María, se transforma en un hombre acabado que acaso no existió…

Este libro ganó el Premio Onuba de Novela 2005.


El caracol de Byron

A la remota bahía de Byron llega don Amós, su enigmática presencia cambiará el futuro de los tres habitantes del lugar.
Fascinados por el paisaje donde están de algún modo encerrados, los personajes dan continuos paseos mientras se cuentan historias y festejan la belleza de un atardecer o de un guiso de pescado. El tiempo no lo marcan los relojes sino las mareas y los paseos y las charlas, mientras se van sucediendo los dulces atardeceres y los temibles aguaceros que pautan los estados anímicos de la trama. Si El caracol de Byron se pasase al cine, tendría que llevar música de Bernard Herrmann.

 Gracias por leer y no os olvidéis de hacer CLICK!






Today as usual on a Friday I bring you a guest author. I met Judith through a group of Spanish writers who were kind enough to open their arms and their Facebook group to me. They are independent authors (indies) and also ‘autores con alma’ (authors with a soul) It’s the same group that Manuela Herrero Palomar (you remember her Burmese Stories) introduced me to, and you’ll know them in Twitter as they tend to use the #indiebooks. If you read in Spanish (and some of them have versions in many languages) keep an eye open not only for Manuela and Judith but for all of them and you won’t be disappointed with their books. And there’ something for everybody. That was one of the things that most impressed me from Judith, her sheer enthusiasm, her love of writing, and how she likes to try and experiment in all the genres she loves. Whatever type of book you like to read, Judith is your writer, as she will explain. And now I leave you in the hands of the talented Judith who will tell you a bit about herself and also gives you an introduction to her books so far…Because there’s much more to come!

First: thank you Olga for hosting me in you blog.

In my life, books have always been my greatest passion, both reading them and writing them. Maybe for that reason since I was a child I always had a book in my hands or I was writing in my notebook; I got my diploma in Biblioteconomy (Library Economics) and Documentation and a degree in Documentation.

As a reader you’ll always find me with either a book or an e-book in my handbag, and I host a radio programme where I offer reviews and discussions about books and film adaptations, it there are any new ones.

My adventure as a writer goes as far back as being a little girl playing with my dolls and inventing stories, that I soon started putting down in paper y transforming into tales and narrations. I carried on writing, and every so often I tried to get my novels published by a publishing company. It was a long, hard and frustrating affair, as it involved sending numerous manuscripts and query letters and receiving no feedback. It also seemed not very safe as I didn’t have control over what happened with my manuscripts. And when I got any offers they implied a major financial cost for co-editing.

Finally, in April 2012, for the Day of the Book (23rd April in Spain, celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Cervantes), I read an article about independent authors in Amazon, and I saw an opportunity opening before me. Amazon has revolutionised the market, offering a unique opportunity to all writes of publishing their work free of charge to a world audience. There is no middle man, from the moment you submit your manuscript you know that within 48 hours it will be available to readers, and that saves waiting for months for the replies of publishers. Also, you can choose the price and Amazon keeps a percentage of the benefits, whilst you keep the rights to your own novel.

Since July 2012 I have published 4 novels in Amazon: two in the genre of young adult fantasy and adventure, one in the genre of science fiction and the other one historic romance fiction.

The process for each one of them has been very laborious, because being an independent writer I have sole responsibility for all phases of publication (correcting and proofreading, formatting, designing the book cover), I have created the marketing campaign and have implemented it. In all these phases I’m very grateful to all the people who have offered me support and their names appear in the chapter of “acknowledgements” of each novel.

In summary, being an independent author requires commitment and an important daily effort, but it is worth it if it brings you to readers’ attention. Every time a reader tells me that one of my novels gets them “hooked”, it motivates me to carry on working to bring them all the stories that are boiling in my head. For that reason my current policy is to sell my novels at very low prices and offer them free every so often. The free promotions (giveaways) have been very successful with more than 500 downloads in five day during the promotion of my novel “La casa de las brumas” (‘House of Mist’) in January 2013. Regarding sales, they have got me many times to the top in specific categories for each novel; that allows me to reach new readers and also helps me become a household name. It is always encouraging to think that without the support of a publishing company, I’m sharing bestseller lists with books such those in the ‘Twilight’ series, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The Hobbit’, etc.

My immediate projects, apart from further writing, are to publish in Amazon the other novels I have completed and to continue with my marketing campaign for all my books.

Finally, it will be a pleasure to be in contact with readers and hear their opinions through:



I enclose information about my novels. All of them are available in all Amazon stores worldwide.

Saga “Lectores de almas”: La lectora de almas (Género Ciencia Ficción y Aventura) (Series “Soul Readers”: The Soul Reader (Genre Science Fiction and Adventure)

 Lectora de almas


On the 21st December 2012 an energy change in the magnetic field of Earth created a new race of human beings with a power unknown up to that point: the Healers, also known as “Soul Readers”. They became instantly famous. All countries wanted a piece of them, until they realized that they could never use them as they wished. The rage, the ire, the envy and even the fear towards this new race slowly got hold of the population. At the same time violence was spiraling out of control around the world following centuries of slow build up, and what should have been the beginning of a new era of peace, love and light, became the beginning of a World War that nearly destroyed the whole planet.

98 years have passed and the only bit of Earth that is still inhabitable is a small territory in what used to be the Iberian Peninsula. There was a new government, a dictatorship of terror. The only possible saviors, the Healers, were systematically hunted and annihilated. However, a Healer can bring peace to Earth, but to achieve that she has to confront great perils and dangers with the help of the Army of Light.

The series “Healers of the New World” begins and the fight to save Earth is only starting…

Saga “Hermandades”: La mano de la hechicera (Género Juvenil Fantasía y Aventura) Series “Brotherhoods”: The Sorceress’s Hand (Genre Young Adult Fantasy and Adventure)

La mano de la hechicera

An evil witch and a curse that takes a life in each generation.

A mansion where nobody is who they seem to be.

Two sixteen years old girls and best friends who will have to face love, magic and their own fears if they want to survive the witch’s attack.

A Brotherhood of powerful university warlocks prepared to risk everything to save the two girls.

A powerful “Circle of Shadows” only interested in exterminating the witch, even if the price is the death of the girls.

The series “Brotherhoods” begins…and all those involved will have to risk their magical powers, their love and friendship to avoid more deaths.

Saga “Lunas”: Luna de exilio (Género Juvenil Fantasía y Aventura) (Series “Moons”: Moon of exile (Genre Young Adult Fantasy and Adventure)

                                                Luna de exilio

An old prophecy that states: “From the union of a witch and a warlock of the most ancient lineage an invincible power will be born.”

Two adolescents called to fulfill the prophecy: Alyssa, a white witch, 17 years old, and William, a black magic warlock with two obsessions: power and Alyssa.

After the death of the last great Mage and president of the Grand Council of Warlocks, the black magic threatens the kingdom and Alyssa, escaping from William, has to exile herself to the human world and live a normal life in High School.

However, black magic finds a way of stalking her to her new home and Alyssa must take important decisions to save those she loves.

The series “Moons” begins, and adventure, romance and fight have just started.

La casa de las brumas (Género Ficción histórica romántica) (The House of Mist, Genre Fictional historic romance)

La cas de las brumas

England, XIX century:

A mysterious and desirable woman, Elle, of wild beauty and cat-like eyes who lives in hiding in the Secret mountain where, according to ancient legends, many years ago the witches of the county would meet to cast their spells and give the mountain extraordinary powers.

A young woman, Lis, who aged 17 has only known violence and pain, is robbed or her innocence by a seducer and finally finds real love in a romantic youth of uncertain fate.

Dr Kruskla, Lis’s lover, finds a secret diary and he uses it to give Elle the zest for life again.

Love, treachery, life and death, hope and tragedy intertwine in a novel written following the style of the famous female writers of the XIX century (Jane Austen, the Brönte Sisters…)

Thank you very much to Judith for visiting my blog and to all of you for reading. Remember that reading opens new horizons.

And next week….more!

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