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Hi all:

What would we be without friends and a community of peers who share our interests and enthusiasms? To celebrate the kindness of friends (and sometimes bloggers or reviewers I don’t know that well) here I leave you links to some of the posts where I’ve either been a guest or one of my books has been featured.

Thanks to all and don’t forget to explore the blogs!

Ask David

Freebooksy entry on The Man

Magda Olchawska’s review of The Man Who Never Was:

Book club reading list webpage for ‘The Man’

Book club reading magazine:

Interview by Thomas Rydder:

Twin Evils? Spotlight in Magda Olchawska’s blog

Author’s Den

Interview by Fiona Quinn:

Link to page in MARS authors blog for Escaping Psychiatry:

Interview in Maer Wilson’s blog:

Talking about psychiatry in Marie Lavender’s blog:

Interview in Sally Cronin’s blog:

Interview in Ronovan’s Writer Blog:

Interview in David Prosser’s blog:

‘I Love Your Cupcakes’ featured in ‘Books for Christmas’ in Sally Cronin’s blog (Smorgasbord):

In Dariel Raye’s blog:

Link to my interview for the programme Changes with fellow author Sally Ember Ed. D. in You Tube:

Link to spotlight  (by K. J. Rollinson)

Interview in Ailsa Abraham’s blog:


Part 2:


Post and review for AB1:

Guest post at the Story Reading Ape Blog:

Review of Angelic Business Trilogy by Hans Hisrchi:

Lorraine Meredith’s reviews:

Part 1 and interview:

Part 2:

Hans Hirschi’s interview:

Radio interview with Freddy Piedrahita:

Review of the trilogy by ‘I Smell Sheep’:

Feature about Escaping Psychiatry prequel in Eden Baylee’s blog:

Book Lemur author page:

Review of Escaping Psychiatry Prequel

Interview at Debby Gies’s blog:

Thanks to all of you for reading and thanks to all the bloggers and readers. I wouldn’t be here without you.