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Teagan Geneviene​ entices us with more information about her Halloween Story. I can hardly wait!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

This is a short post, because I’m busy writing.  About six weeks ago I started a story for Halloween.  I wasn’t sure it would be long enough to publish, so I felt sure I would finish it quickly.  I wanted to present it by October 1st with plenty of reading time for those in the Halloween mood.  Silly me…  The story kept growing. As if I needed to worry about it being long enough. (Eye roll)  However, I still think I’ll have it ready pretty soon.  Here’s the cover.

Cover Reveal

A Peril in Ectoplasm

Just Once More


Cover A Peril in Ectoplasm by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

More on the story later.  Also, on October 16th, I’ll visit Teri Polen to talk about this novella.  It’s part of her yearly October blog festival, Bad Moon Rising.  She’ll host a different author each day, asking us fun questions.  Don’t miss it.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Teagan Geneviene​ shares one of her shorts for the weekend. It comes with a warning, though. It is a dystopian story and the ending… suits the genre. Intriguing and gripping. Oh, and a beautiful poem by Kerfe at its heart.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Altered Pixabay imageWelcome to my sanctuary.  You’re in a safe place.  When I started this series of short stories, I had asked readers to send images I would use to spontaneously inspire the tales. Of course, I got off track, when inspiration flew under my nose.  I read Kerfe‘s beautiful poem and asked her if I could use it, along with a couple of her photos from that same post.  I loved her poem because the symbol of the phoenix has always resonated with me.

Note:  This story is my own fiction. It is not meant to be a statement of any of Kerfe’s personal beliefs.  When I asked her permission to use the poem, I had no idea what the story would become.


Actually, this odd tale has been clawing to get out for weeks.  However, 99.9% of my stories have happy endings —…

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Teagan Geneviene​ celebrates some important anniversaries by sharing the first chapter of her wonderfully witty book Speak Chuckaboo, a must for writers, researchers, and anybody who loves language.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Speak Chuckaboo by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene


Belated Happy Anniversary… to me

Welcome, my chuckaboos!  Yes, I’m in a Victorian state of mind.  Many of you will remember that “chuckaboo” was slang in that era for a dear friend. 

I don’t talk about the details of this, so I don’t often mention it.  However, September holds two very personal anniversaries for me. September 12th is the anniversary of something on which my life, quite literally depended.  The 13th is the anniversary of something that allowed that life to move forward and continue. 

So why am I blogging about something I don’t talk about?  Victorians were big on anniversaries.  For a bit of fun, and a sort of celebration, I’m posting the “A” section from my recently released Speak Chuckaboo, Slang of the Victorian and Steam Eras.”  Maybe you romance lovers can guess what “amorous congress” means.  You might want…

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Thanks to Teagan Geneviene​ for featuring some of my pictures in her story. The radio theme takes the story in a pretty unusual direction. If you love “will she” “won’t she” stories, don’t dare to miss this one!

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Altered Pixabay imageSaturday, September 17, 2022 

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this casual series of “Shorts for the Weekend.”  You're Never Too Old to Be a Prom Queen by Olga Núñez MiretThey’re written by yours truly, but illustrated with images that were created by and/or supplied by the featured guest, to inspire my stories.  I’m enjoying writing these tales, and hope that you have fun reading them.

Today’s images were provided by an author you know well if you’ve been following this blog, Olga Núñez Miret.  She “escaped from psychiatry” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that considering those thrilling books she wrote.  Here’s a link to the three book series.)  Now she is an author, translator, book reviewer extraordinaire, and she even works at a radio station in her area. I can’t imagine where she finds all the energy. 

However, her books range far beyond the psychiatric theme.  I’m featuring You’re Never Too Old to Be a Prom Queen.


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Teagan Geneviene visits Judith Barrow’s blog and shares some places in her memories, and a fragment from one of the stories. Don’t miss it!

Judith Barrow

There are places that remain in our memories, the details may become slightly blurred, nostalgia may colour our thoughts, but they don’t fade. And how those places made us feel at the time is the one thing that remains.

Today I’m really pleased to welcomeTeagan Ríordáin Geneviene, who is going to tell us about what first occurred to her when I invited her to remember one of the places that has remained in her memory, and how it made her feel.

Hi, Judith. Thanks very much for allowing me to participate in this series. My mind works in twisting ways. The kind of memory I’ve chosen to share may seem strange. However, the first thing that came to mind when you asked me about this topic was old amusement parks.

When I was a small child there was an amusement park in the next town, which…

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Teagan Geneviene​ shares a magical story, inspired by Sarah Mallery​’s images. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Altered Pixabay imageSaturday, September 10, 2022 

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this casual series of “Shorts for the Weekend.”  They’re written by yours truly, but illustrated with images created by and/or supplied by the featured guest.

Today’s images were provided by an author you’ve gotten acquainted with here, S.R. (Sarah)SR Mallery Tender Enemies Mallery.  She took the beautiful orange sky photo while out on a walk one evening, and she found the amazing mystical book image at Pixabay.  Then I chose her novel Tender Enemies (Universal purchase link: as the third inspirational image.  The icons on the book cover got my imagination started, but my story didn’t go in the same direction, and has nothing to do with hers.

How could I not share one of Sarah’s marvelous books, when she just did a huge feature for me on her stunning newsletter?  You can see it, and her quality work here and…

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A fabulous short story from Teagan Geneviene​ set in the steampunk universe of Hullaba Lulu. And what a great image from Christopher Graham​, the Story Reading Ape! Have fun!

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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Chris Graham, the Story Reading Ape, sent me the coolest steampunk image. I’m not sure why, but it immediately brought Hullaba Lulu to mind.  I re-created the image Chris sent adding Lulu. However, that’s at the end of the story, so it won’t spoil anything.  This little story takes place at an non-specific point after the timeline of the book.  Lulu is one of my favorite heroines.  She’s one of a kind. If you haven’t met Lulu, I’ll put the information about that diesel punk adventure at the end of this post. 

Once I had everything in my head, I dashed this off quickly… so I apologize for any mistakes.

Lulu and the New Bot

My kitten heels echoed in the empty speakeasy.  Even though I had been a sad sack…

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