Cover Reveal — Dead of Winter: Journey 14, The Veil

Teagan Geneviene​ reveals the cover for the final Journey in Dead of Winter, and it’s a stunner!

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Saturday, May 11, 2022

You know that if I’m doing a cover reveal, then that means the book will soon be released, right?  The concluding Journey of “Dead of Winter” is written, formatted, and is undergoing final edits.
Those who follow and encourage me on Facebook have seen me post a lot of potential covers. I suppose all those cover concepts reflect the fact that I had to pull together numerous threads and characters.  I also wanted to hint at potentials for the future of the characters. That way, the Journeys can continue in the imaginations of readers.
At the very beginning, I decided that I would only do actual launches for the first and last novelettes. I’ve only done announcements here at this blog for the other 12 installments.  Releasing this conclusion is a very big deal for me, since my personal “journey” for this story began…

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