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Check Teagan Geneviene​’s short story (I love the ending!) and play along to see if you can guess the song…

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

It’s still Thursday where I am… although not for much longer.  I was not satisfied with my progress on “Dead of Winter” today, although there was a little.  So, after my usual day was finished, I wrote another response for the Thursday Doors writing challenge, hosted by Dan Antion.

This one is almost like a stream of consciousness. I used a song again, along with one of the door images that I offered up for writers to use as inspiration for the challenge.  I’ll wait and see if anyone figures out the song.

In Through the Blue Door

Image collage by TeaganImage collage by Teagan

Warren walked through the blue door, with a confidant swagger.  He could have been walking onto a yacht, rather than into the party at my home, where friends came to watch the eclipse.

He smirked when he caught my eye.  Putting a finger…

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A melancholy and beautiful story with a powerful ending by Teagan Geneviene​ you shouldn’t miss.

Teagan's Books

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Welcome to my sanctuary.  Lighthouses seem like sanctuaries to me.  Today I’m sharing another response I wrote for the Thursday Doors writing challenge, hosted by Dan Antion.

As upside-down as it seems, writing these (at night after I’m certain that I can’t focus on finishing Dead of Winter”) has helped me move forward with the concluding Journey of that series.  I’ve been whittling at a third response inspired by a door from Dennyho at Thoughts of an E’ville Woman.  However, I’m having trouble scaling down the story in my head into something short.  I think I might finally have the right approach.  That one is yet to come.

Today, my short-short story is different from the spooky one I posted on Wednesday.  This one is also in a different in tone and style from my usual writing. I wasn’t sure if I should even…

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Teagan Geneviene​ shares a creative take on Dan Antion​’s Thursday Doors Challenge. Quite chilling and terrifically atmospheric, so don’t miss it.

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Monday, May 19, 2022

Image C 2019 Deborah M ZajacImage C 2019 Deborah M Zajac

Welcome, all.  You wouldn’t believe how down on myself I’ve been, because I haven’t been able to plunge through the PTSD-anxiety that keeps me from finishing “Dead of Winter.”  I had also forgotten about the Thursday Doors writing challenge, hosted by Dan Antion. I had promised to participate and was looking forward to it.  I was sure I would be completely finished with my fantasy epic by then.  Ha…!

Then one evening after berating myself for yet another day, I decided that any kind of storytelling would be better for me than none at all.  Despite it being a detour, it might even get me back on track with Dead of Winter.  So, at the end of a fruitless day, I indulged myself in working on a story for one of the Doors prompts. I stayed…

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A great image teaser created by Teagan Geneviene for one of the characters of Dead of Winter. A favourite of mine!

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Saturday, May 7, 2022
Tajin with the macuahuitl, by Teagan R GenevieneTajin with the macuahuitl, by Teagan
My self-imposed absence from the blogosphere continues, I’m sad to say.  Those of you who are reading my “Dead of Winter” series know that, in addition to the story, I create black and white images to begin each chapter.  Suddenly I realized that I had never made an image of Tajín.
Tajín Ah Tzenul is a swordsman and sworn companion/protector to Zasha.  The weapon he prefers is a fierce macuahuitl.  His homeland is Bandihar.  In creating that country, I drew a little bit of inspiration (not much) from the ancient Mayan civilization.  However, the geography and topology I use for Bandihar is directly inspired by that part of our world.  Like many people from Bandihar, Tajín is stocky of build, and has a hawk-nose and a coppery complexion.  He’d rather not mention it, but he is…

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