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For those eager to read the ending of Teagan Geneviene’s Dead of Winter, here comes a beautiful and enticing teaser.

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Saturday, April 30, 2022
Zasha ALTERED woman White horse Dorota Kudyba PixabayPixabay image altered
Generally, I’m still not around the blogosphere (in general).  My work on the conclusion of the epic fantasy series, Dead of Winter, has been even slower than I feared.  I never dreamed it would take me this long.  I don’t lack inspiration or motivation, and I know the story.  It’s my “stuff” holding me down in an unfocussed abyss.
However, I was working on bringing a favorite character back into the thick of the ending.  In my original version, it was focused almost entirely on Emlyn, the main character.  This does not include any sort of spoiler, and I suddenly wanted to share a snippet from it.

Zasha, Looking Like May Day

Pixabay image altered by TeaganPixabay image altered by Teagan

The stable behind the Golden Book was filled with horses.  Most of them had been rescued from the battlefield by Gethin Gwilym, the equerry…

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Wednesday Writing — An Excerpt

Teagan Geneviene shares an excerpt from the 12th Journeay of Dead of Winter. If you haven’t caught up this extraordinary series, what are you waiting for?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Wolf, Emlyn, Osabide, Gethin, Baki, & Zasha, by TeaganSome characters in Dead of Winter: Wolf, Emlyn, Osabide, Gethin, Baki, & Zasha, by Teagan
My self-imposed absence from the blogosphere (in general) continues, as I work on the conclusion of the epic fantasy series that I’ve been sharing in novelette-sized installments.  However, I needed to review a particular sequence of the existing story as preparation.  In doing so, I realized that it would make a good post.  So, I’m sharing that excerpt today.
To the “Writing” part of this post’s title, stories set in the past, or fantasies can require some mental agility.  This snippet is an example.  How would you describe the sound of a tornado?  The most common description I’ve heard is that they sound like a freight train as they get close. I’ve been near enough to tornadoes that I’ve heard that bloodcurdling noise, and more than once.  Although…

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