The Armadillo Files, Episode 27 — What side-effects?

Teagan Geneviene​’s Story, The Armadillo Files, reaches episode 27, and things are getting mysterious and funny as well. New characters appear and there is talk of metronomes and side-effects, so, make sure to catch up!

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

You’ve reached The Armadillo Files. We now resume your regularly scheduled program.

Random Reader Things

This episode features three random reader things from a non-blogging reader in Maryland who wishes to remain anonymous.  They worked nicely for the latest setting, and helped me get to writing this episode.  Those things are:  knight, robe, and necklace.

Previously in The Armadillo Files

Dilly and Fang “landed” in a cave that appears to be in tenth century Bagdad. They ran afoul of Ali Baba’s wicked brother, Cassim.  He’s a greedy guy who might have sold them into slavery, given the chance.  Fortunately, Fang remembered reading Cassim’s dossier.  Hmmm… that may or may not have anything to do with the fate of the missing Calutron Girls in the 1940s. Only the “things” know for sure.  Frankly, I have no idea. By the way, it turned out…

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Thursday Doors to #WomensHistoryMonth — the #1920s

Teagan Geneviene​ brings us a new book, great offers, and some fantastic doors and historical pics of women to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to mark Dan Antion​’s popular Thursday Doors! Come and visit!

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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Green doors shutters Dimitri Svetesikas Pixabay

Dimitri Svetesikas, Pixabay

Since my post is skimpy on actual doors, here’s a lovely old green door with shutters (a sort of door) and a wall box (which has another sort of door).

Doors to Women’s History

Yes, it’s time for “the wearing of the green,” but March is also Women’s History Month in the USA.  For my response to the Thursday Doors challenge, hosted by Dan Antion, I’m focusing on the historic 1920s.  I’ve published several books with that setting, and I’m fond of the Jazz Age, or the Roaring Twenties as the decade is often named. 

#Sale!  The e-books in the “Pip’s Three Things” series are all 99 cents each, in honor of Women’s History Month.

There are some quaint South Dakota doors in the background of the photo of this group from the National Woman’s Party.

National Womans Party 1927 Rapid City Wikipedia National…

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The Armadillo Files, Episode 26 — Featuring Olga Núñez Miret

Wow! Wonderful and creative Teagan Geneviene​ was inspired by my comments and my things and published today Episode 26 of The Armadillo Files! And it is full of surprises! Don’t miss it!

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Treasure Cave PixabayPixabay

You’ve reached The Armadillo Files. Yes, I’m a little late, but I’m happy you’re here.

Random Reader Things

A few weeks ago, Olga Núñez Miret commented that the cave reminded her of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.”  A tickle began in the back of my mind.  A week or so later, she remarked that she still thought of Ali Baba when she read about the cave.  By then, the mental tickle grew into a prod.  I told Olga that I wanted to use it in three things, and asked her for two more. This episode features those thingsAli Baba, mint cakes, and metronome.

Tidbits of Truth

Olga specified what she meant by “mint cakes.” Kendal Mint Cakes, dating to 1869, were rather like the energy bars we have today.  Although most of the “energy” appears to…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – It is not often you get a day like this! #Amazing

A great initiative by the authors at Story Empire to celebrate the awesomeness of blogger and author extraordinaire Sally Cronin!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

On Thursday as I did my usual rounds of social media, I discovered I was tagged in a number of posts from several authors. There was a conspiracy it seemed, and on investigation I discovered I was the target of a campaign by a group of authors intent on plastering my name across the Internet to their followers and beyond.

Unlike many campaigns of this nature…. this one was very different and delightfully so.

The eleven authors that form Story Empire honoured me with individual posts sharing my books, their reviews and some lovely comments that frankly left me blushing (and delighted of course).

I hope by this point I have responded to everyone who kindly left messages of support and  apologies to anyone I have missed.. I will catch up I promise.

I love my job, which is how I regard blogging and author and book promotion. It began…

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#ThursdayDoors to Self-knowledge & Fe-Lines at — Rebecca’s On The Road Book Club

Cat lovers everywhere should check Teagan Geneviene’s wonderful Fe-Lines, a journal like no other. As you can see from the review, it is a delight!

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Thursday, March10, 20222022 Thursday Doors badge by Teagan R. Geneviene

Welcome to Thursday Doors, a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week.  Then go to host, Dan Antion’s blog to share your link in his comments area anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American Eastern time).

A lie is like a cat: you need to stop it before it gets out the door or it’s really hard to catch. ― Charles M. Blow

Fe-Lines door image by TeaganFe-Lines door image by Teagan

I like to say, “Books are doors to the imagination.”  Similarly, journals are doors to self-knowledge.  I haven’t talked about this “book” because was concerned that there would be confusion.  It’s not a story, or at least, it isn’t a story until you start…

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The Armadillo Files, Episode 25 — Featuring Mr Ohh

Episode 25 of the Armadillo Files by Teagan Geneviene​ is here. and it is fabulous! Don’t miss it!

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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Armadillo Files Dilly Fang Henry Gazebo

You’ve reached The Armadillo Files. The serial is swimming along, but it’s never too late to jump into it. The wind has been blowing so hard here the past couple of days, that the Lost Sea cave sounds like a good place to be.  This is a windy place anyway… but 25 to 35 mile per hour winds with gusts of more than 50mph is like a dry hurricane. 

Random Reader Things

This episode features “things” from Mr. Ohh at theMy Sideways Viewblog.  Mr. Ohh also narrates his posts.  Click over and be entertained. His three things are puppet, potato chips, and rubber tire.  The Time Manatees got creative with one of those.  

Previously in The Armadillo Files

Delilah Faraday and Tatu Pinkerton, aka Fang, went back to 1877 to get help for Fang. The erstwhile pink fairy armadillo…

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Announcing — Dead of Winter: Journey 13, The Harbor

Great news! Teagan Geneviene​ has published Journey 13, The Harbor of her serial Dead of Winter. It is so close to the end! I can’t wait to read it. Can you?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Shipwreck in Stormy Seas Claude-Joseph Vernet wikipediaBackground for “Journey 13, The Harbor”

The Penultimate Journey Is Here!

Dead of Winter: Journey 13, The Harbor

I never intended to do much writing when I decided to convert this epic novel into an Amazon series of monthly novelettes.  It was already plenty long. Now the total is more than 1,140 pages and 248,700 words.  Plus, nearly all of the concluding Journey 14 will be new material.

Anyway, Journey 13 gave me the opportunity to highlight some of the characters who haven’t gotten as much attention.  The prologue features Tahira, the older member of the Society of Deae Matres.  Gethin, the horse whisperer, gets another part.  Also, the goddesses get further developed.

As most of you know, I call the installments “journeys,” because the characters travel across the complex world I built, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. After this one there’s only one…

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