Smorgasbord Christmas Celebrations Rewind – The Twelfth Day of Christmas with guests Paul Andruss, Olga Nunez Miret and Carol Taylor, Roscón, music and gratitude.

Thanks to Sally Cronin​ for her very special Christmas gift and for including me in a post with wonderful and talented Carol Taylor and Paul Andruss. Merry Christmas all!

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We have finally reached the last of the Christmas parties first featured in 2018 and revisited this year with additions from 2020.. I would like to take this opportunity to thank more regular contributors over the last ten years, and someone who has helped me with the translation of one of my books. Paul Andruss, Olga Nunez Miretand Carol Taylor.

I know that for the second year running most of us will be spending a very different Christmas day to other years, and it is likely that many of you will still not be able to see your family and close friends in person. That alone will ensure that 2020 and 2021 remain in our thoughts and our memories for a long time.

Today we do at least have the technology to speak to and see those we love, and it whilst does not compare with the hugs…

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