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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wolf, Emlyn, Osabide, Gethin, Baki, & Zasha, by TeaganDead of Winter Characters: Wolf, Emlyn, Osabide, Gethin, Baki, & Zasha, by Teagan

Welcome everyone.  I know how busy you are at this time of year.  So, I’m not doing much of a post.  Last week I issued a challenge, hoping to get everyone’s creativity flowing.  There’s more on that below.  It is still open.

Pat at eQuips responded to the challenge witha poemthat is stunning.

Even though Dead of Winter is up to Journey 11, the Sumelazon Escarpment my challenge pertains to Journey 1, Forlorn Peak.

My Challenge to You

Create something using Emlyn’s world as portrayed in Dead of Winter: Journey 1, Forlorn Peak, as your inspiration.  Not a story with my characters, but anything else you please.  If you want to play and have not read the Journeys give me your email in a comment and…

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