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A lovely review for Sally Cronin’s latest poetry book. Inspiring, thoughtful, and full of wonderful memories and photographs.

Toni Pike

I’m thrilled to share with you my five-star review of Life is a Mosaic, by Sally Cronin. It is a wonderful book of syllabic poetry – touching, insightful and a delight to read. I think it would make an ideal gift for any adult – or be a good way to give yourself a treat. I’m in a Covid lockdown in Canberra at the moment, so reading this was the perfect way to cheer myself up.

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Let Teagan Geneviene take you on a fantastic ride with the new episode of The Armadillo Files!

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Saturday, August 28, 2021

piper leads 7th Seaforth Highlanders 15th Scottish Division June 26 1944 Wikipedia alteredBagpiper leads 7th Seaforth Highlanders 15th (Scottish) Division June 26, 1944. Wikipedia (altered)

Welcome back to The Armadillo Files.  For the moment we’re still on the Jupiter AM-18 rocket in 1959.  Better hang on tight.  The ride is about to get bumpy.

Historic Tidbits

First, here are a couple of historic tidbits.  If the image above is unexpected, that will be cleared up in a moment.  I mentioned last week that the bagpipes would be back.  That “random reader thing” led me to fictionalize a real life person. He might be back as a minor character in future episodes… Only the things know for sure.  The person is Daniel Laidlaw, a piper recognized for his heroics in World War I. 

For a little while longer, the Jupiter AM-18 rocket is still in 1959.  As you’ll recall, last time a strange vessel connected to…

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Teagan Geneviene has a cover reveal! If you’re following her serial Dead of Winter, you’ll want to see this!

Teagan's Books

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

typewriter vintage office desk Jill Wellington PixabayJill Wellington at Pixabay

Just before I started writing this post, the part of my brain that I call “Squirrel” because it bounces around like a dog who’s just seen a squirrel… Squirrel!!!  Where was I?  Oh, yeah. I had landed on something about the “I Write Like” place that most writers have visited at one time or another. You know, you enter a few paragraphs of your book, hit enter, and behold! You are presented with the name of the famous author whose writing yours resembles.

Every time I’ve been to that site, I’ve gotten a different “famous author” that I write like — and with text from the same stories.  I entered part of episode 2 of my new blog serial The Armadillo Files.  Result? Stephen King. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I like Stephen King, and I adore watching him on interviews. …

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Teagan Geneviene has shared my review of her two most recent journeys in the Dead of Winter serial. I can’t recommend it enough.

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Monday, August 23, 2021

I’m so honored by every review of my books.  You can imagine my multiplied delight to see this double review from Olga Núñez Miret of Journeys 7 and 8 of “Dead of Winter.”  She manages to bring out so much without giving anything away, that I’m always amazed.  I hope you’ll follow this link to Olga’s wonderful blog.

Dead of Winter: Journey 7, Revenant Pass

Journey 8, The Lost Library

Dead of Winter 7 & 8 by Teagan Riordain GenevieneDead of Winter 7 & 8


Thanks for spending part of your day here.  See you at Olga’s.  Hugs on the wing!


Dead of Winter — All the Journeys

Universal Purchase Links

Journey 8, The Lost Library



Journey 7, Revenant Pass



Journey 6, The Fluting Fell



Journey 5, Llyn Pistyll Falls



Journey 4, The Old Road


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And she’s off! Don’t miss the first episode of Teagan’s new serial!

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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Hello, all.  Are you ready for the takeoff?  I’ve used this video before, but I love the song (and it was a really cool anime series too), and it’s just perfect for this beginning.  The all new, interactive, reader-thing driven serial is here! 

My overbooked status continued throughout last week.  I’m still playing catch-up.  So, I was up late writing this first episode. It’s definitely by the seat of my “pantser” pants.  So kindly ignore any mistakes.  Pointing them out does not qualify as a “friendly comment.”  You’ve seen the middle of this episode, in the teaser I gave last week.  It was simpler to include the whole thing together, so I’m sorry for rerunning that.

Because of that, the random reader things have a couple of repeats princess phonefromGP Coxandtransistor radiofromDan Antion.  I’ve also used the remaining two of…

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