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#Bookreview A History of Women’s Lives in Eastbourne by Tina Brown (@penswordbooks) Informative, entertaining, inspiring, and part of an important series #UKHistory – Hi all: I bring you a book for those of you interested in non-fiction and women’s history. A History of Women’s Lives in Eastbourne by Tina Brown The south east coastal town of Eastbourne is probably best known today for being a popular seaside holiday resort, frequented by the retired generation. It h…

#TuesdayBookBlog Picasso’s Revenge by Ray and Caroline Foulk (@picassonovel). For lovers of Cubism eager to experience the 1920s and 30s Paris art scene. – Hi all: I bring you another review on behalf of Rosie’s group. This is a labour of love, and I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Picasso’s Revenge by Ray and Caroline Foulk. In the early 1920 s, immaculate gentleman, Jacques Doucet descends into the world of anarchist art, the occult and

#Bookreview Malibu Motel: A novel about the colossal cost of free cash by Chaunceton Bird (@JHPsocial). A modern A Rake’s Progress facilitated by a lottery win – Hi all: I bring you a book that’s very modern but tells a very old tale. Malibu Motel: A novel about the colossal cost of free cash by Chaunceton Bird Based on the incredible true story of a hapless lottery winner, Malibu Motel is a raw, timeless novel exploring the undercurrents of capitalism. Caish Callow…

#Booklaunchparty A GHOST IN THE KITCHEN by Teagan Geneviene (@teagangeneviene). Don’t miss this wild ride on a magical trolley through haunted Savannah! – Dear all: I know this is not one of my usual days to share a post, but a great author and blogosphere friend, Teagan Geneviene, is having a launch party for her new book A Ghost in the Kitchen. In case you don’t know her yet (where have you been hiding?), she has the most

#TuesdayBookBlog The Doom Murders (The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Book 1) by Brian O’Hare(@brianohare26). A great police procedural novel set in Northern Ireland, to keep the grey cells ticking. – Hi all: Today I bring you the first book in a series I really enjoy, but for some reason I’d missed this one: The Doom Murders (The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Book 1) by Brian O’Hare Prominent figures in Belfast are being murdered. The bodies are left naked and posed in …

#Bookreview The Real World of Victorian Steampunk: Steam Planes and Radiophones by Simon Webb (@penswordbooks) A joy to read, informative and inspiring #steampunk – Hi all: I had great fun with this book and I learned a lot. I hope you find it interesting as well. The Real World of Victorian Steampunk: Steam Planes and Radiophones by Simon Webb In the last few decades, steampunk has blossomed from being a rather obscure and little-known subgenre of science fiction i…

#TuesdayBookBlog Everyone Dies (Karma’s Children Book 3) by John Dolan(@JohnDolanAuthor). It ends with a bang, not with a whimper. – Hi all: I bring you the latest (and last in the series) novels by one of my favourite indie authors: Everyone Dies (Karma’s Children Book 3) by John Dolan “An obsession with revenge might not be great for your mental health, but at least it’s calorie-free.” Private detective David Braddock is holed-up on the Thai

#Bookreview A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier (@Tracy_Chevalier) (@BoroughPress) An accurate look at the lot of a woman in England between the wars, recommended to lovers of historical fiction, needlework, and cathedrals

Lovers of dark fantasy shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Six fantasy novels #free

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While Marcia is clearing up her dead moss monster following Hurricane Dorian’s unwelcome visit, I thought I’d quickly share the news that book #1 in my Five Kingdoms fantasy series, THE PRINCE’S MAN, is part of a FREE boxed set. So, if you’ve hesitated about trying it, you can pick it up now without parting with a cent.

It’s marketed as ‘Dark Fantasy’, but that’s only on the grounds the books contain some violence (sword fights, anyone?) and darker themes. To be fair, I haven’t read the others, so I can’t vouch fully for their content, but this was the second set put together by Patty Jensen, the other set having the criteria of being ‘wholesome and sweet’.

The set is currently sitting pretty in the top 10 free fantasy books on Amazon, but it can always do with a few more downloads – PLEASE SHARE!

You can find…

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Anybody interested in Dick Turpin will enjoy this post, and there’s an excerpt from Robbie Cheadle’s new novel you shouldn’t miss.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The myth of Dick Turpin

Fiction writer, Harrison Ainsworth, glamourised thief and highway man, Dick Turpin, in his 1834 novel, Rookwood. The novel is set in England in 1737 at a manor house called Rookwood Place and the plot revolves around the mysterious death of the owner, Piers Rookwood, and the subsequent rivalry for inheritance of the property between his two sons.

During the course of the story, Dick Turpin, a highway man, is introduced at the manor under the pseudonym Palmer. During his stay, Palmer makes a bet with one of the other house guests that he can capture Dick Turpin. He is eventually forced to escape upon his horse, Black Bess. The horse, although fast enough to stay ahead of all the other horses, eventually collapses and dies from the stress of the escape.

In the novel, Ainsworth describes Turpin as galloping north in the dark: “His blood…

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