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Quite the line-up for this year’s Llandeilo Lit Festival. Put the date on your calendar, 25th to 28th of April!


Bore da folks,

After months of hard work behind the scene we can now reveal the current lineup of this years’ Llandeilo Lit Fest

Of course there may be updates and changes but for now, you can browse through these highlights. Until the programme booklet is printed and the website fully updated this is the inofficial preview:

All online tickets for this year’s festival are now live at
and paper tickets can be purchased from March 1st at the Red Cross Book Shop in Llandeilo.

Sian Northey, writer and writing teacher, lives and breathes books.

Phil Steele in conversation.
Nerves of Steele reveals the remarkable story of the successful Welsh rugby international, Phil Steele. An uplifting story about the strength of the human spirit overcoming mental anguish and personal tragedy.

Hongian Mas yn yr Hangout.

Poetry Slam…

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#TuesdayBookBlog SECRET SKY (The Gift Legacy Book 1), LOVER BETRAYED (The Gift Legacy Companion Book1) and guest post by JP McLean (@jpmcleanauthor) #Bookreview – Dear all: I have known author JP McLean for quite a while (she was one of the authors I met through social media shortly after I started blogging and publishing my own books), and her books and news have featured on my blog a number of times. Although I’ve followed her career with interest (I

If you are looking for some reading material, Beetley Pete shares his serials all in one page. And they are a treat!


Recent comments from the lovely ladies Maggie and Jude made me realise something. I have a lot of new followers, and many of them are engaging regularly on the blog now. Most of them have not read many of my previous works of longer fiction, and they were not around for the start of most of the serials either. Rather than reblog so many stories, I thought I would put up this post, with links to them, and some idea what they are about. Hopefully, this will entice some new readers to explore those older pieces, and they might even enjoy reading them too. 🙂

It Begins.
A heartless serial-killer, planning with meticulous precision. It has some dark themes. 12,500 words.
It Begins: The Complete Story

A teenager is kidnapped, but it doesn’t go to plan. They didn’t count on Marjorie being the girl she was. 21,400 words.
Marjorie: The…

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#Bookreview FALLEN IDOLS: A CENTURY OF SCREEN SEX SCANDALS (IMAGES OF THE PAST) by Nigel Blundell (@penswordbooks) Great pictures and a reminder – Dear all: I bring you another one of Pen & Sword’s books, one for those of you who love movies and photographs of the Hollywood of the Big Studios and its tarnished stars. Fallen Idols: A Century of Screen Sex Scandals (Images of the Past) by Nigel Blundell (@penswordbooks) Great pictures, some amusing and some

Thanks to Sally Cronin for including a review of my latest book in her post, and I am in a very talented company. ♥

#TuesdayBookBlog NOT HERE: A DINA OSTICA NOVEL (Dina Ostica Series Book 1) by Genevieve Novoco (@GNocovo) #RBRT For lovers of the movie Chinatown and strong female protagonists. – Hi all: Today I bring you a book that resonated with me for many reasons. I hope it piques your interest as well. Not Here: A Dina Ostica Novel (Dina Ostica Series Book 1) by Genevieve Nocovo. Loved the movie Chinatown? Love San Francisco and female protagonists? This is your novel! Would …

#Bookreview THE NOWHERE CHILD by Christian White (@CWhiteAuthor) (@HarperCollinsUK) Dark, scary, and gripping. – Hi all: You’ve probably noticed that I’ve read and reviewed quite a few books written by Australian authors recently, and here comes another one. I’m not sure why, but I suspect this won’t be the last one either. The Nowhere Child: The bestselling debut psychological thriller you need to read in 2019 by Christian White A little

#TuesdayBookBlog CALL DROPS by John F Leonard (@john_f_leonard) #RBRT A dark and creepy read with a twisted sense of humour – Hi all. Today I bring you a short read that packs a punch. Call Drops: A Horror Story by John F Leonard Vincent likes nothing more than rootling round second-hand shops in search of the interesting and unusual. Items that are lost and forgotten. Why not? He needs the diversion. Time on his hands and money to

#Bookreview THE MURDER THAT DEFEATED WHITECHAPEL’S SHERLOCK HOLMES: AT MRS RIDGLEY’S CORNER by Paul Stickler (@paul_stickler) (@penswordbooks) #Truecrime – Hi all: I bring you another non-fiction book that brings to life what a real murder investigation was like in Britain in the early XX century. The Murder that Defeated Whitechapel’s Sherlock Holmes: At Mrs Ridgley’s Corner by Paul Stickler. A fascinating true police-procedural account from the early XXc In 1919, …

#TuesdayBookBlog #THELOSTMAN by Jane Harper (@LittleBrownUK)(@caolinndouglas) (@GraceEVincent) (@janeharperautho) As good, if not better, than Harper’s previous books. Read it now! #TheLastMan – I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the blog tour for the launch of this fabulous book by an author whose two previous books I have loved so much. And I’m not the only one. The Lost Man by Jane Harper Two brothers meet in the remote Australian outback wh…



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