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¡Aquí está! CITAS MORTALES. Una vez psiquiatra… 3. #$0.99 oferta especial #nuevolibro #Unavezpsiquatra3 – Solo es una broma. ¿O no…? Por si os lo estábais preguntando, hoy se publica Citas mortales. Una vez psiquiatra… 3. Citas mortales. Una vez psiquiatra…3 Muerte por causas naturales. Esa era la explicación oficial. Hasta que encontraron la cita. Matar no es tan difícil como la gente se cree. De hecho puede resultar hasta

It’s here! DEADLY QUOTES. Escaping Psychiatry 3. #psychologicalthriller #only 0.99 #Xmaspresent – Just joking. Or not? If you’ve been wondering, the latest book in the Escaping Psychiatry series, Deadly Quotes, is here! Deadly Quotes. Escaping Psychiatry 3. Death by natural causes. That was the official explanation. Until they found the quote. Killing isn’t as difficult as people think. In fact it can be quite easy. Was it

#TuesdayBookBlog THE GREAT DEVIL WAR, BOOK 1 AND 2 by Kenneth B. Andersen. #RBRT Fun story, great setting, and a reluctant hero/villain you’ll get to love. #YAFantasy – Hi all: Today I bring you the two first books in a series. I don’t usually read a lot in this genre but I’m pleased I decided to read these ones. The Devil’s Apprentice: The Great Devil War I by Kenneth B. Andersen (Kenneth Bøgh Andersen) Philip is a good boy, a really good boy,

A fantastic story, quite dark and creepy but also funny, by Pete (BeetleyPete)


Following the completion of the twenty-part fiction serial, I am presenting all those episodes in one complete story. This is for those who prefer to read it all in one go, and for anyone who may have missed parts along the way. It is a long read, in 21,400 words.

It had seemed like a good plan.

Phil cleaned the windows at the big house, so he had seen inside. They had pots of money. And four cars, all expensive ones. Who needs four cars? You can only drive one at a time. Well maybe two, if your wife is going somewhere different, and knows how to drive. He had a good idea of house prices in the area. That place would sell for close to five million in today’s market.

Rodney had always been a dreamer. He lived life anticipating the next big thing, but that never happened. He…

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#Bookreview ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL by Sara Vaughan (@SVaughanAuthor) A great courtroom drama/psychological thriller that will keep you thinking #MeToo – Hi, all: This is a book that I’d recommend to those of you who prefer non-seasonal reads this time of the year. The book kept me thinking, and I’ve decided to add a reflection that I did not think belonged in the review (I know my reviews are legendary for their length, but there have

Rob Goldstein features author D. G. Kaye who talks about her very personal journey and her books.

Art by Rob Goldstein

“For every kindness, there should be kindness in return. Wouldn’t that just make the world right?” D.G. Kaye


December’s Featured Blogger is Author D.G. Kaye.

D.G. Kaye was born in Canada and lives in Toronto. She is an accomplished author and an active blogger on WordPress. 

In your bio, I hear a sense of determination and hope. How do you find hope?

I don’t find hope, I keep it tucked deeply inside. Hope is all we have when facing tragedy or adversity. In our darkest moments many of us, like myself, cling to that hope. But those who cannot focus on the light often get lost in the abyss of the darkness of the moment. I refuse to go to that place. I’m a firm believer that we manifest what we focus on to the universe. And what we focus on we attract. Staying focused on the negative and dark thoughts…

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#Lanzamientodelibro #Unavezpsiquiatra3 #thrillerpsicológico –

#Booklaunch #Newbook #EscapingPsychiatry3 –

Thanks to Sally Cronin​ for sharing my new book, available on pre-order and due to be published on the 14th of December. For those who want a non-Christmassy read over Christmas. Deadly Quotes. Escaping Psychiatry 3.

Colleen Cheesebro interviews talented writer and blogger Sally Cronin, a great friend and promoter of fellow writers and artists.

Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

Conversations with ColleenThe December Edition

Hello everyone! This week I’m happy to bring you an author we all know and love, Sally Cronin.

Sally is a fixture in our blogging community who supports authors in every stage of the game. Her blog, Smorgasbord Blog Magazine, is a blog magazine for lovers of health, food, books, music, humor, and life in general.

Here are a few of the features you will find in the Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – FREE Book Promotion

Writer in Residence- Paul Andruss

Carol Taylor’s Food and Cookery Column 2018

Smorgasbord Health Column – News, Nutrients, Health Conditions, Anti-Aging

The Travel Column with D.G.Kaye

Guest writer Linda Bethea

And, these are only a few of the highlights offered on Sally Cronin’s blog. You will definitely want to stop by and have a visit. Her blog is a virtual magazine filled with love, humor, and music! There’s something for everyone.

 With the Christmas season well…

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