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If you love flash fiction, you should not miss the winners of the lates Carrot Ranch competition

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

By Sherri Matthews

Well, we asked for travel stories with a twist, and we got ‘em.  Thank you so much to all who entered, 29 in all. You’ve taken us around the world (twice), to Rome and through most of Europe, to Morocco, Lima, on sun-drenched holidays including the Caribbean and Hawaii, up mountains, along the coast, to a Harry Potter conference in San Francisco, a monastery, Lake Michigan, Key West, Rock Springs and the weird and wonderful Garbled Creese. We’ve walked, ran and hiked, and travelled by car, cruise ship, plane, bus, motorhome, and broomstick.

The high quality and enjoyment of every story, however, did not make it easy for the judges.  I don’t like this part of the job! First, I verified every story’s word count and sadly had to eliminate 2, one just under, one just below 99 words. Then we narrowed it down with each of…

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#TuesdayBookBlog #Newbook MI SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER by Oyinkan Braithwaite (@OyinBraithwaite) (@doubledaybooks) Domestic noir, dark humour, and a fantastic new voice – Hi all: I was intrigued by this book from the moment I saw it… My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite “Feverishly hot”–PAULA HAWKINS “The wittiest and most fun murder party you’ve ever been invited to.”–MARIE CLAIRE A short, darkly funny, hand grenade of a novel about a Nigerian woman …

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A fantastic review from Colleen Chesebro of one of Sally Cronin’s books, What’s in a Name Vol. 2. If you love short-stories, you must read it!

Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry


Our legacy is not always about money or fame, but rather in the way that people remember our name after we have gone. In these sixteen short stories we discover the reasons why special men and women will stay in the hearts and minds of those who have met them. Romance, revenge and sacrifice all play their part in the lives of these characters.

Kenneth watches the love of his life dance on New Year’s Eve while Lily plants very special flowers every spring for her father. Martha helps out a work colleague as Norman steps back out into the world to make a difference. Owen brings light into a house and Patrick risks his life in the skies over Britain and holds back from telling a beautiful redhead that he loves her.

Meet Queenie and Rosemary who have both lost their husbands and must face…

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#TuesdayBookBlog THE SWOOPING MAGPIE by Liza Perrat (@LizaPerrat) #RBRT #Bookreview A powerful and poignant drama recommended to book clubs – Hi all: Today I bring you the review of a book by an author I discovered thanks to Rosie Amber’s group and who’s become a big favourite of mine. And she does not disappoint. The Swooping Magpie: 1970s Australian Drama by Liza Perrat The thunderclap of sexual revolution collides with the black cloud of illegitimacy. Sixteen-yea…

#Bookreview OUT OF THE MAZE: A SIMPLE WAY TO CHANGE YOUR THINKING & UNLOCK SUCCESS by Spencer Johnson – Hi all: Today I bring you a very short book, the sequel to one that quite a few of you might be familiar with: Out of the Maze: A Simple Way to Change Your Thinking & Unlock Success by Spencer Johnson Who Moved My Cheese? offered millions of readers relief for an evergreen problem: unanticipated and

Thanks to Robbie Cheadle for her wonderful review of Pink Matters, book 1 on my #YA Angelic Business series. Remember this book is #FREE on e-book format.

Robbie's inspiration

What Amazon says

OK, OK, OK. Pink gets it. She’s the Elected, whether she likes it or not. Heaven and Hell are closing in, and their envoys are closer home than ever. So close she can’t ignore them. And she’ll do everything but.

However long she has, she’s determined to make it count. She’ll sort her friends out, she’ll help her family and, she’ll live a bit. And then, she’ll take charge. Because no one will say that Pink went down without a fight. However big and bad the enemy.
Gender benders, romances, old loves that come to fruition, new challenges, divine interventions, tears, laughter and magic. All of that and more. Because, if you‘re gonna go, you might as well go with a bang.

My review

I listened to the audio book of Pink Matters. The reader had a pleasant reading voice and I enjoyed the narration.

Pink Matters

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Barb Taub’s fantastic review of Atonement in Bloom by Teagan Geneviene

Barb Taub

As promised in my genre mashup post here, my next genre mashup is a new book by one of my favorite writers. Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene offers her southern gothic urban fantasy paranormal mystery, Atonement in Bloom, Book 2 of her Atonement series.

“Seriously?” I hear you say. “Southern gothic urban fantasy paranormal mystery?” 

If you think this particular genre mashup could use a bit more explaining, read on for a repost from a few years back. [NOTE: for those who are already experts—or just want to see how an expert does it!—please jump down to the review of Atonement in Bloom below.]

How can you tell if you are a heroine in a gothic novel?

In 1764, Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto was published and the world of genre fiction was born.

Easy-peasy! Just look for the following elements:

  1. You talk funny. (“I have not…

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If you’d like to know what people never dared to ask author Vasthi Quiroz, you should read this interview.

The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

Hello, everyone! A warm welcome to my blog!

For the next couple of weeks I thought I would share some of the posts I had prepared for my blog tour, for those who were not able to make it to the blogs hosting it. Today I will share a short interview along with Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge.

Pleasant and Read are this week’s prompt words chosen by Colleen Chesebro ~ The Fairy Whisperer.

*The catch is that we can only use the synonyms to these words in our poems.

Colleen hosts a challenge that anyone could participate in called, Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challengeevery Tuesday, and you have until Sunday to create a post featuring your Haiku, Tanka, Haibun, Etheree or Cinquain poem. She is an author and poet, and also does book reviews and so much more on her blog

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