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#TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT THE LOST LETTERS by Sarah Mitchell (@SarahM_writer) WWII Historical fiction and family secrets – Hi all: I bring you a book that I think will become a big favourite for many of you, as it touches on some themes that I know a lot of us are interested in, and it is beautifully written. Another one of Rosie’s great finds. The Lost Letters: Absolutely heartbreaking wartime fiction about love


Thanks to Hugh Roberts (@HughRoberts05) for featuring me and one of my books in his fantastic series of blogs 49 Days In 1988. If you love short stories with fabulous twists, don’t forget to check his book ‘Glimpses’. #short-stories

Hugh's Views & News  

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London – October  7th, 1988

The interview I had yesterday has been on my mind all day. One thing it has done is to build my confidence up. There’s nothing like a job interview to boost one’s spirit, although I know that many people would have found it all very nerve-racking.

Some sad news I got on Wednesday was confirmed today. Marty is in hospital after overdosing on some substance. I didn’t want to believe he was taking drugs, but it’s now been confirmed that he is, and has been doing so for quite some time. I did warn him about it when I first heard that he was taking drugs, but he did nothing but call me a ‘kill-joy.’  It’s ended up putting him in Charring Cross hospital…

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#TuesdayBookBlog #Bookreview CREATURE by Hunter Shea (@huntershea1) A love letter in the guise of a #horror novel. – Hi all: Today I bring you the review of a book in one of my favourite genres, although it is a bit of a special one. Creature (Fiction Without Frontiers) by Hunter Shea. A love letter in the guise of a horror book dealing with a painful topic. Highly recommended. The monsters live inside of

Sue Vincent hosts blogger extraordinaire Sally Cronin who reminds us of the importance of looking forward!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It is always a pleasure to have Sally over as a guest, especially when she is writing about an issue so close to my heart:

My thanks to Sue for the invitation to write a post for her today… always lovely to be over on her spectacular and eclectic blog.

Sally aged 7 years old – looking forward and not back

Why I am skipping Old Age and embarking on my Second Childhood instead.

I have researched the delights of Old Age rigorously, in an effort to determine if I want to actually accept the title. I looked after my mother for several years in her late 80s to her mid-90s, and I would say that she was young at heart until dementia robbed her of that at age 92.

She said that she felt the same inside as she had as a young woman, despite the wrinkles and…

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A great review by Sally Cronin of The Glowing Pigs: Snort Stories of Atonement, Tennessee by Teagan Riordain Geneviene. Fabulous!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to share my review of the latest release from Teagan Riordain Geneviene which is a lovely story of about glowing pigs and a prequel to Atonement, Tennessee.

About The Glowing Pigs – Snort Stories of Atonement, Tennessee – A short book long on characters….

These snort stories are part of the “universe” of the urban fantasy town created by author Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene ― Atonement, Tennessee. They continue the adventures of the otherworldly pigs and the residents of the quirky town.

Like some of the other Atonement characters, the otherworldly glowing pigs were loosely inspired by the ancient myth of Gwydion fab Don. The pig-tales snuffle alongside the novels

Atonement, Tennessee and Atonement in Bloom at various points in the time-line.

The first snort (“Robin’s Great Chase”) is a prequel to all the Atonement stories. The story-line comes into play in the next novel, Atonement in Bloom, where…

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Fabulous news. Sally Cronin’s new book Tales from the Irish Garden is now on sale! Feel the magic and don’t miss Donata Zawadzka’s fabulous illustrations!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

At last the day has arrived and Tales from the Irish Garden is now available.

The book has been three years in the writing, mainly because what began as short stories in line with the first collection, turned into a full-length book. As we moved back from Spain to Ireland, house hunted, and then embarked on a renovation project, there were breaks from  the process. However, the upside was that I had the time to adapt and create new characters and adventures with more freedom. It also gave me time to meet Donata Zawadzka, courtesy of Paul Andruss, and after seeing her wonderful illustrations, I commissioned a number for the book to showcase some of the lead characters. More about Donata shortly.

Many of those that lived in the palace in Spain in the garden of our house, followed me across land and sea to settle in a magic…

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#Tuesdaybookblog #Blogtour and review THE CHRISTMAS WISHING TREE. An Eternity Springs Novel by Emily March (@EmilyMarchBooks) An enchanted town, the power of believing, a mystery, and the perfect romance

Living in the Gap

“Ruffled feathers and endless squawking over a minor difficulty is typical of a crow’s life. I lean back on the counter and realize that could be my line….”

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Opinión sobre noticias y asuntos de actualidad

Los escritos de Héctor Browne

Blog (algo literario y algo viejo) de un Licenciado en Letras, diplomado en edición, y Profesor de Lenguaje.

Priscilla Bettis, Author

The making of a horror novelist.

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