Those of you who love spooke stories will love this one, hosted by Sue Vincent and written by Ichabod Temperance.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

1-Here is ‘Big Alice’, the number one furnace. You can see her skid cars for feeding. Note the guard tower on the right.

Howdy folks, my name is Ichabod Temperance. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. B’ham is an old steel town. One of the primary ingredients of steel is iron. There is a rich seam of iron ore here. Separating the iron from the extraneous material requires a lot of heat. A tremendous blast furnace is built here for that purpose. Sloss Furnace was in operation from 1881 until 1972. As a lifelong Birminghamster, I am old enough to remember seeing it in operation as my family drove by on the viaduct that runs right along the site.

The fumes of the process were used to fire giant kilns. The heat from these forty foot ovens was blasted under the furnace, which is basically a giant bottle. The wind…

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