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#TuesdayBookBlog THE COVEN MURDERS (The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Book 3) by Brian O’Hare ( Great characters, a Northern Irish setting, and the devil is in the detail. – Hi all: Today I bring you a review for a book by an author I discovered a while back and I hope to keep reading in the future, Brian O’Hare. The Coven Murders (The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Book 3) by Brian O’Hare The Coven Murders opens with a horrifying account of a ritual Black Mass with a

Don’t miss this wonderful post and great cake by Robbie Cheadle. She says she got the inspiration for it when she was reading my novel ‘I Love Your Cupcakes’. I’m honored!

Robbie's inspiration

On Friday it was Mr Fox’s birthday. The boys and I planned a small family birthday party for him on Sunday afternoon and invited all the relatives for the event.

I had my idea for his birthday cake a few weeks ago when I read I love your cupcakes by Olga Nunez Miret. Her book features a televised baking competition which concludes with the creation of a fantastic cake with colour for a theme. The winning team creates a cake with a magician’s top hat from which a waterfall of colour icing [must be liquid fondant, of course] flows when it is cracked open. My idea wasn’t quite the same. My idea included a magician’s top hat and spirals of coloured fondant curls. Olga’s book also comments on taste combinations. I decided to experiment and make blueberry cake for the top layer. You can read my review of Olga’s…

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#Bookreview MACBETH by Jo Nesbo (@NetGalley) A dark and twisted take on the original for readers interested in morally ambiguous characters. #JoNesbo #Shakespeare – Hi all: I was very intrigued by this book and well… Here is the review, finally. Macbeth by Jo Nesbo JO NESBO: #1 Sunday Times bestseller, #1 New York Times bestseller, 40 million books sold worldwide He’s the best cop they’ve got.  When a drug bust turns into a bloodbath it’s up to Inspector Macbeth and…

Sally Cronin shares a review of Christoph Fischer’s new book. Don’t miss it! – via Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Over my Dead Body: Murder at Eurovision – A Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery by Christoph Fischer

#TuesdayBookBlog #Coverreveal SON OF A PREACHER MAN by Karen M. Cox (@karenmcox1932). Another winner! – Hi all: I recently read a book by Karen M. Cox (check here my review of I Could Write a Book) and when Rosie Amber told me the author was looking for ARC readers for her new book, I had to join in. I’ve read the book and I’ll tell you more about it early

#Bookreview RETURNING TO THE LAND OF THE MORNING CALM by Hans M. Hirschi (@Hans_Hirschi) #LGBT A truly romantic novel about a love that survives against all odds – Hi all: Today is the book launch of Hans M. Hirschi‘s new book. And I had to bring it to you. Here it is: Returning to the Land of the Morning Calm by Hans M Hirsch Martin is eighty-four years old, a Korean War veteran, living quietly in a retirement home in upstate New York. His days

Don Massenzio talks about his editing and formatting services. Authors, here comes help!

Writer's Treasure Chest

Welcome back, Don Massenzio! It’s good to have you here again. Let’s talk about your new business and how it is part of the writing world.

1. With your blog you are helping so many aspiring authors. What made you decide to do more than that?

There were a few factors. I wanted to be sure that I enjoyed editing and formatting the work of author authors. I’ve worked with a few authors and find that I still enjoy helping them bring their work to life. Another factor was the stigma (perceived or actual) that independently published authors face. Traditional publishing purists will tell you that our work is substandard due to the lack of professionalism and quality. I wanted to help the independent author community, as a whole, improve the quality of their work with professional editing and formatting at a price that won’t break the bank. If we…

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#TuesdayBookBlog WIP and apologies #Iamwriting – Hi all: First, sorry to all of you who’ve been trying to comment on my blog and finding bizarre requests or those who have been notified of posts or pages that don’t appear. I’ve been trying to catch up on the new Data Protection Regulations and exploring different possible plugins to try and facilitate the

#Bookreview, news, and a sample. #ILoveYourCupcakes #Romance – Hi all: I decided to take a mini-break from my reviews (not that I’ve finished reviewing all the books, but some of the books I’ve reviewed recently are not due to be published yet, so…) to bring you some news. And to share a lovely review of one of my books. First, some of you

#TuesdayBookBlog ELEGANT ETIQUETTE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY by Mallory James A fascinating look into the past and a great source for writers and social history researchers – Hi all: I bring you another one of my reviews of a non-fiction book that I found delightful. I must confess I am pleased I don’t have to live by these rules as I am sure I would have been totally useless and would have done all the wrong things. But reading about it is



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