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#Bookreview Images of the Past: The British Seaside By Lucinda Gosling (@penswordbooks) Oh, I like to be beside the seaside. And I love this book! #photographs

I had to share the amazing cover of Vashti Quiroz-Vega’s new book. And the Kirkus review. Don’t miss it!

♦ ♦ “The Fall of Lilith is a compelling narrative that provides background on several well-known, supernatural figures. Though obviously religious in nature, Quiroz-Vega’s book strays far from tra…

Source: BOOK COVER REVEAL | The Fall of Lilith (Fantasy Angels Series) | The Writer Next Door|Vashti Q

#TuesdayBookBlog #Bookreview Zero Day (John Puller Book 1) by David Baldacci Recommended to those who enjoy action novels, spy novels, thrillers, and definitely to Baldacci fans.

Visit Table Mountain, courtesy of Robbie Cheadle and Sue Vincent and don’t miss the sample for Robbie’s new book. 🙂

If I think of wonderful Cape Town, I think first of Table Mountain. This mountain is such a landmark and a most incredible natural phenomenon. Some of you may have picked up the fact that I am slig…

Source: Guest author: Robbie Cheadle – Table Mountain Cape Town | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

#NewBook and #Facebookevent DIRECTIONS OF THE HEART by Marie Lavender (@marielavender1) Romantic stories with a punch.

If you live in the USA don’t miss this opportunity to take part in a faery related lightning contest organized by Teagan Geneviene. I can’t!

On a truly fae whim, I’m doing a lightning contest. Woot!  I’m giving away a couple of faery favorite things.  Lightning Contest! Until 6 PM Eastern Only! I’m very sorry, but I ha…

Source: Thistledown Lightning Contest! | Teagan’s Books

#TuesdayBookBlog #Bookreview #RBRT WOLFSANGEL by Liza Perrat (@LizaPerrat) For lovers of historical fiction and the French Resistance, a novel based on a true episode of cruelty that should never be forgotten

If you are always wondering about quoting something in your writing and the permission you might need, this blog post by Jane Friedman will help you.

If you need to request permissions from an author or publisher, here are general guidelines, plus a sample letter you can customize.

Source: A Basic Guide to Getting Permissions + Sample Permissions Letter

#Bookreview NO IS NOT ENOUGH: DEFEATING THE NEW SHOCK POLITICS by Melanie Klein (@NaomiAKlein) A rallying cry towards unity, care, and humanism.

I had the pleasure of translating the fabulous novel Carta a Charo (LETTER TO CHARO) by Spanish author Estrella Cardona Gamio, a while back. It is an epistolary novel that follows the friendship of two women who’ve known each other since they were young but became separated due to personal circumstances and have continued to write to each other, although perhaps they don’t have much in common anymore. It is beautifully observed and nuanced, a short novel that I recommend to all of us who miss the time not-long-past when we wrote ‘real’ letters.

The good news is that the novel is FREE from the 11th to the 15th of July, inclusive and I had to share the author’s post with you. (It has bits in Spanish and English but you’ll find the all-important links.

Do not hesitate and take the chance to check this fabulous novel (that I read well before I had the chance to translate it). I’m working on another book by Estrella (this time non-fiction), so there’s more to come.


Con Letter to Charo, traducción de la novela Carta a Charo por la escritora Olga Núñez Miret, damos por finalizada nuestra campaña de promoción gratuita que iniciamos el 16 de mayo del año en curso…

Source: Letter to Charo #EnglishEdition. Gratis los días 11, 12, 13, 14 y 15 de julio. #eBook #Kindle – C. CARDONA GAMIO EDICIONES



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