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… the world would be a brighter, smellier, noisier place – and you would be a better, wiser, kinder person. The author of Being a Beast explains all

Source: If you were an elephant … | Environment | The Guardian

With apps taking over our lives, there’s a movement afoot as people yearn for simpler, technology-free times

Source: BBC – Capital – Why paper is the real ‘killer app’

Do you have a new interesting book for your readers? Great. Do you offer it in the form of an ebook? Also great. Do you have weak sales figures? Not that great, but we collected the five most essential tips for you which can instantly help you increase your ebook sales. Design a professional cover How…

Source: How to Increase Your Ebook Sales – 5 Tips (2017 Edition)

Reblog from RNA Friday, January 20, 2017 BOOK BLOGGER & REVIEWER: ROSIE AMBER Welcome to our latest blog series, Book Bloggers & Reviewers. Author, Ellie Holmes will be chatting each month …

Source: #RNA Features Rosie Amber #BookBlogger #BookReviewer In New Blogging Series | Rosie Amber

Thanks to D.G. Kaye for featuring me as a guest on her blog and for her probing and insightful questions. Please, visit and leave your comments there!

Today’s guest featured author with a new book, Olga Nunez Miret – Escaping Psychiatry II, book promotion

Source: Guest author Olga Nunez Miret, Escaping Psychiatry, D.G. Kaye

#Bookreview #RBRT Ghost Variations: The Strangest Detective Story In Music by Jessica Duchen (@jessicaduchen). Music, mystery, beautiful writing and a story that proves reality is weirder than fiction #TuesdayBookBlog

My Sunday book review delving into the minds of killers in Olga Nunez Miret’s – Escaping Psychiatry and short story thrillers by Hugh Roberts in his book, Glimpses

Source: Escaping Psychiatry by Olga Nunez Miret, Glimpses by Hugh Roberts,

#HappyNewYear 2017, please, behave! – Hi all: Happy 2017! As I’ve been promising you (I was going to say threatening you, but I think it’s not much of a threat) I’m planning on taking a bit of time to gather my thoughts about blogging. It might result in a major overhaul or on a less is more approach to life.

#Felizañonuevo. ¡2017, pórtate bien! – Hola a todos y feliz año nuevo. Como os he comentado, estoy planeando hacer algunos cambios en mi blog, así que me voy a tomar un respiro. Empecé a publicar un blog hace algo más de cuatro años ( con la idea de darme a conocer y promocionar mis libros. En ese tiempo he conocido

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