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Ya tenemos #ganadores del concurso de novelas indies de Amazon. NINGÚN ESCOCÉS VERDADERO de Ana Ballabriga (@BallabrigaAna) y David Zaplana (@DZaplana) Felicidades!

#Bookreview HERE I AM by Jonathan Safran Foer. Family, nation, religion, identity and writing with an inimitable style. And authors answer the question, What does your writing look like?

#Bookreview HOLDING by Graham Norton (@grahnort) Not a genre novel but an interesting story #TuesdayBookBlog

#Reseñadelibro NIÑOS SIN OJOS de Enrique Laso (@enriquelaso) Un acongojante caso y un Bush más maduro

#FREE epistolary novel 5-7th November LETTER TO CHARO by Estrella Cardona Gamio (@EstrellaCG) Straight to the heart #amreading

#NovedadLiteraria PRISIONERA DE UN RECUERDO de Estrella Cardona Gamio (@EstrellaCG) Tristeza, recuerdos y una celebración

#Newbook THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Terry Tyler (@TerryTyler4) Because serial killers have families too

#Adictosalalectura Para todos los lectores y #autores, una gran oportunidad @EDICIONESPROUST

#Bookreview #RBRT BLOOD OF THE SIXTH by K. R. Rowe (@KRRowe) A Southern gothic tale that will scare and delight #TuesdayBookBlog

Gobblers / Masticadores

Editores Jorge Aldegunde & j re crivello Gobblers/Masticadores en Inglés

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

Videos of feral cats on the streets, and my own four feral felines at home, feline humor, advice, and gifts for your cat.

Blog Site of Gabriele R.

Post, news, diary... All the world around me, ALL THE WORDS AROUND YOU

Living in the Gap

“Ruffled feathers and endless squawking over a minor difficulty is typical of a crow’s life. I lean back on the counter and realize that could be my line….”

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