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#Novedadliteraria ‘Sinfonía en París’ de Carmen Torrico (@torrico_1). Música y pasión.

#BookReview Short & Tall Tales in Goose Pimple Junction by Amy Metz (@authoramymetz) . A fun and delicious taster of the folks and tales of Goose Pimple Junction. And check out the rest of the Goose Pimple Junction series.

@PenistoneFM is participating in the ITV’s the #Peoples’Project. Come and support!

@PenistoneFM participa en #People’sProject de ITV. Si estáis en Inglaterra, dadle vuestro apoyo

#Novedadesliterarias Perdido en tu piel de Isabel Acuña (@Isacrisacu) No se puede escapar del pasado

#Mother’sDayMagic And incredible collection of books for a very good cause. Today Tamara Ferguson (@Tammysdragonfly)

#Escritores, si soñáis con que vuestros libros alcancen nuevos mercados, aquí está vuestra oportunidad. #Promocióndetraducciones al inglés. 50% de descuento.

#Writers, if you dream of your books reaching new markets, now you have a chance. #Translationpromotion English-Spanish. 50% OFF

Gobblers / Masticadores

Editores Jorge Aldegunde & j re crivello Gobblers/Masticadores en Inglés

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

Videos of feral cats on the streets, and my own four feral felines at home, feline humor, advice, and gifts for your cat.

Blog Site of Gabriele R.

Post, news, diary... All the world around me, ALL THE WORDS AROUND YOU

Living in the Gap

“Ruffled feathers and endless squawking over a minor difficulty is typical of a crow’s life. I lean back on the counter and realize that could be my line….”

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