Libros #Bestsellers en y Libros para colorear y libros infantiles.

Hola a todos:

Normalmente los viernes os traigo un post sobre nuevos libros o autores, pero hoy por curiosidad me dio por mirar los más vendidos en y (el 20 de Noviembre) y las diferencias y similarities son muy curiosas…

Primero Nov bestsellers

Y en

Los más vendidos

En los libros de colorear para adultos son lo que más vende, en general (y desde luego el de Harry Potter se venderá como churros) y en España los infantiles, aunque por lo visto los de colorear aún no han llegado. Ya sabéis qué esperar.

Gracias por leer, y ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid… 

Guest author post

#Guestauthor Pete Wells (@Countingducks) And his novels: ‘Living Life Backwards’ and ‘The Man Who Missed The Boat’. A truly original voice.

Hi all:

As you know, on Fridays I bring you guest authors and new books. Sometimes I keep reading and commenting on people’s blogs (and vice versa) and I’m convinced I’ve talked about the author’s books, and then realise that’s not the case. That happened to me with Peter Wells (and his blog Counting Ducks). We read and comment on each other’s posts, and I even remembered having read reviews about his book, but I had yet to feature him. Well, finally, here he is.

Author Peter Wells
Author Peter Wells


Peter Wells, who has lived by the maxim, “If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same” has had a life, working in the corporate, financial and self-employed worlds, and in his spare time has enjoyed adventures on a number of continents and sailing over several seas. His writing is inspired by his working and traveling life, and the people he has met through them. He now lives just south of London and is the proud father of three daughters.

Author Page

And his books:

Living Life Backward by Peter Wells
Living Life Backward by Peter Wells

 Living Life Backwards by Peter Wells

Having spent his childhood in a barren emotional wasteland overseen by a father who valued order above feeling, Bill finally meets a woman who leads him to a place he can call home. Arriving in the small coastal town in England with his new wife, he finds that he is quickly assimilated into her community and extended family. With his somewhat murky past behind him, he forges a new life within a solid, caring community and discovers what being valued means. As it happens, his wife appears to be overly interested in “organizing” everything and everyone around her, including her young cousin who is the apple of her father’s eye. Within the garden of Eden Bill knows he can show no interest in this apple called Misty. He knows the price of doing so, and the value of what he now enjoys. Will that be enough to protect him from desire? Luck is with him: she has no interest in him. But what if circumstances where to change and she looked at her world and him with new eyes. Would he cling to common sense? With the hand of a surgeon, Peter Wells gently probes the thoughts of the mundane to seek those corners that still long for adventure. Those bits and pieces of each of us that gaze out on the world and find something to settle on and wonder… Tenderly touching the wounded, lonely parts of his character’s hearts, Peter gently leads them to a destiny they never could have imagined on their own. When an Obsession knocks on the doors of your Paradise, should they remain closed?

A great review. (By a fantastic blogger whom I also visit often and vice versa)

5.0 out of 5 starsWitty, wise and wonderful

ByLorna Leeon April 3, 2014

Peter Wells cannot be described as merely an accomplished breakout novelist. In his first book, as well as in his very popular blog, he has proven himself to be the most subtle of humorists, a most astute observer of human emotion and behavior, and the kind of philosopher I simply can’t get enough of.

This novel gets inside the minds and hearts of a cadre of characters that you won’t soon forget. Why? Because they are us–real, quirky, flawed, complex, dreamers, well-intended, unsure, conflicted, and presented with difficult situations through which they must navigate. Sound familiar? It should! It’s called life. And it’s messy. Peter captures how these people deal with their challenges in a way that only he can. It’s as if he has special spectacles through which he can see into a person’s (fictional or not) psyche. And he does it with a wit that I, as a humorist, envy.

As a writer, I know it’s best to show not tell. Let me give you a few snippets of Peter’s laser-like wit that cuts to the heart of his characters:

Of Misty, the object of much consternation, he tells us: “Through no fault of her own, she was more than averagely pretty, and this had made her a prize for those not necessarily interested in marriage.”

Of the protagonist’s (Bill’s) wife and mother-in-law complaining about their husbands: “Grumbling at low volume was their normality. Mother and daughter now joyously celebrating a common burden: men with no imagination.”

Of Bill’s (Peter’s) insightfulness: “Secrecy is often the strategy of the socially awkward or shy.” I very much related to that observation!

I could go on, but won’t. I don’t want to give away the many gems in this novel, which is a veritable treasure chest of jewels.

At the heart of it is the basic human dilemma: do you settle for a good enough safe life or do you risk it all for the fantasy dangling before you? Peter takes us on the ride with characters who grapple with the choices they make and the consequences of their choices. And what a ride it is.

Don’t make us wait too long, Peter, for another book. Until then, I remain a loyal follower of your blog on WordPress.


The Man Who Missed the Boat by Peter Wells
The Man Who Missed the Boat by Peter Wells

The Man Who Missed the Boat by Peter Wells

It should have been an ordinary Saturday morning. A short walk down his street to give a piano lesson at the home of a family he knew well. As it turned out, he knew them rather better than was good for him.

How much trouble can a well-intentioned piano teacher land in? Simon Baxter discovers that being “well-meaning” is sometimes not enough to protect you from the chaos in other people’s lives. Even an excessive sense of “good manners” can be disastrous in the wrong circumstances. Under pressure the unorganised desires kept strictly deep inside us can surface and bring chaos to the lives of ourselves and anyone near us.

Will our untrained hero make it safely across the river of life or, like so many of us, get swept up by the current of events towards an unplanned adventure?

In the sudden change from “Not being loved enough” to “Being loved too much, and by more than one women,” Simon finds out more about himself than he would like. Can he choose wisely, and live with the consequences?

In this, his second novel, Peter Wells continues to cast his gentle but penetrating light on those foibles and weaknesses which lie beneath the exterior of the apparently most ordered lives. Those hidden character traits which can, in the right circumstances, surface and toss their owner, and anyone around him or her, most unpleasantly.

And the same reviewer repeats and loves it!

Wise, Witty, and Wonder-Filled

By Lorna Lee on April 14, 2015 (5 stars)

Resonating with the twinkle-eyed wit of Mark Twain and with the compassionate insight into the human condition reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway, Peter Wells presents his readers with a most engaging and delightful look at the twists of fate in the otherwise ordinary lives of the many characters who populate his latest book.

We get to know Simon (the kind hearted, often confused protagonist), Ruth (the jilted wife in an uneventful marriage), Giles (the regretful cheating husband whose former predictable life continues to spiral out of control), Amy (Ruth and Giles’ teenage daughter seeking stability from Simon, her piano teacher), Sadie (the wealthy woman who finds Simon’s brand of innocence quite alluring), Bobbie (an impetuous, heartless young woman who uses Giles for her own entertainment and crime spree), and Herman Melville (yes, that’s right, a frumpy man whose wife left him and who longs for Ruth’s attention).

When I say, “we get to know” these people, I truly mean it. We learn as much about these people as clergy learn about their confessors or therapists learn about their clients. We know their innermost thoughts and feelings because Peter takes us into their minds, hearts and souls. I was so awestruck at Peter’s ability to get inside each character so completely that I often stopped and reread passages of his prose.

Peter is able to seamlessly pop in and out of each character’s point of view by being the omniscient narrator of this story of a Simon, a simple piano teacher who stumbles into the family drama of one of his pupils. As the quintessential storyteller, he engages us by adding his own observations and cues us to pay attention to certain elements of the story and not to others, telling us what is important and what is “for another time.

Thanks to Peter Wells for his books, thanks to Lorna for her reviews, thanks to all of you for reading, and you know what to do, like, share, comment and CLICK!




Ayuda! Muestra de escritura

‘Una vez psiquiatra…’ La precuela. Todo es cuestión de #títulos. Sugerencias?

Hola a todos:

No sé si habréis notado que ando por aquí y por allá haciendo un poco de todo. Pero pensé que os daría alguna pista, y me sería útil a mí para saber dónde estoy.

Me apunté a unas clases sobre cómo promocionar libros, y en parte siguiendo los consejos del curso, estoy revisando mi blog y mi página web y decidiendo cómo los voy a organizar en el futuro. Parece que las listas de correos electrónicos son una buena manera de identificar a los lectores que puedan estar interesados en nuestra obra y mantenerse en contacto con ellos. Y aparte de tener una lista, hay que convencer a la gente para que se apunte, y para ello, una de las estrategias es darles contenido que les pueda interesar… Libros, información sobre personajes, fichas…

Por eso decidí escribir una precuela (no me gusta nada el nombre, pero ya me entendéis) de Una vez psiquiatra… ya que aunque tengo ideas para más historias con los mismos protagonistas (y de hecho he empezado a escribir una), me pareció que escribir una novela corta para presentar los personajes podría ser interesante, y planeo ofrecerla gratis.

Una vez psiquiatra... de Olga Núñez Miret Portada de Ernesto Valdés
Una vez psiquiatra… de Olga Núñez Miret Portada de Ernesto Valdés

Acabé de escribir el borrador de esa historia, en inglés, y estoy corrigiéndola. He hablado con Ernesto Valdés que creó la portada original, pero el principal problema (sí, aún la tengo que traducir, pero eso se andará) es que no sé cómo llamarla. Tengo varias ideas, pero de momento, nada ha cuajado. Así que la portada se está gestando, pero…

Os dejo el principio de la historia y algunas imágenes que no creo que usemos, pero me gustaron.

1.     La crisis

—¡Fue terrible! Te lo digo de verdad, Phil. ¡Una vergüenza! ¡El pobre tío estaba abriéndome su corazón y su alma, y yo ni siquiera le estaba escuchando! ¿Qué tipo de psiquiatra soy yo? ¿Dónde está mi empatía? Una de las profesiones que se cuida de los demás. ¡Ja! ¡Ni siquiera nos importa lo que nos dicen!

—Vamos, Mary. No te lo tomes así. Era de madrugada y llevabas trabajando todo el día. — Phil aprovechó que Mary había tenido que pararse a recobrar el aliento e intentó ofrecerle su punto de vista. No era abogado y la voz del raciocinio por nada. Su amiga Mary, normalmente tranquila y con la cabeza en su sitio, estaba descontrolada. Sí, era cierto que tenía un trabajo estresante, ya que trabajaba de psiquiatra internista residente en un hospital grande. Pero llevaba tiempo en formación y normalmente no se tomaba las cosas tan a la tremenda.

—Eso no es culpa suya. Joder, el tío estaba hablando de su vida, contándome que su novia le había dejado, que se estaba planteando suicidarse y yo… estaba en babia. No tengo la menor idea de lo que me dijo.

—No pasó nada. Le diste un buen consejo y evidentemente debiste oír más que suficiente. Probablemente solo desconectaste unos segundos. Y le proporcionaste lo que necesitaba.

—¿Cómo? Quería alguien que le escuchara. ¡Y yo no le estaba escuchando!

Phil se dio cuenta de que dijera lo que dijera lo más probable era que solo iba a conseguir empeorar las cosas, y decidió dejar que Mary se lo sacara todo del pecho. Se le agotarían las pilas en algún momento. Con un poco de suerte.

Ella dejó de hablar después de unos cuantos minutos más de lamentarse de su falta de empatía. Phil decidió que podía arriesgarse a intervenir de nuevo.

—¿Por qué no…?

—Es un timo, —ella le interrumpió. — ¿Te acuerdas de aquella película que se llamaba House of Games (Casa de juegos)?

—¿La que iba de una psiquiatra y unos timadores? ¿De David Mamet, no?

—Sí, justamente esa. Me estoy planteando que tenía razón. Montamos una escenita, una actuación y mientras seamos buenos actores, profesionales, y tengamos el atrezo y sepamos usar la jerga apropiada,  colará.

—Si lo miras así, supongo que todas las profesiones son un timo— dijo Phil.

—Quizás. Pero la mayoría no van por ahí moralizando y diciéndole a los demás lo que tienen que hacer.

Imagen royalty free en
Imagen royalty free en
Otra de sus imágenes. Sí, la mayor parte de la historia es en New York
Otra de sus imágenes. Sí, la mayor parte de la historia es en New York
Y otra imagen de
Y otra imagen de

Muchas gracias a todos por leer, y si os ha gustado, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid… y hoy no hace falta que hagáis clic, aunque si queréis visitar, os lo recomiendo. Y si tenéis alguna idea, se agradecen todas. (Y si no habéis leído Una Vez Psiquiatra… ¿a qué estáis esperando?)

Giveaway Holidays

Holiday #Giveaway. Get a #KindleFire and 56 e-books to get you going. (If you’re in the US) Thanks, Elizabeth Marx (@emarxbooks) for organizing it!


Hi all:

The holiday season is fast approaching and to celebrate, I want to bring you a giveaway I’m taking part in. As I’ve mentioned before in quite a few occasions (yes, I know I’m a bore), I belong to a number of author groups, and one of the authors in one of them, Elizabeth Marx , suggested organising a giveaway, where we would not only be giving a Kindle Fire away, but also sending a lucky winner our books for free (56 books in fact).

I wondered about trying to list all the books, but I thought you could have a look at some of them here


What do you have to do to take part in this wonderful giveaway and have an option to get the Kindle Fire with books by: Elizabeth Marx, Theresa Snyder, Olga Núñez Miret, Laura Taylor, Lisa Gillis, Tima Maria Lacoba, Jerrie Alexander, Sarah Jane Butfield, Dawn Torrens, Lynn Mattheynssens, Tamara Ferguson, Lisa Calell, J.J. Ellis, Nicole Morgan, Kristine Cayne, Bridgette Lesley and Susanne Leist?

Well, it couldn’t be more simple! You go here:

And sign up to get newsletters with information and freebies from the authors. And after Christmas, a winner will be picked at random from all the entries.

There’s a caveat, though. Due to expenses of sending it, only residents in the US will be eligible to get the Kindle. Sorry, I can’t participate either!

As you see, the giveaway is open from the 26th of November to the 28th of December.


If you’re curious, I’m giving all my novel-size books away, including my single volume collection of the Angelic Business books that will be available from the 15th of December. If you’d be interested in getting copy for your very personal giveaway, and you can’t participate in the main giveaway due to location, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  (Warning:  I might still ask you to sign up for my e-mail list if you don’t mind). 

Angelic Business. The Complete Trilogy by Olga Núñez Miret. Cover by Lourdes Vidal
Angelic Business. The Complete Trilogy by Olga Núñez Miret. Cover by Lourdes Vidal

Thanks to Elizabeth for organizing the giveaway, thanks to all the authors for taking part, thanks to you for reading, and you know what to do, share, like, comment and of course, CLICK!

Novedades literarias

#Novedadesliterarias. ‘El contrato’ de Pilar Lepe (@deseos_12) y Pacto de Silencio de Concepción Marín Albesa. Dos romances de época.

Hola a todos:

Hoy como todos los viernes tocan novelas nuevas. Estaba en y se me ocurrió mirar qué aparecía si seleccionaba libros en español, y los dos primeros me llamaron la atención por las portadas, y los argumentos, que tienen algo de parecido (aunque uno es en Inglaterra y el otro en Barcelona), y me pareció una buena oportunidad para conocer a un par de autoras a las que no he leído todavía.

El contrato de Pilar Lepe
El contrato de Pilar Lepe

El Contrato: Romance Histórico de Pilar Lepe

Randall es hijo de uno de los hombres más ricos, si no el más, de Manchester: Connor Bennet, amo y señor de Bennet & Son, la fábrica textil más grande de la ciudad. Al no tener hermanos, Randall será quien herede la cuantiosa fortuna familiar, pero su padre está preocupado porque a los treinta años aún no sienta cabeza. Él teme que al morir, terminará por dilapidar todos los ingresos en los prostíbulos y mesas de juego de la ciudad. Por esta razón casi todos los días tienen la misma discusión a la hora del desayuno: debe casarse y darle nietos para asegurar que la empresa no desaparezca en cuanto él se haya marchado de este mundo. Randall, cansado de los sermones, decide salir del paso lo más rápido posible, y sin tener que sacrificar su vida licenciosa.

Y la página de la autora:

Autora Pilar Lepe
Autora Pilar Lepe

Pilar Lepe comenzó, hace algunos años, escribiendo relatos eróticos en su blog, y poco a poco fue adentrándose en el mundo de la literatura. Siempre estaba participando y enviando sus escritos a blogs donde sabía que podía ser evaluada, y luego al tener la oportunidad de participar con un relato en una antología publicada en Amazon, sintió que era una primera piedra para comenzar a forjarse como escritora.
Esto le dio valor para escribir su primera novela, y enviarla a un concurso editorial. El no resultar seleccionada, no le quitó las ganas de perseguir su sueño, decidiendo publicar en forma independiente. Hasta ahora ha publicado cinco novelas: Amar otra vez, Heridas del pasado, No confíes en extraños, La joven del jardín, y Nunca te olvidé.
Pilar es una escritora bastante versátil, que no solo escribe romance, sino también ficción histórica y suspenso.
Heridas del pasado, también ha sido traducida al portugués, alemán e italiano; y La joven del jardín ya tiene su versión impresa en Inglés.

Pacto de silencio de Concepción Marín Albera
Pacto de silencio de Concepción Marín Albesa

Pacto de Silencio de Concepción Marín Albesa

Gisela es una mujer influyende de la alta sociedad de Barcelona.Su reputación es intachable.La noche de Sant Joan descubre que su hermana Isabel, que está a punto de casarse es la amante de uno de los obreros de su fábrica. Decide despedirlo. Pol se enfurece con esa mujer fría como el hielo y poco atractiva. Ella le ofrece dinero y él lo rechaza y asegura que no dejará a Isabel. Pero dispuesto a darle una lección a esa gran dama, idea un plan loco. Le propone derretir ese hielo que la envuelve a cambio de callar. Ella se horroriza, pero como está en juego la reputación de la familia, acepta el pacto de silencio.

Autora Concepción Marín Albesa
Autora Concepción Marín Albesa

Y la página de la autora:

De Concepción Marín Albesa en la página de Amazon no dice gran cosa aunque hay varios vídeos. Y encontré ésta entrevista radiofónica con ella:

Creo que tendré que traerlas a las dos más veces, que me han intrigado.

Gracias a las dos autoras por sus novelas, gracias a vosotros por leer, y si os ha gustado, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid y haced CLIC!

Book launch New books

#Newbook This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, Volume III, The Spanners Series by Sally Ember, Ed. D. (@sallyemberedd) is here! If you love Sci-Fiction this will blow your mind away!

Hi all:

Today is Friday and I usually bring you new books and guest authors. Today, the wonderful Sally Ember, Ed. D, whom most of you will know from her series of interviews with authors called Changes (I’ve been one of her guests and I can only recommend the experience) has published the third book in the Science-Fiction series The Spanners. So, what better reason than that to bring you a bit of information about her, and also about her series. Here she is.

Sally Ember Ed. D.
Sally Ember Ed. D.


Sally Ember, Ed.D., has been passionate about writing since she was nine years old. She’s won prizes for her poetry, stories, songs and plays. She began meditation in her teens. Now, Sally delights fans of paranormal and romance by blurring the lines between fact and fiction in a multiverse of multiple timelines, often including exciting elements of utopian science fiction and Buddhism. Her sci-fi /romance/ speculative fiction/ paranormal/ multiverse/ utopian ebooks for New Adult/adult/YA audiences, “The Spanners Series,” are getting great reviews. Vol I, “This Changes Everything,” is now FREE everywhere since Vol II, “This Changes My Family and My Life Forever,” released April, 2014. Look for Vol III, “This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change,” in November, 2015, and Vol IV – X soon after that.

Born Jewish on the cusp of Leo and Virgo, Sally’s life has been infused with change. Currently, she meditates, writes, swims, reads and hosts her Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA) *CHANGES*, LIVE conversations with authors, almost every Wednesday, 10 – 11 AM Eastern USA.

In her “other” professional life, Sally has worked as an educator and upper-level, nonprofit manager in colleges, universities and private nonprofitsin many parts of the USA before returning to live in St. Louis, MO, in August, 2014. Sally has a BA in Elementary Education, a Master’s (M.Ed.) and a doctorate in education (Ed.D.).

Archived *CHANGES* shows:

Learn more about and get yourself scheduled on as a guest:

Sally blogs regularly on wide-ranging topics and includes reviews, interviews, guest blog posts, and excerpts from her ebooks. Visit and comment, follow, “like,” and share!


WordPress Blog and main Website:


Twitter: @sallyemberedd


FB Spanners Seriespage:

Personal Facebook:

(Sally Sue Fleischmann Ember)

Google+ Spanners Series page:

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Youtube Channel: Spanners Series books’ trailers, author readings, *CHANGES* shows and more:

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Covers and Logo Art by Aidana Willowraven:


And now, for the books:


Cover art and logo by Aidana Willowraven: Sally Ember, Ed.D.


This Changes Everything. The Spanners 1. By Sally Ember Ed. D.
This Changes Everything. The Spanners Volume I. By Sally Ember Ed. D.

This Changes Everything, Volume I, The Spanners Series, Permafree

Dr. Clara Ackerman Branon, 58, begins having secret visits from holographic representations of beings from the Many Worlds Collective, a consortium of planet and star systems in the multiverse. When Earth is invited to join the consortium, the secret visits are made public. Now Earthers must adjust their beliefs and ideas about life, religion, culture, identity and everything they think and are.

Clara is selected to be the liaison between Earth and the Many Worlds Collective and she chooses Esperanza Enlaces to be the Media Contact. They team up to provide information to stave off riots and uncertainty. The Many Worlds Collective holos train Clara and the Psi-Warriors for the Psi Wars with the rebelling Psi-Defiers, communicate effectively with many species on Earth and off-planet, eliminate ordinary, elected governments and political boundaries, convene a new group of Global Leaders, and deal with family’s and friends’ reactions.

In what multiple timelines of the ever-expanding multiverse do Clara and her long-time love, Epifanio Dang, get to be together and which leave Clara alone and lonely as the leader of Earth?

This Changes Everything spans the 30-year story of Clara’s term as Earth’s first Chief Communicator, continuing in nine more Volumes of The Spanners Series.

Are YOU ready for the changes?

This Changes My Family and My Life Forever. The Spanners 2 by Sally Ember Ed. D.
This Changes My Family and My Life Forever. The Spanners Volume II by Sally Ember Ed. D.

This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, Volume II, The Spanners Series, @$3.99

Intrigued by multiple timelines, aliens, psi skills, romance and planetary change? Clara and the alien “Band” are back.

Now as Chief Communicator, Clara leads the way for interspecies communication on- and off-planet. Fighting these changes are the Psi-Defiers, led by one of the oldest friends of the Chief of the Psi-Warriors, its reluctant leader, Rabbi Moran Ackerman. Stories from younger Spanners about the first five years of The Transition fill Volume II.

How would YOU do with the changes?

This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, Volume III, The Spanners Series by Sally Ember, Ed. D.
This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, Volume III, The Spanners Series by Sally Ember, Ed. D.

This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, Volume III, The Spanners Series, pre-orders @$1.99, 11/1/15 – 12/7/15; release 12/8/15 @$3.99.


Clara, Moran, Espe, Epifanio and the alien Band of holos are back in Volume III of science-fiction/ romance/ multiverse/ psi/ utopian ebooks (soon also to be in print) of The Spanners Series. Psi-Defiers launch increasingly violent protests during this five-year Transition, attempting to block Earth’s membership into the Many Worlds Collective. Earth’s nations and borders must dissolve and Psi-Warriors must strengthen in their battle against the rebels.

Clara, as Earth’s first Chief Communicator, also juggles family conflicts and danger while creating psi skills training Campuses to help Earth through the Psi Wars. Clara timults alternate versions of their futures as the leaders’ duties and consciences force them to make difficult choices across multiple timelines, continuing to train and fight.

Will the Psi-Warriors’ and other leaders’ increasing psi skills, interspecies collaborations and budding alien alliances be enough for Earth to make it through The Transition intact? If there is no clear path for Clara’s and Epifanio’s love, does she partner with Steve or go it alone?

What do YOU do with wanted/unwanted changes?


And, a very short book trailer:

Thanks to Sally Ember for sharing her news and her series, thanks to all of you for reading, and if you’ve enjoyed, please remember to like, share, comment and CLICK!



#Videoinformativo (enlaces internacionales) y una pregunta, ¿qué materiales promocionales utilizáis en vuestras firmas y presentaciones de libros?

Hola a todos:

Hoy no os voy a dar mucho la lata. Ando liada con una traducción y sé que vosotros estáis tan ocupados como yo.

He estado probando un programa que se llama Snagit (si hacéis clic lo podéis descargar y probarlo gratuitamente) que permite grabar videos de la pantalla del ordenador, así que si queréis compartir algo que hagáis o hacer un video informativo, pues es bastante sencillo. También permite hacer capturas de pantalla, y hay un App que podéis descargar al teléfono, para conectaros y pasar fotos y videos de un sitio a otro directamente. Lo que me gusta mucho es que el editor se puede usar para retocar fotos también y es bastante menos complicado que algunos otros programas (especialmente como a mí lo visual no se me da nada bien, pues eso…).

Aquí os dejo un video que hice sobre cómo crear enlaces internacionales para libros en Amazon (que ya sé que lo sabréis, pero siempre hay algún despistado o algún autor novel que aún no lo ha descubierto).

Y ahora, una pregunta. Yo no he hecho, hasta ahora, ninguna presentación en directo de un libro, o firma de libros, ni nada por el estilo. Pero, me he apuntado a un evento que organiza  una autora inglesa que conozco, que tendrá lugar en Agosto del año que viene (aquí esas cosas se organizan con mucha antelación y ya hay gente reservando para el 2017), en las afueras de Manchester (ya os contaré más cuando falte menos). Se está hablando mucho de materiales promocionales, pero cada maestrillo tiene su librillo. Me preguntaba si tenéis mucha experiencia,  y qué os ha ido mejor, para irme preparando, ya que algunas cosas llevan tiempo. ¿Puntos de libro, llaveros, camisetas, bolsas, bolígrafos…?


Estoy trabajando con Seebook y me van a enviar unos puntos de libro que permiten descargar el 33% del libro (para enganchar al lector) de I Love Your Cupcakes (Me encantan tus cupcakes) y unos Seebooks de mi trilogía juvenil Asuntos angélicos que he publicado en un solo volumen en papel, pero quiero ofrecer un poco de selección y material de promoción. Aunque en principio intentaré utilizar alguna compañía de aquí, para crear estos materiales, si conocéis a empresas o particulares en los que confiéis allí, también os agradecería la información.


Gracias por leer, y si tenéis alguna idea, ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid y si queréis haced CLIC! Y si conocéis a alguien a quien le pueda interesar el video, ya sabéis. 

Book reviews Rosie's Book Team Review

#BookReview Murder at the Lighthouse: An Exham on Sea Short Cozy Mystery (Exham on Sea Short Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by Frances Evesham (@FrancesEvesham). Murders, Secrets, Pets, Cakes and a Survivor Who Won’t Take No for an Answer. #RBRT #TuesdayBookBlog

Hi all:

Today I bring you a book I reviewed as part of Rosie’s Book Review Team

Murder at the Lighthouse. An Exham on Sea Mystery by Frances Evesham
Murder at the Lighthouse. An Exham on Sea Mystery by Frances Evesham

Love cozy crime, murder mysteries, clever animals and cake? Don’t miss Murder at the Lighthouse, a short animal mystery set in Exham on Sea, a typical English seaside town in Somerset.

Amateur female sleuth Libby Forest arrives in the small town after years in a disastrous marriage, to build a new life making cakes and chocolates in Exham on Sea. She finds a body under the lighthouse and discovers her own talent for solving mysteries, helped by Bear, an enormous Carpathian Sheepdog, and Fuzzy, an aloof marmalade cat.
Everyone knows the dead woman under the lighthouse, but no one seems to know why she died. What brought the folk-rock star back to Exham on Sea after so many years? Who  wanted her dead? Does the key to her murder lie in the town, or far away across the Atlantic? Libby joins forces with secretive Max Ramshore and risks the wrath of the townspeople as she puts together the pieces of the jigsaw to solve the mystery of Susie Bennett’s death.
Pit your wits against Exham’s female sleuth and solve the mystery.
The first short read in the series, set in the coastal resort of Exham on Sea, Murder at the Lighthouse introduces a cast of local characters, including Mandy the teenage Goth, Frank Wolf the baker at Wolf’s the Bread and Detective Sergeant Joe Ramshore, Max’s estranged son. The green fields, rolling hills and sandy beaches of the West Country provide the perfect setting for crime, intrigue and mystery.
For lovers of Agatha Christie novels, Midsomer Murders, lovable pets and cake, the series offers a continuing supply of quick crime stories to read in one sitting, as Libby solves a mixture of intriguing mysteries and uncovers the secrets of the small town’s past. Download the first in the series now. The second story is on its way…

And here, my review:

I am reviewing this book as part of Rosie’s Book Review Team. Thanks to Rosie and to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book I’ve read by the author although I had come across a number of excellent reviews of some of her other books and I was intrigued by this novella that promised an easy and entertaining read. And it does deliver it.

The description recommends the book to those who love Agatha Christie’s novels or Midsomer Murders and it is right, although the characters, especially Libby, are less formulaic that some of the standard fare in the genre, whilst living up to the expectations of those used to reading cozy mysteries.

There is a ‘gentle’ small town teeming with secrets, a female protagonist who is a new arrival, with a traumatic past and many plans (that include baking, cookery books and chocolates), a troubled teenager, a cat, a couple of dogs, an attractive and mysterious man, and of course, a murder, well, two. The protagonist, who has defied friends’ opinions to move and start a new life, is determined not to let anybody else take her for granted, and that seems to be one of her reasons for not letting go of the case, despite the police’s lack of interest in the two bodies she finds (that initially are thought to have suffered accidents).

For me one of the strengths of the book are the main characters, that are drawn in good detail but always allowing for further discoveries to be made, although I thought that some of the secondary ones (both some of the ladies in the historical society and others who are involved in the case) were quickly dispatched with, and the reader needs to be careful not to get them confused or miss them completely.

I also enjoyed the depiction of the town, as seen from an outsider’s perspective, which allows the reader to discover the ins and outs of everybody’s personal lives and relationships at the same time as Libby (although sometimes she keeps things up her sleeve, as is to be expected in the genre).

Albeit short, the novella’s plot is interesting and will keep you guessing from the beginning, the characters might seem immediately recognisable but appearances might be deceptive, and the book has a great sense of place and community. Being a cozy mystery, it’s not heavy on the procedural or forensic side of things, and as the person solving the mystery is an amateur, the reader has to try and follow her reasoning and the clues. I must confess I didn’t manage to solve the case. It was perhaps my quick reading, but I wasn’t sure all the clues were evident enough to allow other readers to solve the case, but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment.

Murder at the Lighthouse is a light and entertaining read (but don’t be fooled, you need to keep your wits about you!) that opens a series introducing characters that I wanted to get to know better, in a charming setting that hides many secrets. Beware if you’re hungry, as the comments about the main character’s experiments in baking might make you reach for something sweet!

If you want to check more of the author’s books, here is the link:

Thanks so much to the author and to Rosie for organising this great review team, thanks to all of you for reading, and if you’ve enjoyed it, like, share, comment, CLICK, and don’t forget to write a review if you read a book!

Novedades literarias

#Novedadesliterarias. Poned un poco de poesía en vuestra vida con Frank Spoiler (@FrankSpoiler).

Hola a todos.

Como todos los viernes os traigo novedades literarias. Hace unos días, un autor que ha visitado el blog con sus obras en más de una ocasión, Frank Spoiler, compartía en Facebook noticias de su nuevo libro de poesías. Y cuando fui a informarme, me di cuenta que mientras estaba incomunicada se me había pasado la publicación de otra de sus colecciones de poemas, así que me pareció oportuno remediar el despiste y traeros las dos. Porque todos necesitamos un poco de poesía en la vida.  Los títulos y las descripciones lo dicen todo.

Búscame en el otoño y sabrás lo que te amé de Frank Spoiler
Búscame en el otoño y sabrás lo que te amé de Frank Spoiler

Búscame en el otoño y sabrás lo que te amé… Frank Spoiler

Esta antología de poemas son muy especiales para mí, son la sangre de mis venas, los compuse en unas jornadas en las cuales mi corazón exudaba por todos sus poros dolor… el único sustento que me sostuvo durante años, en una vida marcada por la algarabía de una luxación en las vértebras del alma. Quebradiza esencia incólume y donde hilamos los poetas nuestras más felices o dolorosas experiencias.
Ojala y estas modestas letras, escritas con mi puño, eso sí, con el cariño exacto en el que, un ser humano, podría expresar lo que siente su corazón, os llegue al alma o tal vez aún más profundo… os gane el corazón.

Les di la libertad y volaron solas

Les di mi libertad y volaron solas. Frank Spoiler Sánchez

Este es un poemario de letras
que se abrazan
y forman palabras, frases que
danzan y bailan
y se transforman en poemas,
que fluyen ardientes
directamente del alma del autor.
No os preguntéis
a quién se las escribió o dedicó…
Preguntaros mejor…
si le sirvieron a él u os servirán
a vosotros para ser
vosotros mejores personas.

Esta colección la ha publicado con Nueva Editora Digital y aquí comparten su catálogo.

Gracias a Frank Spoiler por sus poemas, gracias a vosotros por leer, y si os ha gustado, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y haced CLIC!

New books

#NewBooks. Steven Ramirez’s (@byStevenRamirez) ‘Tell Me When I’m Dead’ and James Osborne’s (@okjo1) ‘The Maidstone Conspiracy’. Two very different offerings for a Friday the 13th.

Hi all:

Today is Friday and it’s my day to share new books and authors. In this case, new books but two authors I’ve been following in different groups and reading their blogs, but recently realised I’d never had them as guests in my blog. So I decided to share their most recent work as a way of introduction.

Steven Ramirez is a member of one of the groups of authors I frequent (ASMSG), always supportive of others and hard working on his books. Recently I came across one of his posts, where he shared his new book Even the Dead Will Bleed (Book Three in his Tell Me When I’m Dead Series). I love horror stories and I love the title. But I thought I couldn’t share only the third book in the series, so, here are the three books:

Tell Me When I'm Dead by Steven Ramirez
Tell Me When I’m Dead by Steven Ramirez

Tell Me When I’m Dead. Book 1 in the Tell Me When I’m Dead Series

Thanks to his wife, Holly, recovering alcoholic Dave Pulaski is getting his life back. Then a contagion decimates the town, turning its victims into shrieking flesh-eaters. Now Dave and Holly must find a way to survive. But Dave is this close to drinking again. A woman he cheated with—and no longer human—is after him. The hordes of undead are growing and security forces are outnumbered. Hell has arrived in Tres Marias.

Tell Me When I’m Dead (Book One of THE DEAD SERIES) is about an antihero haunted by all the mistakes of his life. Facing a terrifying future, Dave must decide whether to die drunk or fight for those he cares about most. And strength alone won’t be enough—he’ll need Faith. If you like your thrillers dark and fast-paced, then follow Dave and Holly as they fight against looters, paramilitary crazies and the undead. “A hard-hitting splattergore zombie thriller, told by the ultimate antihero” (Travis Luedke).

Dead is All you Get by Steven Ramirez
Dead is All you Get by Steven Ramirez

Dead Is All You Get. Book 2 in the Tell Me When I’m Dead Series

After months of fighting the undead ravaging the town of Tres Marias, Dave Pulaski and his wife, Holly, catch a break when Black Dragon Security suddenly shows up to rescue them. But things are about to get worse. The virus is mutating. Now, driven to discover the truth behind the contagion while struggling to protect Holly and those closest to him, Dave is pushed beyond the limits of faith and reason.

Dead Is All You Get (Book Two of TELL ME WHEN I’M DEAD) combines the best elements of horror, dark fantasy and sci-fi, taking the reader on a relentless, tortured journey of survival that tests the strength of one man’s character and delves into the role Faith plays when he is confronted by the worst kind of evil—the evil in humans. If you like your thrillers dark and fast-paced, then read this mind-blowing sequel. And leave the lights on. “A shoot first then shoot again horror thriller of the highest order” (Simon Oneill).


Even the Dead Will Bleed by Steven Ramirez
Even the Dead Will Bleed by Steven Ramirez

And finally, the new book, Even the Dead Will Bleed. Book 3 in the Tell Me When I’m Dead Series.

Dave Pulaski is headed to Los Angeles to kill Walt Freeman, the person responsible for devastating Tres Marias. But everything changes when he rescues Sasha, a Russian girl who escaped the facility where Walt was holding her. Pursued by a relentless ex-military sociopath working for Walt and by scientifically engineered humans who flay their victims alive, chances are that Dave will die before he can save Sasha.

Even The Dead Will Bleed (Book Three of TELL ME WHEN I’M DEAD) is a dark fantasy, sci-fi thriller—a nonstop horror train—that will deliver Dave to the brink of Hell. Revenge is a powerful drug that can drive a man to do unspeakable things. But as he will learn, Faith can give him the courage to face death without fear. If you like your thrillers dark and fast-paced, then don’t miss the heart-pounding conclusion to this trilogy. “Faith and bravery band together to fight a horrific world turned upside down and inside out” (S.R. Mallery)

And a bit on Steven:

Author Steven Ramirez
Author Steven Ramirez

Steven Ramirez is the author of the horror thriller series TELL ME WHEN I’M DEAD. He has also published a number of short stories, as well as a children’s book, and he wrote the screenplay for the horror thriller film ‘Killers.’ To hear about new releases, visit

Steven lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughters.

You can connect with Steven on Twitter at

Facebook at

and Goodreads at

More information at

And don’t forget to follow him in Amazon:

1. While in high school, my band recorded a song I wrote. Sadly, it never sold.

2. As a college student, I was stranded in London one night. A religious cult took me in and tried to convert me. It didn’t take.

3. At one point in our marriage, my wife and I owned a Thoroughbred. They sure eat a lot.

4. I wrote and directed a short film starring Rose Hobart, a truly amazing woman who began her film career at Fox in 1930.

5. Many years ago in Pasadena CA, I ran into the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who was presumably on his way back to Cal Tech. I wish I had been better prepared.

And now, another author who is very generous with his time, shares wonderful stories in his blog, and whose writing covers a big variety of genres, so you’re sure to find something you like, James Osborne.

Author James Osborne
Author James Osborne

First a bit about him:

James Osborne is a novelist and award-winning writer of more than 100 short stories. His novel, ‘The Ultimate Threat’, was a #1 bestseller on for weeks following its release in June 2015 by Endeavour Press Ltd. of London, UK.

His second novel, ‘The Maidstone Conspiracy’, a murder mystery, is due for release on Nov. 6 by Solstice Publishing Inc of Farmington, MO. A short story collection, ‘Encounters With Life–Tales of Living, Loving and Laughter’ was released in September, 2015 by Solstice Publishing. Short stories by Osborne have also appeared in numerous anthologies. Samples can be found at His books are available on, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada) and Books-A-Million.

Osborne is a former investigative journalist, teacher, corporate executive, business owner and army officer. He has guest lectured on journalism, writing and strategic planning at conferences and post-secondary institutions, and has served on a university senate and on corporate boards of directors.

Here is Amazon page. Don’t forget to follow!

I must share more of his work with you, but for today, I bring you his latest novel, out just on the 6th of November, that caught my attention and I’m sure you’ll be keen on it too,

The Maidstone Conspiracy by James Osborne
The Maidstone Conspiracy by James Osborne

The Maidstone Conspiracy

The Maidstone Conspiracy

Paul and Anne Winston are caught up in a storybook romance… until they face death at the hands of an unknown assassin … and a battle to preserve the massive business empire they’ve created.

The Maidstone Conspiracy is a gripping murder mystery artfully blended with a tantalizing love story. Woven into the twists and turns of this action-packed adventure are unexpected betrayals and enticing international intrigue… leading to a surprise ending.


“For anyone who enjoys a page-turning plot filled with shocking betrayal and criminal intrigue… The Maidstone Conspiracy was created just for you.”

— Tim Young
Best Selling Author

If you check his blog post here ( you can read the beginning of the novel and know why I thought I should share it with you. And I’d recommend you follow his blog too. His is a much more relaxed pace of life and he shares wonderful moments and memories.

Thanks to both, Steven and James for bringing us their newest novels, thanks to you all for reading, and remember to like, share, comment, and CLICK!