Azrael, the angel is my YA series ‘Angelic Business’ is interviewed in N.N.Light’s wonderful blog. Come and meet him! And remember, book 3 is out next week!

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Interview with Azrael (one of the characters in the trilogy Angelic Business)

Portrait of a young handsome male model Portrait of a young handsome male model

Hi Azrael. Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

It’s a pleasure.

It’s the first time I have an angel as my guest.

Well, I don’t get many interviews either. To tell you the truth, it’s my first one.

To tell the truth? You’re an angel. Don’t you always tell the truth?

“The Truth” is not  as clear cut as people might think. I guess you’d say it’s…relative. It’s not my area of expertise. The legal department would probably be better able to answer. But perhaps we should start with the questions. I have a busy schedule and we don’t want to lose track.

Yes, yes, of course… If you don’t mind, some of the readers had some questions…

Of course.

Here… OK, this is not me. It’s a reader. She…

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